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Good to a certain extent.

This generation is very outdated, it is now only used for basic web browsing, iMessage, E-mail and of course music! This is everything your everyday smartphone can do. It has a very great nostagic aspect to it. Most popular apps are no longer supported, which is a bummer. As for sound quality, it is ok, if you want a super bass feel, you won't find it in this one. So, i do recomend it for collectors and people who want to relive the past.Read full review...

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: twren63

by Top critical review

Nice appearance

The Ipod is in new condition. I ordered it for my granddaughter and she loves it. It is difficult to use because it doesn't appear that I can update the I pod but so much. It's hard to download apps. Most are saying not compatible. Wish I had ordered a I pod 5th generationRead full review...

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: altanaltai


Would recommend to anyone

Very happy with my purchase of the iPod Touch 4th Generation White (8 GB), Although I believe I should have went with the 16 GB because it would have more space to download apps and such. I love that now I have no 1 but 2 cameras! Yes, the camera is not the greatest quality and requires a steady hand, but it's still a cool feature to have! I love the slim design as well! Definitely an improvement over the iPod 2nd Generation that I replaced with this one. Video quality is surprisingly better then I thought it would be. Screen resolution is just beautiful! The speaker volume on the 4th Generation has also improved over the 2nd Generation. As for the battery life, it's not any better then the 2nd Generation for me. I just love the fact that thanks to the front and rear facing cameras I can now video chat! Overall, I would definitely recommend this to family and friends. And to anyone reading this review.Read full review...


Pleased with my iPod 4

I cannot complain at all about this IPod 4. It came in excellent condition, not a single sign it wasn't brand new. The big thing everyone needs to realize is anything older than a 5th gen WILL NOT BE UPDATEABLE past iOS 6. I stupidly thought I could download any apps if I jailbroak it, but all that really does is allow you to change the aesthetics. That's cool, but if you are like me and wanted an apple device to use with apps like Snapchat, Hipstamatic, Mextures etc...some will let you download an old version but that does not mean it will actually work. Snapchat absolutely cannot run on anything running less than iOS 8. The issue is the RAM in the device. Its just not enough, its not capable of running these apps updated for the newer operating systems.

That works flawlessly for what it does do, which is everything besides update. The transitions are quick and smooth, the screen is pretty small and yet still easy to type on. I'm used to a 5.5" phone screen (android- which is why I bought this. I missed my apple apps I was spoiled with by my iPad before I broke it) and even with the small size its easy to navigate and for some things I prefer it (talking on it as a telephone-yes there are apps for that) and I love that I can face time with it! So much easier to do with this than on my IPad. Love the music player- that is really what this is for...but the iPod touch 4th generation is obviously capable of so much more than just a music player.
Even with the disappointment of realizing I could never have many new apps, I've grown quite fond of my little iPod 4 and find myself using it much more than I thought I would. The camera isn't even bad, not bad at all actually considering the resolution that's much lower than what we have become accustomed to in 2017.

As long as you understand its operating system limitations (don't blame the seller or the product- do your research) and you find this at a decent price of 50$ or less...I highly recommend. (I cannot really imagine paying more than $80 for it considering I can but a refurbished iPhone 5s for $130 and a 5c for $90) but at a good price..go for it!

Ok I think that's sufficient and the info I wish I'd read before making a decision (I would have still purchased it, and glad I did) ☺
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Verified purchase: No


Awesome product!! Worth buying!!

I purchased the following product to replace the one I had. The only difference in this one is my old one was 32 GB. With that being said, I use it mainly for music when I workout. what I don't like about it is the battery life, I can only get one workout before having to charge it. Which is a good hour and 45 min before it warns me of low battery. What I do love about it is the different features, I love that I can text and make phone calls on it, and that I am able to get on WIFI and get music too, check the weather and a lot more. I really don't know how it compares with other products because I loved it from the first one I purchased and haven't purchased any other brand or product to try to replace or compare it.Read full review...



yea it's a very good product.i love it awesome feature,design i can do facetime,chat,imassege n many more every thing is good but i would like to tell some noticable bad points is that,sound quality or sound system has to be very loud but it's not?? one more thing when i buy the 4th generation ipod touch ebay didn't send me ipod charger for that.I have to buy from other store but that charger didn't charge good.Overall i'm happy that i buy 4th generation ipod .thanks ebay....Read full review...


Great product

Great for music and apps. perfect for someone who wants a better device to use for music. also is a great gift. Has great sound and putting music, videos, pictures, etc on it is easy.

Cons- Very fragile. drop it the wrong way on the face and its lights out for the screen. a case is almost a must have with this item. they rage from $2-$50 depends on the kind, type, protection, design and personal preference on it.Read full review...


Fantastic product! Very awesome deal for online worth buying!

I bought this because it was time for me to upgrade in this technological universe where everything is in the palm of your hands at your fingertips. My likes is the ability to connect to any wifi location able to get on the internet anytime, the cool cases you can buy for it, the apps are so easy to navigate, the lcd screen is crystal clear when viewing anything. Dislikes is battery runs down to fast when there's high activity on it but that's with any device, claims to have 8gb of storage space but only really has 6.5gb, when viewing multiple things on one app screen goes black and returns to main ipod menu. I truly recommend this product to anyone that is active in the media universe you won't be disappointed once you have oneRead full review...


Slim, classy, little iPod!

I love Apple. I'm an Apple guy. I buy as many Apple products as I can when I need one. The iPhone, iPod, iPad, iAnything are all really awesome overall.

-I bought this iPod touch 4th Generation because I wanted a Camera with lot's of features, and that's exactly what I got. The camera is quite high quality for the price, both of them.

What I like about this iPod 4th gen:
-ease of use

What I don't really like about this iPod 4th Generation:
-Glass sticks out a wee bit, and can catch on things. I suggest you get a protector for the front and back to correct that.
-Battery life is crap, but any device this small wont stay charged for very long.
-small keypad...OK, that's just a

I do recommend this iPod to anyone and everyone.
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Great Apple product

I purchased this for my wife's birthday and she loves it. Had no problems setting it up. Everything works great. The only criticism I have is the capacity. It is advertized as 8 GB. But as soon as you connect to the computer and go to iTunes, you find out that the capacity is really 6.5 GB. I thought this might be an anomaly unique to this particular unit. But when I started researching I found lots of other users of the 4th generation "8 GB" that had the same problem. There is no response that I could find from Apple. Some of the bloggers said the missing 1.5 GB is the operating system. But I found that hard to believe. While my wife is perfectly happy with it and unconcerned about the difference in actual capacity vs. advertized capacity, I would have gone ahead and got the 32 GB model had I known.Read full review...


Good value

Has less features than the newer generations, but a good value when looking for a basic iProduct. The older layout is also simpler to use for some people, and parental settings are easy to manage. Battery life is shorter than newer versions, but not that bad, averaging a few hours in continued use. Many apps from the app store no longer support this version of iOS, but thousands more still do.Read full review...

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