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Prefer Speed Strips for concealed carry over traditional speed loaders

I have used this product for years. I only had to buy a new set because I lost one during training. This is a quality product one of the Speed Strips I carry is over 15 years old and I can't tell it apart from the two brand new ones I just purchased.

I carry three Speed Strips with a total of 18 rounds in my front pocket. Even after a long day I never feel them. They are thin, light, and don't print in my pocket at all unlike a traditional speed loader which takes up more room, is bulky, prints in my pocket, and I feel against my leg which is annoying.

Retention of the rounds Is not an issue. One of my strips is at least 15-20 years old (it originally belonged to my father) and I've never had a round come loose in my pocket or fall out yet they load into the cylinders easily. They are not as fast as speed loaders however I've has speed loaders release rounds in my pocket worst case scenario if you drop your speed loader it can dump your rounds when it lands or crack open. I've thrown a Speed Strip well over 150 ft in a parking lot with out losing a round in the air or upon impact with the asphalt.

The strips are not as easy to use as a speed loader however with practice it gets pretty easy. I can fully reload my revolver utilizing my Speed Strip with in around .25 seconds of a person with a speed loader however that's with years of practice both on the range and at home utilizing Snap Caps at home for obvious safety reasons.

If you intend to use this item in conjunction with your carry wepon do not think you can deploy the strip and reload your firearm under stress with out practice. Just as with a traditional speed loader you need to index the cylinder and loader or the rounds won't go in with the Speed Strip you will have to index the rounds 2 more times.
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by Top critical review

They work fine

Item is not as fast as other speed loaders but is much slimmer than rotary type loaders making them much more easier to carry. I keep two loaded speed strips in a cell phone holster on my belt. At just about $10 for two rubber strips seems a bit too expensive but when you throw in shipping and handling for free I guess it all works out.Read full review...

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Strip style speed loader for revolvers.

I have both types of speed loaders, the strip style that holds 6 rounds and the cylinder style that holds 5 rounds. The cylinder style allows me to load all 5 rounds at one time, but it is bulkier and more difficult to carry. The strip style allows me to load only two rounds at a time, but it is lighter and easier to carry and store. I think the strip style speed loader will get more usage from me because it is easier to use, and easier to store and carry. In addition, the strip style speed loader is less expensive.Read full review...

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compact, quick and easy

I found the strips very easy to load and lie flat at the range, so you can have several ready. They are very easy to use as you pop in the rounds into the cylinder one after another in no time. I found the strips much easier to use on my 357 than the speed loaders I had used previously. The latter were sometimes a hassle getting all rounds lined up with the cylinder holes. Good product at low cost.Read full review...

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Convenient, comfortable, and Discreet

What I like about speed strips:
Flat - holds 5, 6, 7, or 8 rounds in a straight, flat strip.
Retention - Speed strips hold the cartridges firmly at the base. The cartridges will not come loose in my pocket.
Discreet - Doesn't profile or bulge my pocket like conventional, cylinder speed loaders.
Comfortable - They're much more comfortable to carry in my pocket. They don't dig into one of my legs when I'm sitting. Plus, there's belt pouches available for the speed strips. Again, they're thinner, lighter, less bulky, more comfortable, and more discreet for concealed carry than speed loaders.
Require less tactile dexterity to use than speed loaders.
Simpler/versatile - Speed loaders only require being matched to the caliber; they don't require being also matched to the size of the revolver cylinder like speed loaders.

The negatives of speed strips:
- I can't reload a revolver cylinder as quickly as a cylinder speed loader; but they weren't made for that. They're still faster than loading one cartridge at a time with my fingers. As a plus, (OK, OK, I'm getting a little hardcore) speed strips are better suited for a revolver "tactical reload".

- It has been claimed that speed loaders and speed strips, if used incorrectly, can cause cylinder gate stresses and eventual damage. (until I see actual data, I'm calling BS on this)

When I conceal carry, I always carry extra ammunition; either with speed strips or speed loaders, as circumstances dictate. The flat, flexible speed strips keep my cartridges retained, orderly, and flat in my pocket like a magazine. They don't bulge (and print) through my pockets, nor are they bulky as with conventional cylinder speed loaders. They're durable, simple, and a good value. No moving parts. They'e also good for keeping my cartridges organized and orderly at home and the range. I'm very satisfied!
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Speed Strips

I carry two of these speed strips in my left pocket full of .38 +P ammo. Very lightweight , and they will hold .38 Special or .357 Magnum ammunition very securely with no noise or jingling in your pocket. If you carry a snub nose revolver for personal protection like I do, then you'll want to have at least one of these in your weak side pocket. Hell, for the price, get a couple of them.Read full review...

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Handy ammo w/o bulk

I love HKS speedloaders, period. Great for jacket or coat carry, ah but for those times when light weight clothing is worn Bianchi speedstrips are ideal. Loose rounds in the pocket, or 5/6 round snap pouches are a thing of the past with Bianchi speedstrips.
If you're a revolver guy, it's HKS or Bianchi. Don't leave home without one.
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Speed Strips

I have had some before and am glad to buy some more. They are very handy for either a 5- or 6-shot revolver and with a little practice make reloading quick. In storage or on the go, they lay flat and are not bulky or make noise. I like these characteristics and find them very useful when carrying and traveling. I love the accessibility!Read full review...

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Work great/good value

These work great and they are a good value. They make it possible to carry extra ammunition for easy reloading without it being loose in your pocket. Real handy!

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Takes some getting used to.

These held the round tight enough that they wouldn't fall out. First time trying these, it would take practice to use them in a timed or critical SHTF moment. But alot less bulky than cylinder speed loaders.Read full review...

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Good compromise between size and speed

These speed strips are not as fast as a speed loader, but they're also not as bulky in the pocket. It's much easier and faster than carrying loose ammo. Another benefit over the speed loader is that they work with both 6 and 5 shot revolvers, eliminating the need to buy multiple sets.Read full review...

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