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I wish the Blu Ray came with a digital copy for travel is my only complaint.

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Amother Fertility Comedy

I suppose every woman who wants kids also wants to be the perfect mother. When you're becoming a mother using someone else's uterus, there are complications in reaching perfection.

After the plot gets underway with Sigourney Weaver as matchmaker of a very special sort (and scary), Kate and Angie enter a business relationship. Kate can't become pregnant, and Angie's uterus didn't have any plans for the next nine months: Angie will carry Kate's child to term, for a fee. After falling out with her boyfriend (just what entitles him to any part of her fee, again?), low-rent Angie moves into high-rent Kate's apartment, creating an Oscar and Felix odd couple. Kate isn't just a Type A personality, she's A+ and going for extra credit. Angie's a slacker party girl, so the plot centers on turning the two of them into one perfect mother. And, after a dramatic blowout toward the end, everyone ends up predictably happy.

Throw in an assortment of other amusing characters: a doorman of surprising wisdom, ditzy birth coach, boyfriend worth losing, boyfriend worth acquiring, and cheerfully deranged boss, and this turns into a solid (if forgettable) comedy. There's nothing offensive here, or not much, but it's not for young viewers uncertain about the baby-making process.
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My avatar is dressed like a whore…

This movie is like a disappointing party... All the right people are there, but it just isn't as much fun as it should be. Writer-director McCullers has created more than a few fascinating characters, but has not mixed them together in ways that generate the energy for a great gathering. The movie also has a predictable arc, and even though there are two major plot twists they will come as a surprise to no one.

And yet, I liked this movie. One reason is Tina Fey. (Okay, I do have a crush on her, but that has nothing to do with it!) She is one of the most watchable actors at work today, both on TV and in the movies. There is genuine comic chemistry between her and Poehler, and we can only hope for future films that feature them.

Though it all wraps up just a bit too neatly, along the way there are some captivating characters, very well-played. These include a pony-tailed Steve Martin as the whole-foods, new-age guru who rewards his top employees not with cash bonuses, but with five minutes of eye contact. Sigourney Weaver is also wonderful as the head of the surrogacy agency who charges $100,000 for its services. "That's more than it cost to have a person killed, " jokes Kate. "That's because it takes longer," deadpans Weaver. Some of the film's best laughs come courtesy of Oscar (Malco), the doorman at Kate's building who knows way more than he should about the odd couple upstairs.

One minor character should look familiar, if you watch any TV at all. Kate's gynecologist is John Hodgman, the guy who plays "PC" in the ubiquitous Apple commercials. He provides Kate's prognosis with the words, "I don't like your uterus."
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Baby Mama- Comedy or Drama?

Although Baby Mama was an excellent movie, I did not feel that it lived up to its comedic expectations. After all, with Tina Fey and Amy Poehler starring, one would have expected many more laughs throughout the film, which instead made me want to cry. I felt it was too much about a woman's struggle to get a child and not enough about the fact that her surrogate was a nutjob.Read full review...


Baby Mama -- it's a hit!

Tina Fey once again proves she's not just a pretty face and brings this baby home! Great cast with solid co-stars and supporting players. Any SNL fan will feel right at home with this one. Surpise performances will keep you smiling for days.Read full review...


This is a great movie!!

I would definitly like to see Tina Fey in more movies; shes pretty funny!! Great Movie, Great but predictable ending; I would say A++

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