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Good graphics100% agree

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Great product/game!

The game itself is amazing. Can't really compare it to anything if you've never played COD MW1. It has a decent storyline and fun game play in campaign mode. The game was rather short, I finished in about 3-4 hours of playing it. There is also another thing you can try which I've never done but it's similar to online co-op from what I've been told. Can't vouch for it or anything though as I haven't done it. The action is good and I like how you have multiple weapons to control in the game. The levels usually have a lot of bad guys to kill which is always a plus and the locations are all over the world, including some in my backyard here in Northern VA which is pretty cool.

The thing I truly love about the game is the online multi-player mode. The way that you can now customize multiple things is great and something I truly wanted after MW1. You can customize your kill streaks & death streaks which is a new feature which I love since I hated having high kill streaks with no rewards after 7. Now it goes up to 25! But you need to level up in order to be able to unlock and customize more and more streaks. The perks and weapons/classes are still customizable like in MW1. Your weapons are similar but overall a bit better in this game, especially the secondary weapon available to you. I love the new attachments like thermal scope and rapid fire as well as the heartbeat monitor. Those are nice add-ons but there are defensive add-ons to negate those such as "cold blooded" and "ninja" etc. The levels now go into the 70's instead of maxing at 55 and you can still go prestige to continue getting new ranks. Your callsign, emblem, and title are all customizable as well in comparison to what you achieve as you play. You also obtain accolades through online game play to represent things you've done.

The maps are overall much bigger, with the exception of Rust, and more entailed. There are multiple spots to hide and snipe from or just shoot it out in the open. One thing I dislike about the hide spots are campers but that's with any game. You have more choices of maps available with the game play but sometimes you will get one map over and over again like Afghan or Terminal. In general, the maps are great for good size team play action as well as all the other types of games available.

The prestige package itself is nicely made. The art work books, game, free download for COD 1 and the night vision goggles with display case. The goggles work off of AA batteries (not included) and are fun to just play around with in the dark. They do work rather well, but is nothing spectacular. The entire package is a nice thing to have but by far is not a necessity. I just got it for the free download of COD 1 and the night vision goggles.
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Hands-down one of the best first-person shooters!

When you look at the total package, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 is hands-down one of the best first-person shooters out there, and a truly amazing offering across any system. With that being said, our score comes with a disclaimer. For those planning to check out everything Modern Warefare 2 has to offer – online competition, full co-op Spec Ops mode, as well as the campaign – you’re looking at a no-brainer purchase. For the strictly single player crowd, however, Modern Warfare 2 is surprisingly short, and doesn’t live up to the standard set by previous Call of Duty games. The campaign can be completed in as little as four and a half hours, and the missions make better scenarios and moment-to-moment adrenaline rushes than they do a cohesive, well-told story. If you’re going solo, you’ve officially been warned. Look at the complete Modern Warfare 2 experience though, and there’s no denying its rightful place at the top.

8.5 Presentation
The graphical presentation is great, but campaign’s storytelling needs work. Single player is short, and doesn’t entirely live up to the Call of Duty standard.
10 Graphics
What was already an impressive graphical engine has only improved over the last two years. More effects, grander environments, and a truly spectacular overall visual offering.
10 Sound
Along with graphical design, Modern Warfare 2’s audio is upped substantially. Authentic weapon sounds and more in-game chatter mix with a beautiful adaptive score by Hans Zimmer.
9.0 Gameplay
There’s no single AC-130 “wow” moment in single player, but it’s fun throughout. Special Ops mode and multiplayer are must-play, and completely make the package.
10 Lasting Appeal
While campaign is short, Spec Ops mode is an awesome addition to the package. Multiplayer is stronger than ever, and truly limitless in replay value.
Incredible OVERALL

This game is available for sale in my eBay store at a good price:
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great game but this bundle's novelty wears off fast

After playing this game i was blown away by how awesome it is.
Although the story is pure fantasy it draws alot from the real-world events of our times. The equipment and weapons by the special ops guys in this game is spot on,
the accuracy and attention to detail is remarkable.
Having said that the solo campaign in the game is a little short, so if your buying it for that, you'll be slightly disappointed. But i'm assuming everyone here is in it for the multiplayer...and so you'll love this game.
Now to talk about this "prestige edition" bundle..well i gotta say to just buy the game as i found out that the novelty of the night vision goggles will wear off real fast. This is how it's gonna go...you and your buddies will have your minds totally blown by the real working night vision goggles and try it on and say how cool it is for about 20 minutes,,,and so on and so forth.....and then?......pretty much forget about it.
Do yourselves a favor and save 100.00 bucks, trust me the novelty wears off fast. Also i don't think these will be collector's items as there seems to be a glut of these bundles out there.
Bottom line...great game, mediocre bundle.
hope this helps you out dudes. :}
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Great Product!

This limited edition Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 PS3 game (Prestige Edition) is a must have item. This edition comes with working night vision goggles, an art book story line for the game, free code to download the original Call of Duty game, a hardened case for collectors, and a collector's head stand for the night vision goggles. What more can you want in this packeage? This game is action packed, has great graphics, and it's fun to play online with friends or anyone. For this reason, I purchased the prestige edition for what the package comes with.Read full review...


Prestige Edition "Excellent"

If you are reading this you are more than likely familiar with Call of Duty Modern
Warfare 2. The Prestige Edition for this game offers the Hardened Edition which comes in a limited edition steel case, a art booklet, a redeemable download for the first Call of Duty game, and the limited edition night vision googles that can see 50 feet in the night. What else can you want. Just the night vision googles are worth that much!!! This Prestige edition of call of duty is well worth the money. It's the best bang for the buck!!!Read full review...


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

The graphics are crisp and clear. The gameplay and controls are solid and custumizable to fit your style. If you like to play online you'll find there is plenty environments and matches to get into. The single player campaign could be longer though.Read full review...



Amazing graphics, very realistic with special ops. Boyfriend loves the goggles; we tried them out the night he opened his gift and they are absolutely amazing (just make sure you avoid looking at any lights) As a girl im not interested in games like this but this game COMPLETELY changed my mind! Have to give it to myself, best gift idea I ever came up with! A little expensive for my taste but his face was priceless when he opened it and realized what it was. Girls buy this for him and neither of you with regret it!Read full review...


real real real!!!! and good for real outside night vision

Verified purchase: No



i personally do not play but i watch my son who has yet to leave the ps3 since we got this game...the night vision googles alone were pretty amazing, they work exactly like the real thing !! As a parent i do not agree 100% on the level of violence in this game but im a proud american and these wars are really happening !!! all in all COD on 55 flat screen high difintion pretty coolRead full review...


The perfect gift for my husband!

Call of Duty is a great game and to come with night vision goggles that is just awesome. I looked into other night vision goggles but these look like military issue. I have reas review that say they aren't military quality but they are durable and really work. I can't wait to see my husbands face on christmas I know he knows the new COD came out but I dont think he knows about the goggles!!Read full review...

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