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Awesome Canon film SLR for cheap

I love this camera. I have an extensive Canon EF lens collection, so I have a ton of options for shooting with Rebel cameras. I got my first Rebel about a year ago and put it through heavy use before the shutter died. No problem. Spend $25 and get another. Actually, I have several now. This is the most lightweight Canon film SLR I've ever used. And it has a great grip. Some of the other Rebel models from the end-of-film era had curved grips that were not easy to hold for long periods of time. The Rebel 2000 has the best auto-focus system of the pre-digital Rebels. The metering system is reliable. I often use the multiple-exposure feature. The auto film-advance system is a bit noisy so you won't be able to take discreet street shots. Otherwise, you can't go wrong. Load film and go.Read full review...

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: kehoutlet


Great build and quality!

Awesome camera for any skill level, with a great sturdy build!

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: echodecomodern


Excellent camera for photo students and 35mm enthusiasts. Highly Recommended!

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: jules3968


if I could return it I would

I have had many cameras, my last one was a Rebel, from years ago. This quality of this model is sub par.

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: pacificrimcamera


Good reliable 35mm SLR

As the popularity of film declines this camera remains a solid choice for students wanting to learn a SLR style camera, or those wishing to step up from a point and shoot 35mm. Right now, it cost more to buy the batteries than this camera costs. The auto focus is very accurate, the LCD display is very easy to read and user friendly. Manuals for this camera are available on the canon website. This model has most of all the modern features such as shutter or aperature priority, program mode, full manual control. This camera also features the semi-auto modes such as portrait, sports, landscape, and night shot. Just an FYI, this camera only accepts the EF lenses and not the newer EF-S(digital) lenses.Read full review...


Great compliment to my digital Rebel!

I bought this slr body to compliment my digital rebel, which it is perfect for. It's feature set is sufficient for a secndary camera, which for most, this will be. Just know that yur ef-s lenses will not work with this camera!!! I had to replace my digital rebel's kit lens(which I wanted to do anyway) in order to use this camera. It is very lightweight and takes great pictures!!!Read full review...


Great camera that I would recommend to beginners or advanced photographers.

Since there was a roll of film already in the camera when I received it, I tried it out with very gratifying success. Both the Canon lenses (28-80mm and the 75-300mm ) worked well in all available camera modes. I also own a Canon digital camera and a number of film cameras and some situations produce an extremely good picture using one of my film cameras. I was very satisfied with the result of this camera and the lenses I tested. The lenses also have the advantage of working with my digital camera as well.Read full review...


Great buy for the price. feature packed, lightweight, easy to use. LOVE IT.

Purchased two of these used, for my daughter and I to get started in photography the old fashioned way. I was pleasantly surprised at the amount of features packed into such an old and cheap camera (by today's standards)

intuitive, easy to use, lightweight, feature packed (at least for us beginners it is)

lenses and other accessories used with this camera, will easily transfer to ANY canon eos camera.. including digital. making it nice and easy to step up to digital without starting over with lenses and flashes as well.
Read full review...


Great price for an older EOS film camera!

I bought this gem to use with a couple of old FD lenses I have and I found it to be fun to experiment with, seeing it's one of Canon's first EOS cameras. I bought the FD to EOS adapter for the lenses and rechargeable batteries for it and it works fine. The camera was in excellent condition and I'm pleased to be able to have some fun with a film camera once again!Read full review...


Good Camera!

For those who love B&W Photography this is a good camera for it, either manual or auto focus is great, easy to setup, differents modes of shooting, interchangeable lenses, film auto loading, a good product. Currently digital cameras is leaving behind the films cameras but for begginers who want to know and experience photography's world in an artistic and meaningful way, this is a excelent option to start collecting great experiences and memories.Read full review...

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