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Long battery life63% agree

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Good Phone

Just the battery needs to get recharged a lot.

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: new | Sold by: bobcatofusa


Its a great phone

works very well

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: freemycells


Though not the best BlackBerry on the market, 8530 is a good smartphone.

The BlackBerry Curve 8530 generally fits into the BlackBerry line up as a refresher to the now ubiquitous Curve 83xx, and is meant to sit between entry-level models like the Pearl and Pearl Flip, and higher end models like the world-dominating Tour and Bold.

For just $50 from Sprint, users get an innovative trackpad, Bluetooth, GPS, Wi-Fi, 3G coverage, and a surprisingly impressive 2 megapixel camera -- all rolled into a nicely sized form factor.

The Curve 8530 compares will the Tour 9630 -- both models are available from Sprint, but the Curve is more affordable.


Overall the Curve 8530 has a fashion-forward design aimed at a younger consumer audience. Instead of a chrome bezel and pronounced convenience keys that you find on the Tour, you'll find a rubber strip around the side with convenience keys that seem to bulge out of its sides. On the top of the device you find a set of media-control keys.

RIM BlackBerry Curve 8530The front of the phone shows off what is perhaps its best feature -- the trackpad in place of the traditional trackball. Whether you're a seasoned BB veteran or a newcomer, you'll appreciate the intuitive, easy to use reliable performance of the trackpad. This one feature alone might be enough to knock the Tour out of contention.

The keys on the keyboard are a "chicklet" holdover from the previous generation.

The Talk, End, Return and Menu keys are redesigned as if they are part of the screen -- not a design choice I'm particularly fond of.

The screen itself pales in comparison to the beautiful display on the Tour, but there is nothing outright wrong with it. There's nothing to complain about, but if you were to hold your Curve up to a Tour, you'd notice the difference.

The biggest annoyance, design-wise, is the LED indicator light. On a regular BlackBerry there's no way you're going to miss a message. You will not be distracted by the LED light on the Curve 8530, the indicator which is just a touch bigger than the tip of a ballpoint pen, and its light is... understated, to put it kindly.

Size and Weight
The Curve 8530 overall is smaller than the Tour, and feels lighter, though it still has a very sold and composed feeling to it. You won't hate yourself for dropping this phone -- it feels like it can take a beating which is refreshing compared to some of today's delicate phones.


I've already mentioned that the Curve has a big leg-up over its brethren by having a touchpad instead of the trackball. The aspect where the 8530 really hits it out of the park is with its operating system. The Curve 8530 features BlackBerry OS 5.0, currently the only device on the Sprint lineup to do so.

The 5.0 operating system isn't revolutionary, but offers nice many little improvements, such as wirelessly syncing of contacts with certain email providers, the ability to flag messages for follow up, better application permission management, and vastly improved ability to manage ringing profile settings.

BlackBerry Curve 8530 for Sprint The processor on the Curve 8530 is less powerful than some of its contemporaries, including the Tour, and sometimes it would hang. For most of what you do most of the time, however, you won't notice this lack of power. Power users, on the other hand, should consider a more powerful device.

Voice Quality
Generally the 8530 is a solid performer, but its call quality is only just average.
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Decent phone, great music player

This is a decent phone for an older model. I bought it for my husband, who likes having a hardware keyboard, but he didn't want a Blackberry. I put all my music on it, and it's great for that. The speaker is fairly loud, with decent sound quality. It does have the infamous Blackberry startup speed, although it takes roughly 3 minutes, which is better than it could be. The camera seems to be pretty good, but since I'm not using it as a phone, I can't say how good that is. I would assume the sound quality is good as a phone as well.Read full review...


Overall Very Good Product

The smartphone's general performance was snappy. It performed most tasks with very little delay. We only had one uh-oh moment: after ending a phone call the screen froze halfway when trying to go back to the Home screen, but it returned to normal after about a minute. This seemed to be an isolated incident, as it didn't happen again during our review period and we didn't experience any system crashes. We found the royal purple one online new for discount here on ebay.. full review...


So disappointed!

It can only be used with spring and it can't be unlocked or put an other sim card. Just a terrible buy. I just give away my money.

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: cumberfordtrading


Not working

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: edscellular


Tops -- Value for Money

I have had the Blackberry 8530 for several months now, and "top of class -- value for money" applies to this smartphone. The standard features are there, of course and are handled well by the cellphone (e.g. calendar, alarm clock, contacts list, call logs, etc). Smart would be the fast-push for email. And I have made great use of internet-access from checking items on eBAY, checking bank balances, weather, GPS.

Phone is convenient --- both in size and weight -- and can be pocketed without problems. Battery life good (of course, the more you use "smart" features, the faster the battery drain). And getting accessories (from apps to hardware like extra batteries or cellphone charger) --- costs for these things are extremely reasonable.
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Great product and easy to use.

Replaced the phone my daughter had before. She loves the BlackBerry. Her old one got wet and she didnt want to try other types of phones so the Blackberry is her first choice.


If you want the experience of the 8530 just buy it and see for yourself.

I like the Blackberry Curve 8530. I like the QWERTY keyboard and the feeling of it. I am also going to purchase the Playbook soon so to link the 8530 and playbook together so let's see what happens. The only thing I don't like about the unit is that you cannot play all the video formats but just as long as it plays YouTube videos that is all that matters.Read full review...

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