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BlackBerry Bold 9700 - White (Unlocked) Smartphone

When we reviewed the BlackBerry Bold 9000 we said it had everything a BlackBerry fan could want, except for maybe the more compact body of the Curve. And it's pretty obvious that someone over at RIM has been paying attention. They've done exactly that. And no, we're not taking credit, just giving it.
It's been more than a year between the official launch of the two devices and the Bold 9700 understandably faces much tougher competition. Yet the more compact and more powerful handset seems fit and ready to take on its rivals just as successfully.
The tight connection between handset and service is a double-edged sword however. You either have to take the whole package or nothing at all. A Bold 9700 without a Blackberry service plan is about as good as a 100-buck LG GW300 so it's barely worth spending so much on it.
Now, regarding price we have to point out that a BlackBerry Bold 9700 is about 200 dollars more expensive than a Nokia E72 unlocked so some users might find themselves priced out of alternatives. Plus the Nokia ships with a lifetime Nokia Messaging plan - so push email is something you don't need to spend a dime on once you get the handset itself.
That same Nokia E72 is the new Bold's main market rival. A much better camera and overall multimedia experience come in a pretty sleek steel body. So unless you need the level of security of the BlackBerry Servers, we have to admit the E72 does look like the clear winner here.
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thought it would be more but it wasn't I guess all blackberry are the same.

At first when I got my blackberry I was happy then after going thru all its features I notice there's a game app but no games installed on the phone whiched made wonder was this a new phone r a used one cause all blackberry phones came installed with a game app, but then after d/loading the blackberry app on my phone I noticed I could d/loads loads of game so then I forgot about being sold an used phone, but aprt from that the phone is pretty awesome let's me keep in contact wit all my bbm friends and those tht aren't as well also access to browse the net with wifi connectivity. I bought also the white cause most person had the black and I liked also how the white looked even though there's not much difference to the black but the color. Well for now that's my reviewRead full review...


Very good buy for the price, it's slick, thin, very good reception always.

Hey guys, I bought this phone for my daughter's birthday and I must say she did not only choose this smartphone but also the colour. She is very impressed with all the features on the phone so much so she just got rid of her nokia touch screen phone.This phone is very nice, I got it on time no hassle. It's working like a gem no problems thus far. I'll recommend this phone to anyone who is not too techno savvy.Read full review...


Easy to use

Very easy going phone to use social aplications. Very complete, just the display is a litle short and the battery dont last long, perhaps for the continue conection to internet


Good phone

It's a good phone i like it

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: enelgome


blackberry bold blackberry 9700 best

awesome phone
good size screen, excellent screen
wifi built-in video camera.
excellent for surfing the Internet.
easy to use.


in conclusion, great value for the money, a v.good cellphone :)

Pros: it was perfectly , new, and it works very well.

Cons: when the battery is by 30 percent, the cellphone dies (then if you charge it it restarts and no more problem, but is very tiring, because i hate waiting for my cellphone to restarts!). It works with EDGE (I thought that works with 3G!). The software it isn't the newest.

nevertheless, I do not regret buying it. It has a very good price and is fantastic! :)
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Fast, smart, handy, designed for business life

Great phone. The white BB is unique. Fast and handy. Knows everything and the battery keeps running for 2-3 days with intense use.
Pros: Handy, smart and fast, made of high quality materials.
Cons: The only cons is the necessity of the data plan, but without a data plan it doesnt worth to buy it.
Compared to the other phones the price/value ratio is high.
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Simple system with great, useful software and a good design

I owned one previously but i broke it. I needed one to replace it asap.
This is identical, although it had a slightly different layout which i actually prefere.
The phone is simple to set up, it came fully charged so was ready to use which was really important to me.
I prefere this simple system compared to the ones found in Iphones and other smart phones. The software for opening and creating files is extremely useful, you can look at most office files on the go.
I dont think i could buy anything other than a blackberry now and i would really miss a full keyboard, it makings thing speedy.
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Awesome phone!

i have had blackberry's for years now, and this is my favorite! i love how easy it is to use, the battery life is AMAZING!. i upgraded from OS 5 to OS 6 as soon as i received it in the mail, and trust me its worth it! i cant say that there is anything i dislike about the phone. its great. :-)Read full review...

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