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Great camcorder

I love this camcormer. I'am using it for filming weddings and events. The picture is very vivid and clear. The sound is great and clear but the only thing I didn't like about is that it only takes a condenser microphone, any other lie dynamic microphone won't work. But, overall it's a great camcorder to keep.Read full review...

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Very Happy

I couldn't be happier. A great price for an awesome camera package. Thank you so much. Really blown away by the deal!

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Still a great value in 2012

The Canon GL1 is a great, user friendly, broadcast quality camera. I purchased it to use for production of local television commercials, issues pramming, and a weekly church service. While it does not have the luxury of multiple lenses, it is very versatile. The image stabilization on this camera is one of the most notable features, as is its "shifted" (and pretty convincing) 16:9 setting. However, the camera does not do well in poor lighting. If you're shooting in a poorly lit area, you will not be able to get by without some lighting or a lot of extra work in post. The battery life is less than ideal with a standard battery, but a variety of larger batteries are available for purchase. Whether you're shooting professionally or for recreation, this camera will not let you down.Read full review...


A great cámara.

Canon is The best,i like it better than even Sony,specialy The gl1 great produt,love it.

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Canon GL1 Camcorder

This camera is awesome. Everything about it is decent, simple and straight forward. Functionality so far for me has been quite excellent, and there have been no problems. Charger is very quick at charging as well. Video quality is great, and the frame shooting mode is fun to shoot with, since it adds a cinematic quality to the film. I'm excited to get filming with this camera so pick one up for yourself!Read full review...


Ages well

This camcorder is over a decade old now, but still performs better than many consumer camcorders on the market.

Of course it won't get as nice of an image as a decent HD camcorder, but it certainly has better image quality than pretty much any consumer level standard def camcorders and even some of the cheaper HD camcorders.

Performs decently in low light. Outperforms my new consumer camcorders (canon zr930 and panasonic pv-gs85)

Microphone is decent. More than good enough for home videos, and youtube/other online videos. You'll still want a real mic for more professional uses though (wedding footage, interviews, etc.)

The only things i feel it is lacking are:
-colour and tone bar generator.
-manual audio level control, but the camcorder handles it really well
-true 16:9. While it does have a 16:9 mode, it just seems to crop the footage to match the aspect ratio. Better off filming in 4:3 and cropping/stretching it later.

All and all, even now in 2009 it's still a good buy for hobbyists who want to get more serious. However in this age of HD camcorders you should be aware that standard definition is fast becoming obsolete.
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Excellent for B-Roll and Back Up

The Canon GL1 is an excellent video camera for prosumer purposes. It is rock solid. What I like most about the GL1 is its size. Not too big, and not to small. It has exceptional picture and exposure control and easy menu to navigate cam ops. Just like the step up GL2 and XL2, Canon allows users to manipulate picture and color values in a lot of ways. When you add the 20x lens to the mix and frame movie mode....it all adds up to great versatility. I use this camera to cover sporting events. But it is versatile enought to be able to shoot most any kind of projects on a pro entry level. The GL1 still has a place with me as a great back up to my GL2 and XL2. I bought it to shoot B-roll and sporting events.Read full review...


Great product

I bought this camera because I couldn't afford the XL1S. What I've learned though after using it for so long now is that Canon didn't compromise on this camera. The GL1 has essentially every feature the aspiring film maker or video professional needs to get underway quickly and easily.

My favorite feature of this camera is the frame mode ability that allows you to shoot non-interlaced video, with results that are very similar in appearance to film rather than video. After shooting in frame mode and seeing the results, I've yet to shoot interlaced video again.

The one thing that this camera lacks is any ability to manually control the audio levels for the internal or external mics, which can sometimes give you less than optimal results in situations where the noise volume fluctuates noticably, or where you are trying to achieve a specific audio effect.

Summary - Excellent camera worth the price tag. Across the board, far more features and better quality than all competitors in its class. Probabaly the only camera that can top the GL1 in this class is the GL2.
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Canon GL1

We like every thing about it; size, wt, easy usability. This is great for mini films and family functionality.
We decided on this camera after watching many independent you tube films with this camera. It is great for snowboarding and skateboarding footage. Plus it's awesome to shoot the kid's sporting events.
very easy to use.
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Great Starter Camera for The Up and Coming Videographer

I decided to buy this camera because, for the money, it has great features and nice picture quality. It's the perfect camera for me to use while learning techniques needed to be a professional videographer. The battery life is very short, so I will definitely need a back up battery or two. The camera is comfortable to shoot with and is a nice size. Great value for the money!Read full review...

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