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Older but still useful

I need this for its Blue Tooth capability. It works well. It syncs with Win10 Itunes. Battery doesn't really last more than 1.5 hrs, which is way less than my very old ipod, but I keep it plugged in as it almost never leaves my car. The camera is OK but no where near the quality we expect from even older cell phones .
I opted to get this older ipod model because it's still nicer and cheaper than the copy-cats out there which probably don't sync with Itunes.
Lastly, I use this mostly for podcasts, and it has adequate storage, though my music library is way too big for it. Still have put some songs on it.
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Discontinued, & I can see why

My 8 year old has been saving for an iPod & finally had enough to purchase one. We weren’t looking for anything fancy, she just wanted a couple apps & to be able to watch some videos & listen to music. Purchasing the 4th Generation was a big mistake. Since it is discontinued, we couldn’t find cases or screen protectors for it without scouring online sites. The charger cord that came with this died after only a week of having it, & of course, since it is discontinued, no retail store sells the charger any more. We finally found one at a WalMart. The operating system is only a 6.1, & all of the apps she wanted need at least an 8.0 to download. She can’t even download the Google app! She was initially extremely disappointed when she couldn’t get the apps she wanted, but has since just felt happy to just have an iPod. We plan to upgrade to a 6th Gen for her in the very near future. So, my advice is don’t waste your money on this one like we did!Read full review...

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Not sure yet!

It looks very good and easy to use. Problem I have had it recharging it. One time I plugged it in and it completely drained the battery. Another time there was no change on the charge. I'm going to try another USB cable and see if this makes the difference.Read full review...

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Great Multi-functional Product!

The iPod Touch (4th Gen) is a do-all mp3 player. It has video, photo, and music capabilities, along with the ability to download games and apps from the iTunes App store. Additionally, you can even use it as a phone (when connected to Wi-Fi) with apps such as Magicjack, Skype, and Vonage. Apple products overall are a bit on pricey side, but you won't be disappointed with your investment.

PROs: HUGE selection of downloadable apps makes it a multi-purpose machine.

Has internal speaker so it can be used with or without headphones.

Cons: No expandable memory (limited to up to 64Gb) If you have a huge music collection like me, you'll have to pick and choose what you want on there.

Small size. This can be viewed as a pro or con, depending on what you are looking for, but it shies in comparison with the Galaxy Media Player's 5in Display

Camera isn't great if you want to use it for videos or photos.

The BOTTOM LINE: As with most Apple products, it is a quality product. The price point is a little high for something that has already been replaced with a newer model, but, it serves it's purpose.
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Another great Apple product.

Nice size. Perfect for my purposes. Screen is very clear, and was very easy to set up and start using right away. I put a few apps on right away, and it went very smoothly. This is the first iPod Touch I have ever used, but it seems a lot like my iPad Air. It looks similar, and for the most part the menus and setup are pretty much identical. I just got it in the mail an hour ago, so I can't comment on the battery life yet, but I own a few other Apple mobile products and have always been pleased with the battery life. I expect no less from this product.Read full review...


For music

Excellent for music, that's why I bought it, still good appearance and great size...loving it for the price.

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I bought it to play podcasts, but it's incompatible with Apple's podcast app.

My iPod touch, same exact model, with same software, is my podcast player. I listen to a lot of podcasts, though, and it was getting filled up, so I decided to buy another one. I was disappointed to find that it won't allow me to use Apple's podcast app, so I can't use it for the reason I bought it. I can take all of my music off of the other iPod to use solely for podcasts and use the new one just for music, but the other one has also been dropped a couple of times, and I don't know how long it's gonna hang in there. I really don't understand why the iPod touch I just bought won't let me use the podcast app, especially since it's the exact model of the one that does.Read full review...

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Bought to use for music and can even get downloads to load on itunes, barely charges and when hooked up to the computer it just flashed the entire time and won't sync anything as if the charger port is messed up or something. I can't get anything to download then tells me I need an upgraded version which doesn't allow you to do.. Its updated as much as possible. Totally worthless iPod if you ask me!Read full review...

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Only one complaint and that is when i tried to get YouTube I got a message saying my operating system needed to be upgraded to get YouTube app. This is why I insist on using android phones. Apple changes too much, too quickly and make you buy newer version of products just to get standard apps that most people use. For listening to music this is perfect but i wouldn't count on much else.Read full review...

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could not figure it out

i ordered it for my wife to down load audio books. but it was very hard to get the app to work right and the battery went dead in about 1.5 hours.
it is probably a great item but we have never had an apple product before.Read full review...

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