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Movie deal

The movies that I perchased were a good quality was all that I expected.


Breaking Bad

Awesome season and series. Leaves you wanting more.

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Keeps you on the edge of your seat!

Great item my husband loves it keeps him occupied!

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Perfect Show to Watch in a Marathon

First, let me say that I don't think anybody has created a bad guy as realistic as the one on this show. If you've read that evil can be essentially a banal characteristic, that is certainly true of this villain. Gus, the villain, meets with Walt after Walt has gone against all of his wishes. He'd like to kill him but it is truly like killing the goose which laid the golden egg. Gus forces Walt to take the former lab assistant and obviously plans on killing Walt as soon as as the other guy can cook meth. I loved it at one point where Gus was insulted that anyone could think he would kill a child as part of his drug empire's dealing. It is obvious he will kill anyone who gets in his way but he has views of himself which imply he has certain good characteristics left in his nature. He doesn't. So it comes down to this: Gus is now Walt's and Jesse's enemy. How can they survive him? That is the crux of the concluding episode and obviously will be the opening of season 4.Read full review...


fun show

Ah, those were the days. Nobody could fault Walt when he strangled Krazy-8 with a bicycle lock, only two hours into the series. If television shows have conversion moments, that was mine. This was back in the chaotic, improvisatory days of Walt’s entry into the drug business, when the acid he’d intended to dissolve a tattooed corpse ended up eating right through a bathtub, so that the “raspberry slushie” of those human remains seemed as though it might leave a stain on the whole world. In a way, it has. Each season, Walt has made far less justifiable choices, each one changing him, with a throb of arrogance here, a swell of egotism there. We’re deep in the Scarface stage; the hero of the show is now its villain. There are only ten episodes left, eight of them due next summer, a welcome deadline that has allowed Gilligan to shape his ending without the vamping that mars so many multi-season dramas. But, even if his show ends brilliantly, he’s already told us that it won’t end wellRead full review...


Just what i was looking for.

Gr8 flick! The whole series!

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Wow Cranston and Paul deliver the best action ever seen on any screen. WOW

WOW WOW WOW Cranston is fantastic. Hands down best show on television. A new bar has been set, and it will hold for decades. Makes you really evaluate your humble, predictable life. Nail biting, pencil chewing, edge of your seat thrill ride. Paul and Cranston are the odd couple of mayham. This insane partnership delivers all the goods. I am patiently waiting for season 4. I cant believe how slow the mail is. How could they ever top season 3? Hurry up mailman.Read full review...


Excellent follow-up to the unparalleled Season Four...

This was the set-up series that preceded one of the greatest TV seasons (Season Four) of all time. Though not as dynamic as Season Four, it built a great foundation and gave no indication of the fireworks ahead. If you're collecting the series, I suggest you go from Four to Six and then grab this one. You won't hesitate in buying the first three, it's one of the greatest series of all time.Read full review...


get all 3 seasons at once because you'll start watching & not want to stop.

I bought season three of the amc show called "breaking Bad" for my son. he had already purchased seasons one and two. as many shows we watch together, i wasn't interested at first in watching a show about meth cookers. well, muy son convinced me to watch one episode and then i was hooked. ever since, i would say that we are almost done with season three now and it has only been about 8-9 days. i love it, it definitely has so much more to it than just about the drugs. i would recommend this show to anyone, well anyone seventeen or older. oh, and the prices here on ebay can't be beat.Read full review...


Loved It

Love it :) went out and bought the whole series...a must have in any video library...awesome. It was fast and easy to 2 days faster than I expected...great :)

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