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Belkin 54g router.

I have had mine for almost ten years with no problems. Extremely dependable for basic use. My internet connection runs 25 mbs download, using the belkin wireless to a laptop, it runs 6 mbs. which is adequate for my needs. What lasts 10 years nowadays ? Range is also very good. I like the very compact size also.Read full review...

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This little boy does what I want it to do.

These are good little Routers with RJ45 plugs (4 ports) so you can route (hard wire) 4 computers together and/or go wireless. I already have one Belkin F5D7230-4 but I wanted to have access for more that 4 ports and I didn't want to spend a lot of money so I purchased this router and plugged it into one of the ports on the first router thus allowing me a total of 7 RJ45 (ports) on my system. I think you call it piggy backing or something like that. Only problem is some devices (like cap-tel phones) will not work on the piggy backed router, they have to be plugged into the first router. But for me it works great for computers and blue ray web devises used with your TV's. As for the Wireless G part, we all know that does not have long range so you get what you pay for. This little boy does what I wanted it to do. It works for me.Read full review...


Genuine Newb Router, Lame-Saucearific

This is an ok router for newbs but has no ability for flashing the firmware with custom Tomato or dd-wrt firmware, it also has an antenna that cannot be upgraded to a better antenna. Talk about lame-sauce, I really dislike when companies attempt to control you and how you use your own hardware you buy. Never going to buy a Belkin again, stick with Linksys if you're a cool person and like cool features.

For newbs, it's great though. connects easy, thinks for you and gives you the wonderful internets.
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Good value

Good price and easy to install


easy to use, good quality

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Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: new | Sold by: colt_oshi


Perfect Wireless Router for the Buck

Not sure where one could go to get a better wireless router for the dollar spent. This one plugs in... turns on... and provides wireless signal anywhere in my house, even out on my deck. What more could one ask for?
The "G" router is not quite as fast as the 'N' - but for my usage... speed beyond a blink of an eye isn't necessary.
Have my wireless printer set for "Always On" - and can print from anywhere.
Have zero regrets about owning this equipment... in fact, it replaced my Wilson, which was nearly four times the cost.
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Great Product!

I Have used the Belkin over the years. Always reliable with a powerful signal.
Its a great networking tool, especially if you do not have or cannot get High Speed Internet in your home.


I use it EVERYDAY and it works Great Everyday!

I bought on a long time ago and it works Great! They don't sell them anymore only because they have a new version out in the market place. So me writing this review might not mean anything to anybody. This router is a good one whether the newer ones are, I don't know because I haven't tried them yet.Read full review...


Super great router

It's pretty awesome. It's not a router you're going to pick up a signal from three houses down. But having a slower internet connection. I was able to watch a video from a video game system on the internet, surf the net, and have a smart phone using wi fi to play music. So it is awesome.Read full review...

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