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Archos 705 160gb

This is and alright device, I guess when it first available it was great, but these days it's far behind. It's wifi capabilities ate next to none. I'll use it as a video recorder, and music storage.

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Handy unit; you need to buy software to surf web

Decent unit, but like all the Archos products you need to spend $ to upgrade the unit to be able to surf the web, watch TV, listen to Web Radio etc.

Performance of the User Interface is pretty good, does not seem sluggish like some handheld devices. Battery life is decent.

I bought the Cinema plug in and watching ripped DVDs is very good; video quality is good and very smooth- unit does not stutter or skip frames.

Watching WMV or MPG video - some work fine, others don't. Depends on bitrate, resolution that the video was encoded in and so on.

FLASH video is OK, but for now you can't watch HULU. Archos told me this will change at some point when Adobe releases a new version of Flash for their platform.
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Excellent, the best for the money

Can be a pain at times, but with practice the Archos 605 is actually well made and very useful

it's a Ok GPS, a Great MP3 Player, a Decent Movie Player and even a Basic WIFI Internet Device

Not all that good for apps or picture album, but can also be use as a video camera recorder == optional accessory

If you get a Archos 605, get the Gen 5 DVR docking station that should be included with it in the first place, it will turn your Archos into a recorder and can charge it, (DO NOT LEAVE IT CHARGING FOR OVER 8 HOURS) == It would kill your battery in less then a month

PROS: CHEAP on EBAY and still easy to get useful accessories for and very flexible with no need to be installed on a PC or MAC computer making it a great thumb drive too (best mp3 device simply drag in or out your mp3 files)

CONS: Support for it is horrible at best and can chain CRASHED making you feel like it's broken see NOTE below,, addons should be included but instead cost too much and since the support lacks, (hard to transfer addons to a replacement unit) == but can be done with archos customer support

NOTE: a simple corrupted file can keep this unit unstable (BACK IT UP)
it's a portable computer, if it's crashed simply brainwash it and restore it
with a buit-in restoring option
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Archos Products

The Archos is a great little item and it will do a lot on its own How ever the way that Archos markets there product is not good.
They tell you all the benefits of using their product.
What they don't tell you is that unless you spend another 200.00 plus dollars for plugins the Arcohs is just another mass storage device.
The plugin include a web browser, web tv radio,games, cinema, video podcast, real video, and HiDef video. All totaled seven plugins you have to buy to get the full use of the Archos products.
Then you need to buy a separate docking unit to connect to your tv and or DVR.
After you spend two to three hundred more dollars the Archos is a great little unit.
If I had it to do over I would just buy one of the new small laptops.
Too each their own but do your research and see if the archos would be what you need.
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Archos is a Great Video Player

This is a cool PMP. My primary reason for this purchase was to watch digital movies. With the battery dock I can connect to the TV, usb flash drive or computer. It has sharp images and good sound. I downloaded all the manuals, but have used them little. I have a narrow purpose for this devise and it can do a lot more. I found it easy to navigate around the folders and icons by just clicking on them and seeing what they did.
The Wifi allows streaming from the computer or internet. The internet radio is really good, I could listen to all the stations I would listen to in my car. I was not impressed with the Internet TV selection, but that is not my interest. I could check my emails and view other sites. Some sites took longer to load.
I was using an digital photo frame as a video player to watch movies, but it did not have many codes. The Archos is a better product with more video codes.
Over all, I really like this device for watching movies and listen to mp3s. I have connected to the TV and watched movies with good results. I have not tried to watch any flash video i.e. Youtube. Even though the technology is a few years old, it has all I need at a reasonable price.
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Love it

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Great Product!!

This thing is awesome!! Had to read the directions at first- upgraded to this from a little 4gb Sony and was used to how it worked. Now that I have the hang of this player- it's easy to use and not overwhelming. The touch screen is responsive, and the controls are easy to use. Downloads straight from Windows Media with no effort. Haven't tried to down load any movies yet but am sure it too will be done with ease. The unit is bigger than I had expected but that too will pass the longer I have it. Overall, I am quite pleased with this product- does everything I expected and more!Read full review...


Superior piece of electronic!

This player blows my mind. It's pretty close to a mini computer. I bought a 4GB model a few moths ago and liked it so much I bought a second one with 30GB of space. This is what you call "Bang for the buck". A player that does video, music and pictures like many other player, but this one supports FLASH! It is running Adobe Flash Player 9. I have a large library of .swf content so this does great on it. This is basically like a Windows Mobile or Google Android phone/machine without the phone part (except even these phones do not support flash, so its even better than them!). The high pixel rating (pixels per square inch) is higher than the first three generation iPod touches (now that's high!).

I am still giving this a 5 star rating regardless of the below downfall.

There is a powerful device...if you buy the plug-ins...
The device is capable of tons of video and audio formats. The problem is you must download plug-ins to be able to play them. It would be one thing if the device could not play them at all without said plug-ins, but the device has the features already, they are just locked. For a video that is not supported but would play normally with the plug-in, will still play the video in the preview thumbnail in the video menu. This in mind, it is proof that the device can already play the video, Archos just wants to nickel and dime anything they can get out of you.

There are many other plug-ins as well, such as a web browser.

Overall, extremely great player. Highly recommended to anybody as long as you can deal with paying the extra 25 bucks for each plug-in that is already on the device as it is.
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Great mobile video player!

I own an Archos 504 but when I saw this 605 wifi on e-Bay, I had to get it. It is an excellent mobile video player with the added capability of surfing the web (although a bit slow) with the extra plug-in. The screen resolution is great and the unit's physical size makes carrying it a dream. I have not tried to record TV shows as yet but I did buy the Docking Station for it on e-Bay as well so I look forward to that as well. All in all, I am very happy with this player.Read full review...


Archos 605 wifi

Super PMP, this smokes the i-touch. Easy to use with a fantastic screen!! The only issue I have had with mine is the touch screen is a little TOO sensative.I select a song and close the cover,and if I touch the screen at all it changes. Not a huge deal because you can lock the screen. But most of the time I'm too lazy to lock it.(holding down the button for 2 seconds can be a pain). Some people don't like the Archos because you have to buy plug-ins for extras, I think its great! Why pay for things you are never going to use.And if you ever feel the need to add something you can upgrade you unit.
The Wifi is a great feature (if you want it) It needs a good strong signal to work. But I never seem to have a problem finding a signal.(If your in a airport go stand outside the "gold club" its free)
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