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It will take me awhile to get the basics down but this seems to be an excellent camera. More complex than my Sony "point & shoot" but I really like it

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Fantastic camera for both amateur and professional level work.

I bought this camera in order to get a taste of an adjustable lens SLR for a reasonable price (for a dilettante). I am extremely satisfied with the quality and features that this camera offers. A plus is that I can get different improvements simply by buying different lenses or accessories. As far as the features are concerned, the on-camera functions cover more than I may ever need; however, more professional users may opt for a newer, more sophisticated camera with more options and higher resolution. Canon did good by this design: it looks good, feels good, and performs extremely well. It may take a little while to learn all the tricks with an SLR camera, but by no means will this particular camera significantly limit the high quality photographs you can take.Read full review...


Great for starters to mid level photographers.

I've had my Canon EOS Rebel XS for a little over 2 weeks at and I am very happy with it. I took some photography classes back in college and have done it as a hobby on and off through the years. I'm not a professional by any means, but I was looking for a camera that would give me more control than a regular point and shoot.

I know these days a smart phone comes with an 8 megapixel camera so the 10.1 mp this Canon offers is no head turner. Where it does shine is in the ability to control so many aspects of your shot. Depth of field, ISO, aperture and exposure. I've been able to get some very good shots in low light with very little noise. So far I've only used the stock lens, but even with that I've been able to get some great portraits and landscape shots.

Although the camera does let you play with all the settings, it performs very well as a point and shot. Just put it in automatic with auto focus and it responds very quickly. There is hardly a lag from when you push the button to when the picture is taken, unlike with some point and shoot and cell phone cams.

The form factor on this camera is very ideal for carrying. It is smaller and lighter than most DSLs, but it fits comfortably in the hand and all the controls are very well placed.

All in all, if you want a decent camera without breaking the bank I'd recommend the Canon EOS Revel XS. Whether you are just starting out or a seasoned hobbyist you won't be disappointed.
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Very nice camera, high quality, great pictures, excellent price!!!

Do not be quick to judge this camera based on the price. This camera, in my opinion, is excellent! It is very responsive, so you can take pictures IMMEDIATELY after you turn it on, so no more waiting for the camera to "load." It isn't heavy and clunky like the bigger DSLR cameras, but it sure it heavier than your small and regular point-and-shoot cameras. It comes with a really nice lens that takes stunning images. Fully customizable settings let you tune your camera and get the pictures to come out the way you want it. Many functions, from full automatic to manual. It has a DIGIC III image processor (the same ones found in the higher-end cameras that cost about ten times as much as this one) so the pictures come out clear and crisp. It is very compact, durable, and sports a long-lasting battery. I am rating the features four stars because of the lack of video recording capability, but I don't really care for that. Overall, a 5-star rating, and a must-have for all those beginner to intermediate DSLR photographers.Read full review...


Canon XS - great entry level DSLR

The Canon XS is a great entry level DSLR. It's menu and controls are easy to understand,and there is a good combination of scene modes and creative flexibility. The picture quality is excellent with little noise through ISO 1600. Shooting in either RAW or jpeg produces excellent results. It is a very good camera at a good price for someone who wants to upgrade their photo skills into the DSLR realm. It has limited live view capability, but if you're going to use a DSLR you'd best get used to a viewfinder.Read full review...


Got a chance to use a Canon Rebel EOS for eBay listing

I am a weak man and I love to play with new toys, especially higher end electronics and even more so digital cameras. 90 percent of my photography is done for eBay listing and the rest for family vacations and fun things around the house and a little of this and that. That said, I think of digi-cams, for my use, as a tool and like a good mechanic with quality wrenches, I want and need the best for great looking photos for my trade, (Full time eBay listing). Back in the day I was sold on the Nikon Coolpix 950 and 990, (Great Cameras and Modern Day Classics) but later switched to a Casio Exilim and then fell in love with Canon. The camera that I use today is a Powershot SX 200 IS which I am pretty happy with. Over the holiday weekend and friend loaned my his Canon EOS Rebel XS and I was really eager to use it and even considering an upgrade. The are priced really reasonable throughout eBay and there are some great Black Friday sales tomorrow, (Today is Thanksgiving). I was impressed with the EOS Rebel XS - no doubt leaves one with a feeling of a high quality Canon product in ones hand. I liked it as it had a professional manly feel to it and soooo much larger than a point and shoot. The size did start to bother me and I had a little trouble getting used to using the view finder rather than the LCD screen. There is a mode to use the LCD screen to shoot with, but it as with other very complex settings, I just could not adjust. I did take some great pictures and created some good listing but just kept feeling the need to go back to my SX 200 IS point and shoot. The EOS is, in my opinion, a "Next Level Up" camera and though I like it and can picture choosing it to take on family vacations and do more professional portraiture and the like, I believe the for eBay listing a high quality point and shoot is better. For what it is though and the price point, It is a great machine and if I was in the market for a higher end SLR camera I would probably purchase one and realize that comparing a SLR to a point and shoot is like apples and oranges. So now I have to find something else cool for Christmas.Read full review...


yes because this camera i use this for make my day

Yes i like this product easy to use and iam feel good when i take photo for my kids, also this good for my travel to Philippines to make shot difirent places of our family and friend, i love to take photo all over the wolrd if i can visit in difirent country.very good camera and this product is the best, for me i like this product so much i feel good , to another product , am not sure for that, canon is best.i dont like if this product if i use i cant see the good photo or bad resolt if i take photo, so it means this product is uselessRead full review...


Canon EOS Rebel XS Kit with EF-S 18-55mm IS Lens 10.1 M

I decided on Canon, because I have had a film canon rebel for years and wated to be able to use the lenses that I had for it with my new purchase...I can and the IS is not necessary at all...
the XS is the cheapest of the newer digital rebels (I bought used as well)
I like the dust cancellation feature...
It may not be possible (or I just havent figured out yet) how to have the back viewfinder, do a preview of my shot (like my cheaper point and shoot cameras)...
I like that it takes the same remote as my previous film rebel...
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The camera is just what I expected it to be. Having been a avid photographer many years ago with a SLR and the old camera technology (manual settings), I did not know if I would like the new digital technology of electronic settings. I have found this camera easy to use and was able to set the individual controls, shutter, F-stop, film speed and focus as desired with the aid of the processor. I other words I am very pleased with this purchase.Read full review...


finally got the camera i've always wanted...

as an avid photographer, i've always struggled with image quality. i have tried several brands of compact digital cameras but never gotten into this type of cameras. i family relative got one and sure enough when i tried it i was hooked. i have only started to use the cameras features and learning to read the screen but the possibilities to what this camera can do is unbelievable. i am positive that i will be able to capture better pictures with my family and friends. so far i have taken a few pictures a day since i have gotten the camera and i am amazed everyday with the quality. fantastic camera. i'd recommend this unit to any who wants to experience a new level of photography.Read full review...

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