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Good graphics100% agree

Compelling gameplay100% agree

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Amazing game!

The game takes you straight into the battle of Stalingrad. Awesome game. Story is great. And executed everything well.

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Long time call of duty (pc) fan switching to mac

I have been playing COD since the first one came out and just recently made the switch to mac and decided to get COD2 again since I lost my CD key and couldn't play online anymore with the PC version. The game is great as always. Intense missions, authentic feel and sounds. My only problem with the game may just be because of my computer. I can't seem to get the game to run at a higher quality than default, even though the new Macbook Pro should be able to handle it just fine, but my screen goes black every time I raise a single setting to make the graphics better. I can still hear the music and my cursor clicking over the options. For whatever reason it's doing this, it's only on the Mac version. I can still raise the setting on my windows side just fine with no repercussions. So maybe crossover to Mac wasn't that smooth, but it's still a great game to play. Gotta love the British campaign.Read full review...


easy transaction, fast shipping arrival

Great seller, great game! Game is dynamic and great in multiplayer option. Crative War game. Watch video presentation for more information.


Call of Duty 2

Call of duty 2 great game of WW2 hand to hand combat, with single player mode that gets you ready for online play. The online play is what gives this game great appleal and even though the game is a couple years old there are still pleanty of servers for online play. All the weapons are of wwii vintage and all work great --even get handgrandes and smoke grandes. I would recomend this game for any WW2 hobbiest.Read full review...


Intense world war 2 action! Good graphics and immersive

After trying the demo I had a desire to see what the rest of the missions were like. I was not disappointed as the action is not unlike the original. Intense action that can be almost overwhelming at times. I like the smooth game play that the intel core processor gives. And the graphics that are better than COD. All in all I am pleased with it as a World War 2 first person shooter as it drives home the dangers and tragedy of real war!!!Read full review...


locks up on mac late 2012 and newer. os lion.

I have a new Mac mini late 2012 It will not play on newer mac computers that don't have rossetta or some powerpc file. Mac left those out of os lion. must use on older mac I was able to play first 2 campaigns , then it would kick me out or the graphics would show pink and green triangles. has intel 4000 chipset in computer. Mac or aspyr don't have a patch at this time.Read full review...


Call of Duty 2, Help save the History of WW2

I have always enjoyed first person shooters, from Halo to Mercenary Ops. and this brings the next generation in. although I still think Halo is the best, I have to admit the Graphics are a step up, as well as sound and game play. this is a must have for any gamer, and I suggest you get yours today.Read full review...


Review for COD2 for Mac

ABSOLUTELY GREAT GAME! Very realistic, and the multi-player online is the absolute best!! Though it is a little expensive for the Mac, it is still very much worth the price! Buy it, you won't be disappointed!Read full review...


Call of Duty 2 for Mac OSX

This is an awesome game! I would recommend it to anybody that likes FPS! It has great online multiplayer gameplay and the single player story mode is enjoyable as well.

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