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I bought this as a gift for my husband. He has an eye for photography and was frustrated with his point and shoot. I only had a limited budget, so I was happy to find that this camera exceeded others in my price range (newer, more megapixels, larger screen, etc.) I don't know much about cameras, but I know that my husband will be able to figure out DSLRs on this camra and will be able to buy more lenses as he sees fit. He has only used the automatic functions so far, but the picture quality on this camera makes things come to life in a way the point and shoot never could. Thank you, Canon!Read full review...

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Very reasonable SLR entry level camera

This was an upgrade in pixels at 15.1 and great entry camera into the SLR arena. There will always be a newer or better, but at what price?
Lenses are readily available. For the $250 range it is a significant
improvement over pocket cameras and smart phones. Great to learn about the practical use of this style camera. From here one can decide if the new features are worth the value paid. Automatic modes are great to start and the manual mode allows for creativity and specific application. The movie mode is a bonus. Lenses are where the money need to be spent. Quality comes with a price. Not an every day camera but great when for wildlife to family life.
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Everything is great my first DSLR and good price and shipping I recommend you

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Excellent choice, easy to use, a lot to learn.....

Great camera. Easy to get started, so much to learn about it's capabilities. Fantastic clarity on initial shots I've taken. The manual is very easy to understand and has a lot of information. If you can purchase as a bundle with extra lenses is definitely the best route to go. Canon is the best for amateurs.Read full review...

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4 star

Good , QUALITY camera, takes good images as quick as you shoot,very good all around use

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What a great camera for the money.

What a easy camera to use. It is light and easy to change the other lens. Gets a sharp picture and great quality. I use the camera every chance I get. This is my first canon rebel I have owned and it is great for a beginner. I bought the camera for its quality and durability.Read full review...


Offers everything that an amateur may require.

I was started shooting with 35mm film on mid-late 90's with Nikon gear, later (2003) I switched to Canon, working with the Canon 1n based Kodak DCS520C camera making photojournalism. A 2MP bulk 2kg camera, a hardly to believe 1/1 MP/KG ratio... LOL. But in 2010 I was left the pro-photography world, and months later my DCS520c had died. So I found myself with some professional lenses and no body to handle then. Since I was not longer working, and money was an issue at time, I had choosen the "cheap" 500D to handle my lenses while I'm shooting with no professional compromises. Although I still have my pro skills and personal choices when shooting, so even with the 500D 80% that all my shots I made in RAW, with no flash in these 80% of the amount.

I make this intro to tell that my review is a pro-owner review, even I had choose this model only to handle my lenses while I'm shooting for personal purposes, I'm looking for my gear as a pro-shooter.

Since 2010 (when I bought my T1i new on B&H) I have made about 15k pictures. 5k pictures by year in a 3 year ownership, so now it's time to review it.

The positive about this model was the color reproduction, I really like the colours that this model gives me. More than 50% of my shots are made with telephotos and those tele shots are 50% in AI Servo and the others 50% are half made on MF and half on One Shot mode. So I can tell with absolutely no doubt, the AF on 500D works fine. I've worked with prime L lenses also third-part lenses too. AF sensor works a little bit more reliable with 2.8 apertures, with 4, 5.6 and others f-stops the AF still works great, but still below the performance that you got with 2.8.

One problem is the metering system in this model. The metering system always give me a little bit (like 0.5/0.7) overexposed images, so I was almost 100% of the time working with -0.5 to -1.0 EV (even in RAW, to save time later in DPP).

Another big problem for me is the manual mode. I had only worked with the "expert" modes like M/Av/Tv modes, but the M mode is a big headache to operate when you looking to change the shutter/f-stop configurations with the eye on viewfinder, it's impossible to do, cause you have no way to control both configurations in this way, the only way to do that is looking on the rear LCD, with obviously takes a lot of time for me, but that's the reason that I had made the introduction, this kind of issue that I related above is professional-related issue, from who shot a lot on manual mode like me, I don't think this will be an issue to the amateurs.

By-the-way the handling is poor, even with the BG grip, the camera was so tiny, and have a lot of plastic as well, but the big problem is how it handles, and it is very hard to handle, unless you are a girl or someone with little hands.

If your gonna shot with telephotos, either prime or zoom, think about the grip, it was almost indispensable in this cases.

The weight is good, have not to complain.
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thank you


Greatest camera for the bucks, from amatuer to pro this is the ONE!

I picked this camera up at bottom price on ebay to use in my advanced photography class, intended to do documentary type shots. At first it was a bit intimadating with no user manual but I watched some instructions from bhphotovideo.com (great site btw) and was out shooting like a pro. I took a lot of first responder action shots,both up close and long range, excellent detailing and did everything I needed, however long range lacked with the 80 mm max lens, I got a decent 90-300 mm second hand from bhphoto and WOW! Deffantly need to use filters though, the camera is very light sensative. As well get a battery grip, makes a world of difference when in the field shooting.
When I watched the vids on the camera, they said there was no outside mic connection for video, I must have gotten a later model as mine has one, I got a cheap canon type mic for less than 40 bucks and mounted it on the flash foot, run and gun I got some very good videos, only issue I have is now people want to either borrow the camera or get me to video them for free, which is not happening!
I have seen a lot of negatives or down play of this camera, its bunk! This camera will work its butt off for you if you will take the time to learn the tech and camera functions fully. I know of several pros that have the camera as their back up, a few using it in conjuction. We have just opened up a studio and I was planning on buying a upper market camera but after using this one, I will use it! There are many lens and accessories that make this camera work like a 4,000.00 camera for a lot cheaper.
The only downside I find in this camera is the learning curve, you have to be willing to research, watch some videos and learn!
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Best value in a used Digital SLR

I'm a novice, just now stepping into the waters of a digital SLR. I bought Canon because I discovered I'm able to use the lenses from my Rebel EOS 35mm film camera that I already invested money into. And in fact they do work and that has saved me some money. Are they perfect for digital? NO. But they do work and in a way this camera is putting some closet stuff back into service. Also I discovered with adapters I could even use my even older Yashica lenses.. Bonus! This is the bottom Canon that will do video, it wasnt very expensive used and has me back into photography. I couldn't be more pleased!Read full review...

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