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A great phone

This is the second #8310 I've owned.
They are exactly what I want...great Sound, great Texting, and a great Camera...and..it's compact & easy to carry.
That's the only features I use and care about.Read full review...


A great big deal

I wanted to update my phone.it was very good feeling with the blackberry curve 8310.I also bought a maching blackberry 8310
for my wife. She really enjoy her phone also.the more you used 8310 you will wonder how you ever done without this blackberry 8310.I just wish that all or everyone else get great use of their telephone as I have out of mines.What more can I said than that it is a great phone,again the pleasure has been all mine,thank you.I did known that about buying a smartphone that cellphone bill would increase my monthly bill,so i have stop using them so i can keep paying my bills.Read full review...


Great price for a great phone.

I needed a replacement phone for the S3 that I previously broken so this is a very good replacement phone as this was my previous phone before I had the S3. I like the ease of texting and calling. I dislike the screen size but for the price it is well worth it. Excellent purchase for a very cheap price.Read full review...


great phone******

nice phone would recommend. small and neat. very clean phone, lots of features. fits in the palm of ur hands. easy to use.comes unlocked so u can use any sim card


beautiful product great value for money

i bought this product for my friend. easy to use very nice .was recommend to other people who bought a few.buying on ebay is one of the best choice i made.


really it's a good phone, easy to use

When we were to Ecuador for vacation, we needed a phone, it's a good phone, easy to use.
Works well.


Misleading and no tech support with poor business ethic.

Phone was replaced twice because it could not sync in with my T Mobile email. The customer service was good, but no clue how to help fix the problem. They just replace it just to fix the problem even if it really doesn't have to be replaced. Very Poor business company because it is not T Mobile capable. Misleading and they really don't have any tech support.Read full review...



Very poor ring-tone volume, if you are 5' or more away from the phone - forget it. If other people has this same problem? - please leave this item alone.

I must say, although the regular reception ringtone is very low at full volume, the Alarm tone is pretty loud.Read full review...


Berry good!!!!!!!!

what can i tell you, i think this phone is the best, at least for me, because i bought this one for my mother in my country and i have one here, so that way we can text for free because it has the messenger free feature, awesome.Read full review...



I bought this for a friend to use in Indonesia...great phone for the money works great ..excellent reception he loves the phone,

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