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Good graphics100% agree

Fun100% agree

Good value100% agree

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Great System and Well Worth Your Money!!

The Atari Lynx is the best retro hand-held system. The sound is VERY loud, the graphics are mind blowing for a system that came out the same year as the Game Boy and far better than the Game Gear. Games for this system haven't sky-rocketed in price like other systems. This is the best system that Atari has made and highly recommended for anyone that is into retro gaming. It's cheap to get into and the games are great. Some games even have alot of voice.....Read full review...


It great 16 bit color hand held game system . I never had so much fun on go

It's neat and first color hand held game system I had I spent hours on this when I was kid. It brought back great memories when I was never bored with this game system now games are much cheaper on eBay than when it first came out . I know nintendo only had a black and green screen so it made this one look so cool . I,m sure old systems aren,t not best now but this one was good and head of it's time then and had lot of games you don't see on nintendo and never see on there cause that how small game developers now so what they had which you see are still in games being develop . "............"...................................."Read full review...



atari lynx is the best portable game system of all time, i bought it because it is great for atari action on the go,the only negative: it's huge. ten times better than gameboy anyday.

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