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Good graphics100% agree

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fun game

I love playing assassin's creed game

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Don't make me go medieval on you!

Assassin's Creed definitely meet and exceeded my expectations of a stealth game. The way the main character interacts with the environment, from gently pushing people out of the way when walking through a crowd, to scaling large towers, is seamless. You really begin to feel like you're in the 12th century when playing this game.

This game is not without it's drawbacks however. My computer is not the fastest or the best out there, but it would definitely be a good idea to have at the very least a little above the minimum requirements to run the game, otherwise this game will bring your computer to its knees. Some actions the main character can do in the city, like climbing towers and saving citizens, can get a little repetitive at times, but since there are many ways to do them, they won't get too boring too fast. The story is very good and integrates well with the gameplay.

Overall, this game rocks. It definitely puts a new spin on the term "going medieval" on someone.
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I stayed awake for days!!! haha

Simply WOW! Smart story, well laid out levels(minus a few odd facing view points), and tons of fun. Takes a minute to get used to the controls and change them to your liking, but easy once you get going. Still a good challenge with AI that is determined to catch you, if you are revealed. -
Graphics are pretty life like when maxxed. Its life like appeal(How I describe graphics is, how the graphics look VS graphics of games now[current year] VS Graphics of the games[predicted] in 2 years) I would say this game will live up to that standard for a few more years to come.(Compare screens of AC to AC:B[:Brotherhood]) -
Could of bought on steam for less, but wanted to physically own this game. I highly recommend this to anyone who likes: 3rd person ninja/hunter/stalker/stealth type games; EX. (of sorts) Dues Ex(series), AVP(series), Sniper: Ghost Warrior, Hitman(series)[This is the best comparison, bar year, to AC]
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Running on my Gateway FX assassins creed shows its true potential in high resolution. Graphics were incredible as i expected. You do need a good graphics card to handle this game. Luckily i have a geforce 8800 GTS so it exceeded my hopes. Many of the bugs that plagued the console versions were fixed up and perfected onto the PC. This game is also compatible with the wireless receiver so you can use your xbox 360 wireless controller for it which is nice. Gameplay is great, Little to no lag. The only downer to this game is people with weaker comps might as well stay clear of this game, it is very demanding. You will need atleast 2 gigs of ram if you want to go lag free. However all in all i would say this is one of the better examples of a console to pc port. Good job developers.Read full review...


Excellent Game, Fun, Adventure, Gameplay, WOW!!!!!!!!!!

I had my doubts when I read about the PC Version. The game plays great in Direct X 9 over 10. But in any case, you'll like it. Plenty to do. The Graphics are outstanding. There are people to interact with, you can climb just about anything, and the sounds of conversation or the environment are incredible.

In the game you play as an assassin. Your part of a society that protects a kingdom. You character is a rogue assassin who doesn't care who he kills as long as he gets the job done. Eventually he gets kicked out of his club and stripped of his weapons and abilities. You go through the game learning how to deal with people, get your abilities and weapons back, and learn stealth. Stealth is the key to winning and beating this game. Its better to fight and kill one enemy rather than to fight hundreds.

I have noticed a little glitch here and there, but the game doesn't crash if you patch it up though.

You can play with this game using the keyboard and mouse with no problems! I was amazed about how easy it was to control your character. If you really want to play with a controller, then you need the Xbox 360 control pad for PC. Apparently no third party controller works for this game or even future games on PC. Which really blows. Thats my only gripe.

I bought this game very cheap and it was in mint condition. Believe me, it a wonderful experience and it will be in my computer until I get the sequel!

And Maybe still I may just keep it.
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Assassin's Creed

Good game great concept. The actual game play is good and keeps one interested, problems arise in the entry and exit, slow and boring, really takes the fun out of the game. This would rate much higher if the getting into and out the Animus were not so out of one's control.
The game itself in detail and playability are great, movement ect very good A+. It is Thief lile in many aspects, NPC's are independent so game has a variety of ways to go - multiple solutions to an extent - at least multiple paths to solutions. Overall A- to B+
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**Assassin's Creed Review*

Assassin's Creed is a bloody dive into a beautiful world of warriors and the assassins who hate them. Beautiful animation, stylish low-saturation graphics, and city-wide chases are all fundamentally wonderful in Creed. There really isn't another game quite like it. Unfortunately, there isn't another game with issues quite like Creed's, either. Assassin's Creed tries to be a stealth game, an action game, a stealth kill game and a platformer, and to innovate in each category. But for each amazing step forward, Creed takes a half-step back.

Quietly Killing Time

Assassin's Creed revolves around the assassinations of nine key targets in the Third Crusade (as well as some "other" points in history). Acre, Jerusalem, and Damascus are rendered in beautiful grays and earth tones, creating the effect of free-running across a giant tomb. It's in the free-running that you'll find the game's most original and satisfying gameplay, tearing across cities as medieval hitman Altair.

