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Great condition

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this first person game has the best online experience.

Your game experience is kept exciting and action packed. Finding the campaign challenging after 1 year of play was remarkable. online game play was rated best. Drive tanks, fly planes, and use an assortment of equipment to overcome your opponent. Funding in a+++.Read full review...


Deeper and more thoughtout than Call of Duty games.

I've been playing first person shooters since Counter Strike 1.5 came out, so I think I have a little knowledge in the genre. The Call of Duty franchise has been beating on the same dead horse for a long time and for some reason... kids still love it!

I'm an enthusiast when it comes to military shooters and my standards are higher. I look for a game with depth, balance and the life span of the game will last longer than 1 year until the sequel comes out. Here comes Battlefield Bad Company 2. This game is more than guns and scoring kills. This game is about team work.

The problem with COD is everyone is out to be number 1 on the scoreboard and thats all. This game is for those who want to work together with players to achieve victory for the team. Class based and more realistic than COD, it might not be for everyone.

With bullet dynamic physics, vehicle warfare, destructible environments and huge open sandbox style maps, this is a game of patience and thought so the learning curve is a little steeper than Call of Duty. The maps are spectacular and DICE Studios is constantly releasing new maps for this game which came out back in March of 2010! (7 map packs thus far and recently an expansion pack was released!) You can't go wrong with a game that has such a dedicated company still supporting it.

The sound FX are amazing too. DICE has incredible audio range technology that really captures the feeling that you're in this world, be it in an open desert or inside a building.

The game modes are a refresher from Call of Duty as well. No more team death match or free for all. Conquest and Rush are the two most commonly played modes (while you can still find plenty of players in the other game modes) that offer lots of good lengthed fun matches.

The list goes on and on for me and others on why BC2 is superior to Call of Duty. If you're into a more realistic military shooter experience (without it being a simulation) than do not hesitate to pick up a copy of this state of the art masterpiece.

See you on the battlefield!
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Great value

Just the extras this game comes with are worth the price. It comes with battlefield 1943, onslaught mode and the VIP pass unlocks 7 map packs so far! Couldn't believe all it comes with. Make sure you buy an unopened copy so you know the codes haven't been used.

I wish the game would allow you to turn off swearing like Gears of War, instead I had to resort to turning off dialog all together.

This game is all about the online multiplayer, some of the best online multiplayer ever created! Huge great looking environments that are completely destructible. Blowing up a wall or an entire building becomes part of your strategy. It is objective based, so you are rewarded for having a strategy, and if a team is full of people who camp and snipe, they lose, as they should!
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Bad Company 2 offers different experience

If you are not a Call of Duty fan, or you is just getting bored of the repetitiveness, try Battlefield: Bad Company 2! It offers a slower paced, but still fun, multiplayer. It is a more strategy based multiplayer game. There have been many expansions for the game, so the Ultimate Edition is a great deal. It gives you all the map packs, except the Vietnam expansion, and also gives you Battlefield 1943 off of the arcade. Great game!Read full review...


Best Game EVER!

This is one of the best games I've ever played, I liked it even more than COD Modern warfare 2! The Graphics are excellent, the story line is even better than the first Bad Co., and the online play is Awesome! EA has always put out a great product and BC2 is one of their best! If you liked Bad Company, you'll love Bad Company 2. If you haven't played either then get them both, you will not be disappointed!Read full review...


Fun but no COD

The biggest fault with this game is it is not like COD. I became so used to that series that this one seems to fall short. I find it far too slow and cumbersome while playing the multiplayer mode. Also a drawback of buying a used game is that the access codes have been used and to get the full potential of the game you need to buy them online. You very quickly make it more economocal to buy the game new. The game has an interesting and amusing storyline and is generally fun to play, but it is no COD.Read full review...


Excellent Game

Game has great graphics and the multiplayer is amazing. The single campaign mode is also great. Very underrated single campaign mode.


Excellent customer service!! I had the game in 2 days..Awesome!!!

My son loved his new game, we got it for him for Christmas, he is 9 years old and really enjoys it! He got it for his xbox i will have to get him the next edition!!


9/10. Gets better the more you play it.

Fun game, 9/10. More you play the funner it gets. Wasn't sure if I would be getting BF3 when it comes out, but after getting BFBC2, theres no doubt I'll be preordering it. I've played Homefront before this and it reminds me of it alot, though alot smoother.Read full review...

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