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Good value100% agree

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Great value for price!!

I own several of these as well as my relatives and all of us are satisfied with their performance. would recommend. the camera is not the easiest to zoom in on or to use but take great pics. the trackball wears out faster than I would like but for the most part the phone is easy to repair with a minimum of knowledge. Overall I really like it. It seems pretty durable and tough. would recommend. The phone actually does more than I really want to use. Love the qwerty keyboard feel of it.Read full review...


Stylish companion.

It was long time since I was planning to get a blackberry phone. I went through many reviews on the net. Finally I had a list of 4 BB phones which I thought I would be comfortable with. On ebay I could find BB curve 8900. That is when I decided I would get this one.
Everything went through fine, and then the day came when I received my parcel. Opened it with great pleasure.
It was a beautiful piece of device. Fits in the hand comfortably. Keys are well separated. Nice screen. Camera and flash worked perfectly. The picture quality is excellent. It can be said that when I compare the same picture taken by another 3.2MP cam doesn't look as good as it looks on a BB curve 8900. Internet works fine. I faced some problems with this device. 1. I could not find where the settings for internet connection should be made. I am connecting through my WiFi. I could not find a way to connect it through my service provider.
2. I mostly need a VOIP service for my internet calls. Almost every phones in Nokia, Sony Ericsson and other companies have the voip facilities. But BB lost it there. No SIP client available for the BB software. Nor does any VOIP service have their downloadable program for BB. 3. I do not understand one thing, How dusty particles can go under the screen. Yeah, that is what I have seen on this device. IT is maybe just one month since I started using this phone. Around 1 week back, I noticed dust under the display screen. 4. It is hard to find excellent softwares for BB on the net, where as other most companies have a lot of softwares available.
Yes, the looks, sound quality, picture quality and the battery back up does work good for me.
This is a review based on just one month of device usage. It had worked well till now except for the problems I mentioned above. Later on how it is going to be is one thing I will have to wait and watch.
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Excellent phone! would recommend to anyone. Very easy to use and sound quality is good. Blackberry has excellent products and love upgrading to new phones as they come out. Many features that help with everyday use.Read full review...


Great phone

The phone is small, thin, and light. If you ever get a chance to hold a Nokia E71x, the size is comparable, only a bit lighter and thicker. The keyboard works great and the screen is very clear but not as bright as I thought it could or should be but that is my personal opinion. The battery life is amazing. Once you find apps to add to the phone, the experience only gets better, but having to use the desktop manager to install and then restart the phone after installation gets a bit annoying. But overall, with the extreme amount of customization you are allowed to do with this Blackberry Curve 8900, I definitely recommend it 100%.Read full review...


Blackberry curve 8900

Well, I expected it to be some slow wanna be smart phone. Don't ask me why... just did.
I was wrong, way wrong. When I opened it up for the first time I was surprised on how sleek and well it fit into my hand. When I booted it up the screen displayed a beautiful crisp layout that was just fun to look at! I didn't know they had a application market.. I fell to my knees in joy!! This blackberry is compact, light, and full of features. I guess big things do come in small packages. My only complaint is no 3G .. but I bought a non 3g phone so my fault.Read full review...


Blackberry 8900

product is amazing! vivid colors, good software, pretty good apps. the reason for the good rating is because the lack of 3g capability, this phones highest wireless connection is the EDGE which is slower then regular "G" which of course is lower then "3G" other then that phone has everything to offer, this was my first blackberry and im sure it wont be my last now. easy user friendly interface, tons of features i love this phone!Read full review...


great phone for the price!

full keyboard, expandable memory, blackberry messenger, durable, decent camera, video capable, cheap accessories and fun to bid on...

if your looking for a phone that can handle a lot of texting, songs and pics/vids while holding decent charge while decently priced, this is a great phone!

the screen isnt so big but this phone doesnt have wifi anyway, it does have a browser so if you need to go online to check something you have away to do it.
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Awesome Blackberry :: Best Curve Ever

Huge hard drive cache for downloading apps, so much better than the Curve 8320, my last Blackberry. Keyboard is a lot smoother, and the colors are much better as well. The themes are cleaner and the trackball more reactive to the touch. Has a clock as a screensaver that can be instantly configured to be an alarm clock. 3.2 MP camera has great resolution and the phone doesn't freeze like the older Blackberry's do, making email and multimedia messaging so much faster. The LED indicator is better integrated as well, and the SD slot is no longer behind the battery, so you dont have to remove it to put in a new card anymore, which is more convenient. The only thing I don't like is the positioning of the port for charging, but I'm sure that's just a nit-picky thing on my part. Makes for awkward conversation while the phone is charging, but if you have a bluetooth, that shouldn't really be an issue. I don't think the screen is bigger, but it LOOKS bigger, and perception is sometimes more important than reality. Also, the profile selector is located automatically on the homescreen, making it easier to switch back and forth between normal, vibrate, and silent sounds. The interface is great, definitely a recommended A+ device.Read full review...


Short review

This phone is an excellent, powerful, reliable device with good media capability, an excellent camera and great usability. It's design is very attractive and looks very professional but will work for both genders and any type of person. The only downfall to this phone is the lack of 3g network however, all of its other strengths far outweigh this one crutch. I would highly recommend this phone to anyone unless they plan on using it for heavy internet use, unless they have a wifi connection to use it on.Read full review...


excellent phone..!! tremendo telefono..!!

excellent phone, very easy to use, fast interface and internet connection. works perfect and fast with BB OS 6. 100% recomended.
Tremendo telefono, muy facil de usar, el sistema operativo es rapido al igual que la conexion a internet. trabaja sin problemas con el sistema operativo BB 6. recomendado 100%. Venezuela - Movistar 3GRead full review...

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