By holding down a trigger and the action button, Altair can nimbly ascend anything. Once you're free-running, gameplay becomes about maintaining a perfect line of motion rather than hitting the jump button at just the right time. There's a very steep learning curve, because these free-running portions look more like platforming than they actually play. The basic idea is to hold down the free-running buttons and point Altair in the right direction. Your job isn't to micromanage jumps; your job is to point Altair towards his victims and make sure they die cleanly.

In order to secure your targets' deaths, you have to climb a few "synchronization points," the tallest buildings in a city's district. Each district has half a dozen or more of these, with each city divided into three districts. Climbing to the very highest point of these structures is really fun. There isn't any other game that quite captures the heart-pounding pleasure of simply ascending, endlessly, with nothing but your wits and fingertips to guide you.

Each sync point unveils a roundup of choices on your mini-map, including citizens to rescue (who'll then help you later) and various clues you'll have to unlock in order to earn permission to kill your target. You might have to interrogate an enemy agent, pickpocket a map, or simply kill a few Templars without being caught -- and within a time limit.
While that sounds like a forgiving, interesting way to represent "investigating" your target, the mission types all blur into a homogenous mix of unskippable introductory cut-scenes and difficulty that is always too hard or too easy. Until mission seven, the toughest job you're likely to have is to go to your HUD marker, sit at the bench, and hit the Y button to listen in on a conversation.

I've Never Run

But once you hit the seventh mission, the timed stealth murder sprees become trial and error, simply hoping you can make your hits before some random guard bumps into you, forcing you to redo the entire mission. They're not long, but it's an irritant to repeat the same mini-mission over and over again. More disappointing, chances to explain why your target deserves to die are passed up for simple chatter. Each mini-mission's cut-scene is merely exposition, always telling instead of showing.

Missions in free-roaming, open-world games give the player a sense of direction, a sense of not being lost in the world.
Overall Rating- 10/10
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The Game is stunning in graphics! The storyline and character interaction is amazing. With strict requirements for memory and graphics to play, if you have the newer system(s) and are a gamer you will LOVEEEE this game. Hours and Hours of fun and adventure not to mention some educational information and insites into "post AD" times (1191 AD) and the infamous TEMPLARS Guardians of the HOLY GRAIL "The CRUSADES".
The game takes place primarily in the Holy Land. It consists of four main cities: Jerusalem, Acre, Damascus and Masyaf, the assassins' stronghold.
The primary goal of the game is to complete nine assassinations. To achieve this goal, the player must use stealth and a variety of intelligence gathering tactics to collect information on their target. These tactics include eavesdropping, forceful interrogation, pickpocketing, and completing tasks for Informers (other assassins who will give you information in exchange for assassinating targets or collecting flags).
Altair (your character) and his fellow assassins follow a creed, a set of guidelines that all honorable assassins must follow. In the game following the creed results in synchronization (life bars or points), and maintaining a low profile, though the player may break the first two rules rather easily and with little consequence.

Stay your blade from the flesh of an innocent.
Hide in plain sight.
Do not compromise the brotherhood.
All in all it is a great game and lots of eye catching stunning graphics that will simply blow you away. Screen interaction with other objects and people in the game is far better than ive seen thus far than with any other game. AWESOME WORK BY UBI!!! A++++++++++++++++++++
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An Excellent Game From Ubisoft

Assassin's creed is an amazing game filled with rich graphics and an extraordinarily interactive environment. All walls are clime-able, all characters can be brought down with sword or fist, and everything you see is superbly detailed and alive. Aside from awesome storyline and roaming abilities is the unique nature of this game. This game is not a traditional FPS or adventure game, it is so much more. Assassin's creed explores the arts of swordplay, which is so underrated and is included in only a few good games. However, Assassin's Creed will deliver on some solid sweet moves.
Some criticize this game for its repetitive nature, low replay-ability, and demanding system requirements. I can only agree with one of these: the game does require a somewhat powerful system but with now-a-day technology should not give most any problems. Otherwise, the game is open-world and so it has a certain replay-ability value. The game does not have a repetitive nature if you actually follow the storyline and get in the game.
This game is certainly most worth getting!
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Fun, Beautiful, and long

I havent beat it yet but this is my second time owning it. i tried to continue my old level but was unable to. great plot, great gameplay, excellent graphics. the only thing i dont like about this game is you cant skip any of the scenes. ive seen most of them so much its just annoying. but if you have a good computer, its not worth playing on medium settings, then this game looks terrific and all the scenery is great and it is alot of fun and its a very open world.Read full review...

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