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Great game!

I love the batman series of games. The graphics are amazing and the game play is edge of your seat captivating. You will start playing and get so wrapped up that hours can pass by. Its an endless game that even once you beat it there's more things to do.Read full review...

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I pick out my games based on great storytelling, limited violence, and graphics. Unfortunately this game fell well short of all my expectations. Always dark and very moody. Found it to be very depressing. Way too much kid stuff such as beating up a bunch of thugs. That part got annoying in a short time. I'll take the Mass Effect trilogy anytime over this game.Read full review...

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What an amazing game. It's the perfect example of being batman in a game.

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Thank you

Thank you

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Fun and challenging

Awesome game that never gets boring or old. Killer graphics and story line.

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good product

kid loves it .

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Fast service

Received the game very quickly.

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A stellar superhero game that raises the bar for its peers!

2009 was one of the best release years in video game history. But one game in particular took everyone by surprise – Batman: Arkham Asylum. It shattered the stereotype that all comic book-themed games are lackluster and went on to become the greatest comic video game ever. This week’s sequel had a lot to live up to, and it definitely rose to the occasion.

In fact, this sequel is so good, I think it will dethrone the original as “the greatest comic book video game ever.” The game is just so well made, from graphics and gameplay to story and features, it’s highly polished and an easy contender for Game of the Year.

When you’re not taking on ten dudes at once like a one-man army, you’re using awesome gadgets and stealth tactics to solve the current problem. The game makes you appreciate the fact that Batman is more of a detective than superhero.

Additionally, weaved throughout the story are levels where you play as Catwoman, which keeps the game fresh and prevents it from getting too repetitive. I could go on for hours about why the game is amazing, but I'll keep it short and just tell you that you need this game now.

Bottom Line: Regardless of whether you are a Batman fan or not, Arkham City is an awesome game that anyone will fall in love with. It’s an easy contender for Game of the Year.
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A must play!

This is a great game with a large open free world to explore. the game plays extremely smooth and fluidly. Controls feel natural and are very easy to use. Only thing that I wish you had control over is jumping. Your planted on the ground and your sense of freedom is taken away for a moment, but that said its not enough for me to take a star away. the game is much better than I had ever expected. Going into this game I had no faith in its ability to fulfill my gaming need but it not only matched but surpassed my expectation tremendously. Great game. I highly recommend it.Read full review...

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