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An inexpensive game for the Neo Geo that's fun and easy to play for all!!

Blue's Journey was one of the very first games to be released on the Neo Geo. The game is a platformer (think Super Mario) and if you are into those kind of games then you'll love Blue's Journey. The graphics and colorful and well animated, the story is ok (not the best, but that's not the point anyways), but the gameplay is fun (at least i think so). Check out some gameplay footage on YouTube to get the idea!
If you're planning to buy a Neo Geo that you should definitely buy Blue's Journey. The game is not expensive at all compared to big name titles like King of Fighters '02, Last Blade 2, and Sengoku 3 which can cost more than $200 easily! (yes, that is alot of money for one game. i have seen a copy of Last Blade 2 costing $200+ and Sengoku 3 costing $1000. Okay, i love those games but i'm not going to spend $200-$1000!) Buying Blue's Journey is a great game and a nice addition to your Neo Geo collection. Other awesome cheap games that i recommend are Nam 1975, Ghost Pilots, Magician Lord, Fatal Fury 2, Fatal Fury Special, Samurai Spirits 1-2. I really do enjoy playing this game. It brings back alot of memories of when the SNES and Genesis were the PS2 and XBox of their time, and the Neo Geo was like the PS3! However, most kids (like me) were never able to afford the Neo Geo because: 1) the console was WAY expensive ($500+ in 1990. crazy!) 2) the games also were EXPENSIVE ($250 per game. what?!) However, now that i am older (and with money, lol) playing games like this makes me relive those good memories of the past when i was younger.

I hope you enjoyed reading this review i made!
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You will be blue if you don't go on this journey

Blue's Journey is one of the original Neo Geo releases.It has average graphics and sound.I different platform game that is cheap to buy.


Good Game

neo geo's blue's journey is a very awesome game but very trippy.If you like platformers than youll def enjoy this game .

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