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what a voice

this one is about a country girl who gets fed up with country life and moves to hollywood for her dreams.she runs into a clun that she enjoys the dancing at.the boss of the clud won't give her a job,so the copuntry girl takes it upon herself and starts waiting on tables.the country girl gets a job as a dancer when one of the girl's gets kicked off the squad.they country girl shows that she can dance the numbers for the show.the owner has a finacial problem and is about to have her club shut down.the country girl comes up with a scheme to possibly save the club.i won't blow the ending for those who haven't seen the movie.the dancing and the singing are great in the movie.i did find the movie predictable,but i still thought the movie was very good.chritinia aguilara's first movie role.Read full review...


A "Proper" burlesque, which was intriguing!

Although Cher only sings one song, it was one that really "spoke" to me as well as giving her character's thoughts. The other musical ideas were also very well done, fitting into the story's plot line and the characters' ideas of the story. The plot was complex enough and was quite interesting, and of course the dancing was fabulous!Read full review...

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Another good movie i orginally didnt go see

Ok i am sure there are others who planned to go see this movie when it was in theathers but for one reason or another didnt Then when it comes on tv I ended up kicking myself for not going to see it. This has happened several times over the yearsRead full review...

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Cher Is Still A Vamp, Scamp, and A Tramp; However, it is Christina's Movie

"Burlesque" is a movie that you will want to watch over and over especially to see the intricacy of the dancing. Yes, Cher still performs provocatively--especially in one of the early numbers. But it is Christina Aguilera's movie. She is in it from beginning to end as a down on her luck singer who comes to Los Angeles to change things. I thought that the movie would be set in the past when Burlesque was popular, but no, it is set right now. We see people talking on cell phones, living in fancy skyscrapers, and riding in 2011 cars.

Cher plays Tess, the owner of a night club named Burlesque, where the dancers dance in that genre but lip sync. The dance numbers are fantastic as you would expect. But when Ali (Christina Aguilera) shows up, she has to practically beg to be given a chance. Finally, Tess gives her that chance, and when one of the other dancers--Nicki (Kristen Bell)-- tries to sabotage her act, Ali really gets to shine by actually singing as well as dancing.

Now, while we males have plenty to watch in this movie, there are also hunks, elaborate clothes, and the dance moves themselves for the females. Cam Gigandet plays Jack from Kentucky, a love interest for Ali from Iowa, while Eric Dane plays Marcus, who wants to buy the struggling night club and steal Ali away.

Don't miss the special features, where all the dance numbers are performed in full as the movie itself only shows pieces. All of them are great, but especially Alan Cumming, who plays Tess's manager, shines in one called Berlin Jungle. Don't miss that one; it should be rated R!

Cher especially shines in one of the opening numbers called "Welcome to Burlesque. As you would expect, she is right at home in Burlesque and still has the figure and rhythm for it. However, she only has one more number in the movie called "You Haven't Seen the Last of Me," which won the Golden Globe for Best Original Song of 2011.

Christina Aguilera especially shines in "I Am A Good Girl" and "I Want a Guy Who Takes His Time," the latter of which she does a fan dance with feather fans while hiding her nudity.

The closest movie that I have ever seen to this movie was "Chicago," and it compares very favorably. "Chicago" won Best Picture of 2002, but this movie came up with not even an Oscar nomination. I would have given it at least some for its music and choreography and costumes.

You won't be sorry that you got this dvd.
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You will want to watch it again and again.

It has all the ingredients that makes it a good movie. Good script,
great actors, fantastic singers, dancing, drama, funny at times,
beautiful songs, nice costumes and it has a good ending!

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Liked it!! well!! Offensive to some but real without being "in your face", and still provide entertainment and a win for the "underdog"!!

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With 1 wordit tells it all

I love movies that dance in the story adds music and dance to the story

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Love it the best

I do mostly love the burlesque movie awsome cher and christina are phenomenal two great artists with such an amazing voices



If you've seen COYOTE UGLY, there won't be many surprises in this plot about a small-town girl who comes to the big city with big dreams. In both cases, the girl is hired by a tough-as-nails female bar owner with a soft heart, who doesn't believe the girl can be a star. But eventually she gets her big break, proves her talent, and saves the bar. That said, I loved COYOTE UGLY, and I love BURLESQUE. It's a variation on a theme --- Los Angeles instead of New York; retro-burlesque instead of country dancing. Cher looks just as beautiful and sings even better than she did forty years ago. Christina Aguilera, cast against her bad-girl reputation, plays the sweet ingenue to perfection. The singing and dancing are entertaining, and there is no nudity or stripping so I would judge this appropriate for teens as well as adults.Read full review...



Everyone should watch once . I watched 3 times in a row, that's how good movie is. A girl going to live her life the way she wants.

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