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Good phone can do a lot

I really like the fact that I can do so many different things with it. I've never had a smart phone before and the things this phone can do are amazing. Compose a text while making a call. Email, send texts,use messenger and there are so many apps out there.

The only (minor) disadvantages I've come across so far as the ball can be a bit touchy sometimes. I've heard the ball on this model likes to die, mine hasn't but be wary of that. It doesn't get very good signal in my apartment but that might have more to do with my provider and the internet is a bit slow. The ironic thing is out of all the things this phone can do it can't make a simple to do list, I had to download an app for that.

But overall this is a very neat phone, I would highly recommend this phone to anyone who is looking to get a PDA to help themselves me more organized and connected.
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What can I say, "its a Blackberry" Excellent phone, Excellent Build...

What can I say, "its a Blackberry". The build on this phone is pretty nice. Using it on Boost Mobile Network, and so far everything works without a problem. The screen is bright and full of color. The mouse works without any flaw. Speaker phone and volume is just right. This phone comes with a camera, with a surprise flash. Image quality is okay (its a cell phone) The only problem that I have with this phone is the lag time between opening applications. Seems to think about it for a second or two. Compared to the curve 9300 which just works in a milisecond. The 8330, even though it is a couple of years old, still can compete. The design is slick and tight, keyboard is standard blackberry, I have large fingers and they hit the keys perfectly. This phone does not have wifi, which I have grown to use a lot. All in all an excellent phone. Especially when you can pick these up for about $60.00 or so....Read full review...


Good Phone. Works nice! TONS of apps from BBerry!

Very good phone. battery life is pretty good. Charge every night if you use your phone constantly, every other night if used moderately. If you are a social network junkie and an IMer this will work very good for you. you can receive e-mails and IMs from several different accounts and stay loged into them all the time. All your Messages (e-mail, IM, text, MMS,) come in one message folder to view then in one click wich is nice. don't have to go through menus to view each one. Works really good if you run a buisness also, like a contractor for example, like I am. got an app to to create and e-mail Ms office documents like job estimates and invoices right from this phone. BBerry has TONS of apps for every kind of person for this phone. MP3 player works great. Camera works and takes good clear pics and vids. Dispite what some other people on ebay might say, THIS PHONE COMES WITH OS 5.0 and the BBerry program for your computer will update it as soon as a new one comes out. Overall operation of the phone is smooth. does everything that a touch screen phone will do except you have a keyboard and a mouse. It seems to be made pretty durable. I put mine in an otter box! 3g internet works pretty fast for a phone.(not a computer) It can take a while to load apps sometimes but only sometimes. Not alot of space for apps because apps get stored in the phones onboard memory about 120 MB and not the expandable SD card. The SD card on the other hand is 1 GB. I have 168 MP3 songs, about 40 pics, 2, 5 min. videos, and about 60 job documents and it still has a couple of MB of free space. The phone will support 2, 4, 8, and 32 GB micro SDHC cards. Never had a BBerry before but I'm starting to see what all the hype is about. Hope this helps!Read full review...


Pretty good, if I do say so myself..

I originally had the Sanyo Incognito which is a good phone in my opinion, however I kinda got tired of flipping the little switch to unlock the fron screen, and I also got tired of having to flip it open to use it (First flip phone.). Now the 8330 on the other hand is perfect with a few minor minor issues. The keys are big and not hard to get to, sound quality is great, I can seem to always find what I need when I need it. Lightweight and slim, also the interface is not cluttered with a whole bunch of icons. However, granted I just received it and am still playing with it (I dont need no stinkin directions!!!), I have yet to find a hotkey which will lock the keyboard. As of this writing I have to go to apps and scroll down to the keyboard lock icon. OOPS!!! forgot to say that scrolling is real simple, smooth, and comfortable. Anyway, the battery life is okay at best. It does seeem to go down rather quickly, but that also depends on the apps you are using at the time. Also, I wish they had the microSD card located on the outside of the phone for easy access. Right now its located under the battery. BB appworld cool too. LOTS of apps to buy and download for free. LOVE the ability to leave reviews and screenshots for each app. Makes selecting alot easier. Other than that I would highly recommend the BB 8330.Read full review...


