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DVD did not work

No matter how many times I tried, even though it was brand new and still in the package, the disc would not work.

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2005 Christian Bale Emerges From Youth to Dark Knight

Director Nolan's "Batman Begins" doesn't disappoint while revealing how the orphaned billionaire, Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale), is so influenced by his parents' murders that he becomes an avenger of violent crimes: Batman, the dark-suited, noble knight of all super heroes.

Alfred, the most famous butler (Michael Caine), is largely responsible for mentoring the youngster, 'Master Wayne'. Flashbacks are strategically deployed to show that the boy fell into a bat-infested cave in his backyard in Gotham & developed a phobia. Yet, flashing forward to Wayne the man, reveals he temporarily hung-out in Asian mountains, where he was influenced by the League of Shadows' leaders, Henri Ducard (Liam Neeson) & Ra's al Ghul (Ken Watanabe), who trained him to use martial arts for evil purposes.

After rebelling against their use of evil, Wayne goes home to Gotham & develops dual identities: his public persona's the business-like billionaire, while privately he becomes the masked crusader. Batman's goal is to cleanse Gotham of criminal activity.

With the help of police officer, Jim Gordon (Gary Oldman) & a genuis with technology, Lucius Fox (Morgan Freeman), Batman & Bale hit their strides taking on nefarious characters such as mafia don Carmine Falcone (Tom Wilinson), twisted physician & drug dealer Dr. Jonathan 'The Scarecrow' Crane (Cillian Murphy) & a mystery villian lurking in the shadows waiting to strike, who's all too knowledgable about Wayne.

Superb fantasy story & character role playing cast make the film worth seeing once~
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Batman truly begins!

The Batman Begins movie is a great movie like no other. It brings genuine actors and actresses into the film and everything just blends wonderfully. I was fortunate to get the limited edition gift box set... too bad I didn't get it before the dark knight released, though...

The story and everything is great, and I like how it leads right up to the 2nd film in the Christoper Nolan Batman series.
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Batman Begins - Excellent

What can be said? You've seen the movie, you've heard the hype. A great fresh take over the other Batman movies ( enough said about them ). A great way to start a new Batman dvd collection.



amazing best series ever awesome dvd collection a+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ grat items that come with it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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