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Baby Einstein - Baby Da Vinci - From Head to Toe

My granddaughter who just turned three years old has a large collection of Baby Einstein DVD's. She has been watching them since she was a baby, and they hold her attention span very well! Never really has outgrown them.
The plus side is that they are very educational and fun at the same time! Teaching them classical and the finer things in life, very enriching! Baby Da Vinci is also a winner among the others! Very highly recommended!
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This is to replace the old scratched one that was 4 years old.

It arrived in perfect condition in time for Christmas Thank You. The years old child it was purchased for absolutely loves it. He has watched it at least three times a day since he got it.

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keeps grandchild's attention for hours

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Not one of the better Baby Einstein DVD's

We got hooked on Baby Einstein after the reaction of our baby to the Neptune DVD, however, upon purchasing more we realized they were either hit or miss, with lots of repetition between different discs - to the point that only the subject matter was different. It felt like production was getting lazy and churning out the same old thing time and time again!!
This DVD - Baby Da Vinci sounded promising - helping your child learn about body parts; by 16 - 18 months our toddler could do this quite competently, but it was in no part to this DVD. The subject matter is maybe too much for young babies, but the content is uninspiring for an older toddler. There was no originality, the music very repetitious from previous releases and the concept is the same - a mix of puppets, animation and actual toddlers demonstrating areas such as eyes, nose etc!
Also from an educational stand point it is better to introduce one concept at a time...but this DVD wanted to not only to present bosy parts to the younger viewer but do so in a choice of languages. The idea sounds great until you consider the age group to which this is directed and you will soon see that a child will become confused or switch off!!
Our child had no interest in this and we stopped buying the series. I works well for infants and smaller toddlers, but this particular offering had little to capture the attention of a child over 18 months which is the key time they can learn the concept of body parts!! I have given other Baby Einstein releases top marks but sadly this is not one of them!!
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Not the favorite choice for my child

I thought that this video was okay. It doesn't seem to keep the attention of my 8 month old son for more than maybe 10-20 seconds. He has 2 other DVDs (a "Show me my World" and "Baby Signing Time") that he loves to watch. My son likes to hear music in the background, see real people(especially kids), and hear actual children's voices and this video doesn't have enough of that to hold his interest at this time. We'll try it again after he's a year old.
I'd recommend either borrowing this DVD from a friend or renting it first (if possible) to see if your child is interested before committing to buy this one.
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My house is clean because my baby loves it so much!!

I am so excited to be able to review this DVD. It has literally changed my life with my daughter. When she is fussy, gets hurt, is having a hard time taking her bottle, I need to get ready or do some things around the house...etc. etc. etc....she lets me when I turn on this great DVD. She has been enjoying this DVD since she was about 5 1/2 months old!! (She is now 10 months old and is just as excited to see it when it comes on!) It is educational and fun...teaches about eyes, ears, mouth, and nose! It has many puppet shows! (which my daughter laughs out loud to!) The music is soft, sweet and soothing. And the duration of the video is perfect...not too long, not too short! I recommend Baby Einstein videos for everyone...find that "PERFECT" one for your will be so happy you did. This is the one my daughter loves so it is the one I personally recommend but to each is own! Have fun finding your babies favorite!Read full review...


Television and videos not good for children under 2

The name "Baby Einstein" can lull you into thinking it's okay or even good for babies to watch t.v., but the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends no television AT ALL to children under 2 because so many studies have proven its harmful effects on children. Studies have shown that:

- for every hour of television a baby watches a day, their chances of acquiring an attention deficit disorder increases by 10%.
- among babies ages 8 months to 16 months, every hour spent daily watching programs such as 'Brainy Baby' or 'Baby Einstein' translated into six to eight fewer words in their vocabularies as compared with other children their age."
- brain wave activity in babies is slower when watching television than when sleeping.

"Signing Time" (Two Little Hands Productions) DVDs is an option for occasional video viewing because communicating in sign language with your child is proven to:

- reduce frustration and tantrums
- accelerate language development
- promote parent-child bonding

Last thing for new moms - carrying newborn babies (in arms or next to body) an extra 3 hours a day resulted in 40% less crying. So carrying baby in a carrier or sling can help calm fussy babies!
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Baby Einstein: Baby da Vinci (DVD, 2004)

I bought this for my 14 month old daughter. It was a little boring for her and could not hold her attention. It is a great dvd, however, in my opinion for teaching younger babies the parts of the body. I'm not sure if I like the idea of teaching everything in English, Spanish, and French. The music is great! I would recommend this for younger babies ages 6-9 months and up.Read full review...


A favorite Baby Einstein!

Our 18 month old granddaughter's favorite Baby Einstein. Her usual top pick, she watches intently and interactively - claps or lifts up the appropriate body part, smiles at the real kids.

Focus on body parts - eyes, ears, hads, feet, face (also named in Spanish and French) - with a nice variety of puppets and real babies and children. The art and classical music are a subtle, lovely addition.

A Baby Einstein DVD that can be enjoyed by a wider range of ages than some.

Better yet, I don't get tired of watching this one over and over!
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Baby Einstein; Bay da Vinci (DVD)

I have a granddaughter age 10 months. This dvd has an age group of 9 mo. and up. We started watching it when she was turned 9 mo. old and it truly is age appropriate. The classical music is captivating and the video focuses on eyes, ears, hands, feet, mouth (an whimsical intro to the body)! She "LOVES" it and doesn't lose interest at all. She started pointing to my nose and her stuffed puppy's nose while watching the video!! It's exciting watching her learn and grow! Don't miss out on such a wonderful way of interacting with your child with music and colorful pictures! I have 30 minutes dedicated every day in my granddaughter's routine to watch a Baby Einstein dvd. She gets sooo excited when I place her in her little chair in front of the TV because she knows that there is a Baby Einstein show coming up!Read full review...

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