Black berry curve 8530 boostmobile AMAZING

I pretty much love everthing about this phone, i love boost, this is my third boost phone lol, they have all been good phones just i wanted better lol and this is by far the best, i've been with boost for 3 years now and nothing compares to their price and service, the phone is great, love how many apps there are out there, theres an app for everything, the 3g internet is so fast on it, can take a pics and then the next sec upload it to facebook, just an overall amazing phone, wish more of the apps were free but there still are alot of free apps, but i've had an android phone, not for boost and every andriod phone i know has like 3 times the free apps, like if i want something they would get for free its not mush but still lol, oh other then having to buy some apps, the battery seems to suck, like idk why, i get like 6 hours and then need to charge it again thats with me not using it much, maybe checking it and texting every 20 mins, but other then that i rate the phone an 8/10, if you want a smart phone, this is it, if you want a gps this is it, free app for that by the way lol, if you wanna be able to have an mp3 player this is in, takes good pictures, just can say enough about it lol,Read full review...


Good smartphone, bad battery duration

I bought this phone for my wife, who likes to chat and use social networks on the go. This blackberry curve is a nice phone, is slim, light, the screen resolution is very good, takes terrific pictures but has no flash so you need good light to take them. With blackberry app world you can download apps like facebook (which by the way, sometimes causes the phone system to crash), twitter, and so on.
The bad: The battery duration is terrible. My wife makes a low amount of calls but anyways, she need to connect the phone to the charger by the mid day because the battery is draining out. This is a point to consider. I don´t know if i need to buy some larger duration battery, but this is dissapointing considering any phone should last at least the entire day.
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I may buy one for myself too.

This phone has a GPS and route finding software. This lets my wife get back home when she gets disoriented.

It receives email and facebook updates. It also does what a Plain Old Telephone Service does -- it calls home when I'm late.

Mine is set up so that it shows an analog style clock on the face when it is in the charger, so I can tell what time it is each time I wake up at night, and it has an alarm that wakes up the cat, who in turn wakes me up and leads me to her food bowl.

I bought it because I am happy with Boost Mobile. There is no contract with them. If you give them money, they are happy and the phone works. When you don't pay, the phone stops working, and they are happy if you ever pay them again. No pesky contracts.

It will load and start the Mologogo application, but Mologogo doesn't seem to be very happy. Mologog will let the phone tell me where it is over the web, in case my wife is really lost.

I don't know how old the battery is. I need to charge it at least every other day. I store it in the cradle at night, so it is only a problem if I forget a few times.
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A good phone!

The blackberry 8530 is a very good phone, if you already like Blackberry then this phone will be great for you. I personally like a bigger screen for surfing the internet and I am use to a touch screen, so I was looking for something different, but many other people like Blackberry for its reliability, long battery life, and good quality. Overall a very good phone if you dont need a touch screen, or a big screen.Read full review...


Boost Blackberry Curve 8330

This is a great phone. I absolutely love it, however, I just wish that it came with the option of putting my Boost SIM card in from my other Boost phone and also with the option of PTT (push to talk) direct connect talking like my last phone. I think that since it is a Boost phone, it should have come with these options. I feel that all phones from a specific carrier should have the same options for all their phones, not some of them. If one phone from a specific carrier has a SIM card, then all should have SIM cards; & if one has the PTT options, then all phones from that carrier should have that option. Other than that, this is an excellent phone with no problems. It is worth the money.Read full review...


Great ! But Boost needs to work on video quality

RIM BlackBerry Curve 8330 (Boost Mobile)

I love the ease of use. The Blackberry Curve 8330 does everything I need it for, except it is does not have good quality video when viewing youtube. It is easy to see and use applications and important keys. The only beef I have is the rollball; it is so fast and easy that you have to be careful not to click it at the wrong time.

I decided to buy to it because of its reputation and durability. In addition, I heard good words on the Instant Messages. Although, I am still trying to use the IM to send or receive messages.

My major dislike is the quality of video on youtube. Boost is unable to help me get a better quality video.

Hope that RIM will include a hard case with the device in the future.
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