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Easy to use100% agree

Good image quality100% agree

Good value100% agree

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works very well considering old an used

Sticks a little on the media switch and i had to work with it to change from video, to picture, to view,,,, but other than that it's in very good shape. I have viewed pics and they look great, but i haven't yet developed any yet.
very pleased
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Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: nzavalab


Honest description

Perfect and very well kept for used
Thanks for the honest description

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: lndshark1970


I bought this as a replacement for one I used so much I broke! LOVE these cameras; easy to use, great photo quality and lots of good features.

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: elleetlui2013


Good Dependable camera,I used it for several years and glad I got it.

I bought one on ebay with broken led for around $21.bought batteries,charger and 2g card seperately.camera works great.got another dead one on eBay and changed the led so now have a good camera with working led.recently purchased another with bad switch.changed parts from dead one now have 2 good working cameras and a spare for parts.total cost about $60.for all three.i keep one in the truck and other take fishing and for everything like birthdays etc.dependable camera can put in pocket or get a soft protective case.have had several years and very Glad i got it.many pictures have been taken using the same camera.easy to transfer pictures to PC.Read full review...


Great camera in a small package!

This is the third ELPH we've owned. The first one was a gift but the screen got damaged. We bought another on ebay and it got stolen so we bought this one on ebay. I then ordered a replacement screen for the original one, also on ebay, repaired it myself and now it is as good as new. The original ELPHs may not have the most mega-pixels but they do a great job and fit anywhere.Read full review...


A great little camera for the beginner to advanced!

I'm very satisfied with this little gem! Takes very nice pics and videos. Very easy to use with a nice display. My hands are not the steadiest but my pics are never blurred. Battery seems to last forever before being recharged. Very small and can easily fit into a pocket. A solidly build little camera. I highly recommend this camera! Dink.Read full review...


Love this camera

I bought this camera for my brother/sister-in-law for Christmas 2009. I searched for this exact make/model based on my personal experience with the same. I bought this same camera REFURBISHED from Canon at least 4 years ago. It works BEAUTIFULLY. It is small, easy to use, and easy to download the pics onto my computer, or to make my own prints at Walgreens. I have taken some really great photos with it - so good that my family/friends now think I'm an expert photographer, which I can assure you I am not!!! The functions of this camera are easy to use, and easy to learn. I am not a gadget-junkie, and don't have much patience any more (i live in nyc - so you get it), so this was the best buy I think I could have ever made. My brother and sister-in-law are jazzed that they have received the same exact model as I have, and cannot wait to start turning out their own great photos of my neices!! I would definitely recommend this camera. I would say that for older people, it is small, and the controls are small - so with poor eyesight, it may be cumbersome. My parents likd a larger camera that they can "wrap their hands around" - so they are not a fan of something so small. I had actually bought them a much larger camera a couple years ago. I hope this is helpful!!!!Read full review...


Canon Power Shot SD300 Digital ELPH 4.0 Camera

We love the Canon PowerShot SD300 camera. I have owned this make and model camera for a few years and it takes great photos. I bought it used and it has never had a problem and it is compact and easy to take anywhere you go. It hooks to the computer and transfers photos easily and quickly. My husband recently wanted to take my camera on a hunting trip, but I didn't want to part with mine and went to eBay to find one for him. We both absolutely love this camera!Read full review...


Canon PowerShot SD300

Small camera fits in your pocket and takes decent pictures. If you do not want to lug around a bulky $300 plus professional camera this is perfect. If you are like me I like to have a camera to use as a camera. For me a camera phone gps internet everything gadget is crazy. maybe I am behind the times But if I want to take a picture I use This camera. In general this is a good camera and you should be able to find one here on E bay that works for about 20 to 60 dollar range which is perfect for what I use it for. excellent price used takes good pics. thanks for reading my review iMike7Read full review...


It's a very good camera. Easy to use and takes good picture.

It's a very good camera. Easy to use and takes good picture. I had one before, exact like this. My son dropped it on the floor. That is why I bought my second camera that exact like the one I have before. It takes great picture and easy to carry. I like it very much.Read full review...

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