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Item shipped on time. Works great

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: hitashi


Wireless Router

We had a wirelwss router before, but it went away. Andf i hadbought s new note tablet that needed a router to download book with. The Belkin we purchased was perfect in size and most important can be used anywhere in the house. I looked at routers in stores and in somecases were a couple of hundred dolars more than what we paid for this unit. So obviously i am glad that i purchased the item on Ebay. But four times the price i paid online is rediculous. I would not only tell others about my purchase, and i have. But encourage them to go on line and buy like i did.Read full review...



I went on a search for a reasonably priced used wireless router, and after checking the specs & prices, this one came out on top of the heap. The strentgh of the signal is pretty good, it carries through 2 floors to the basement with no problems. It quotes a max speed of 300mbps, and my dsl modem always gives me a steady 100mbps, no change, a steady 100mbps through this router. The only thing that seems to slightly tax the router is when I have all 3 of my PC's going at once,or when playing a heavy graphics laden game, it will slow down the router to about 70-75mbps free-flow of incoming data, to each PC respectively. Very easy to configure, software is easy to install, and quite comprehensive in allowable feature adjustments. Online support through Belkin.com is still available, and FREE! So are any instructions/specs that you may need.( Mine did not come with installation paperwork, downloaded from the Belkin site, again..FREE.) Automatic firmware updates are also still available, and the software will always ask you before they are installed. A relatively small unit for the power it provides, and not too bad looking either. With the exception of having to run the installation CD, this unit is pretty much plug & play! I am impressed with the performance vs. cost ratio, and I would recomend this unit to anyone looking for a reliable, inexpensive wireless router. 5 stars rating.Read full review...


Superior Quality Product - Fantastic Customer Service

I couldn't believe how fast I received this product. They really set the bar for my expectations from other sellers. The product really blew away all my expectations. Our family uses this router to provide internet access to 2 computers, 1 tablet, 2 cell phones and 2 tv's! We stream NetFlix on 2 tvs, stream MLB pass for the ball game on various devices, my kids play their games and watch videos and this device handles it all with no problems. My previous router was a Linksys and it always had to be reset at least twice a day. To be fair, it didn't have the technology or the speed that this one has, but that is why I upgraded. My increased need for speed led me to research routers and I found that many people were happy with this particular one, so I started looking around and found a great deal and grabbed this one up. I suggest you do the same if want superior quality on all your streaming devices.Read full review...




Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: hakat1


Very nice

Thanks you.
I appreciate.
Good reception.

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: 305megastore


moden dual to a very competitive price

moden dual, easy installation, excellent performance even though the maximum speed and dual band depends on the product it is connected. hd movies playback smoothly without cuts in wifi mode.
you are missing any option but to set the frequency in a more manual, nevertheless proper operationRead full review...


It is Ok

I purchased this router expecting to have a better range but it is the same as all the router I have had.. it has more features..


bad belkin product

this item is out of date and not supported by belkin using the disk and the passwords will not load if i wanted to load help i would have to paid for it through belkin support. let the byer beware.

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