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Easy to use100% agree

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Excellent product

Would always look for merchandise like this to buy it worth it

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An old timer welcomes return of photography.

I am an old 35mm slr film camera buff. Grew up on early model Minolta cameras. Enjoyed the format for many years, taking pictures of my time in the military,my family, and my chilren growing up. When the senior members of my family began dying off, my children grew up and became adults, and the cost of film,development and printing escalated, I lost interest. The digital age came along and I didn't like the small cameras and their viewfinders. Now I have grandchildren and am retired, taking pictures appealed to me again.
A friend that I introduced to photography as a teen, and is now a professional photographer, encouraged me to consider getting back into photography.(the onetime student, is now my teacher). He suggested the Nikon 5100D and the Canon 60D, both with the 18-200mm lens. After checking both of the cameras, I like the fit, feel and features of the Canon. I have found it relatively easy to use and to learn to use it's many features. While still not acquainted with all it can do, it has rekindled my interest in photography. Will probably be taking some classes to learn some of the new techniques of digital photography. Don't want it said this old dog can't learn a few new tricks.
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Can't beat this combo!

I think this is one of Canon's best combinations! I am a camera collector - I have the 7D and several Rebels. This combo delivers the best of both worlds. The ease of a Rebel (it has all the fun shooting modes) and the speed of a more advanced camera. The lens is AWESOME! The 18-200 is such a good walk around/vacation lens, I wish canon should offer it in more kits.
If your looking to move up from your Rebel - try the 60D
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Nice product, good for the beginners to DSLR

the camera is cool....except for the weight....while going for capturing the nature you have to carry the camera always ready, then it really becomes tough.
else....the pic qualioty is good and the lens are also good.
not sure if all the things which were provided as a part of the kit are camera compatable.

overall, the experience with the camera is good till now....using for the last 2 months
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Changed my life and is helping me progress.

Its been great, it isn't so easy to use which is good. It will produce the richest of film angles if you know just how to use it. The pitcure quality is amazing with every detail. It can basically with stand any type of weather you put it through.Read full review...


Excellence pictures with low light

great pictures and high resolution, high ISO performance and low amount of noise. High quality of video.Tilt and swift LCD monitor precise auto focus
good handling and ergonomics well built and lighter body (despite some plastics inside) and very good battery lifeRead full review...


Brilliant Image quality, Legendary brand,and brillant Flappy screen

This is my first DSLR camera. having being using an old Yashica with film roles in Sri Lanka, to point and shoots, this camera manages to outclass all of the rest.
First picture I took came out beautifully, making me proud of buying the camera.
The basic zones are clutter free, easy to use, and for more advanced options there is a little learning curve. I'm a bit optimistic about the kit lens. The inbuilt camera functions are great and you don't need a lot to know about photography to take a pro quality photo.
The flappy, twist screen is wonderful and colours are vibrant. It is visible in daylight. Flappy screen is also great for trying out new angles and exceptionally handy in video mode.
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Great Camera, Solid Features

This camera has strengths and weaknesses like any, but depending on the application, this camera is a great! Very solid picture quality, but this camera is really the choice for amateur video producers who want depth-of-field in real progressive frames. This is the least expensive best quality camera if you want 1080p 24fps AND 720P 60fps on flash memory (with an articulated screen). There are a couple of 1080i and quasi-24fps (embedded inside of 60i) but it your shooting documentaries, music videos, short films, etc, and you are on a low budget, this camera is for you.

Because its a dslr you will have to get some accessories to make it fully usable for video (stability, external mic), but a tripod is the cheapest way to go for steady shots. This is the little, little brother of the famous Canon EOS 5D, however the 60D is more like the 7D since it doesn't have the full-frame sensor.

Some people complain about the build, but a metal build that people want in this camera, to me doesn't leave me wanting anything. However, the 60D and 7D I think have the same video quality, and just search either the 60D or 7D on Vimeo and you'll see the ability.
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A camera for all occassions.

The weight is front heavy if you want to use it as a video camera, with trying to zoom. You really need a "rocker" type zoom on it; the twist and shot just doesn't work well. It's like the TK 10 TV camera with the Zoomar lens. (That's a 1950's TV camera.)
But the rest is fantastic as a still camera.
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More than enough for a casual photographer

This is my first SLR. I love it for its autofocus speed and accuracy. Good image quality, and its resolution gives room for good crops. I shoot RAW and process it in Lightroom (which, by the way, I recommend to everybody). With this workflow I get very acceptable results even at 1600 ISO and no flash (thanks to LR's excellent noise reduction). Good build quality, the plastic cover (that is mentioned in every review as a negative point) is sturdy and good to hold. I have used it for children photography, zoo, nature, and have never let me down. I recommend it for casual photographers who have great amibitions.Read full review...

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