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Has the BEST DAC

This iPod is WELL beyond it's days of being a multimedia power house. The software is old and incompatible with most apps, the web browser is extremely slow, and the device in general is missing many common features found in modern iPods/Smartphones. But there is one thing that this iPod has that NO OTHER iPod Touch or any iPhone has. It has a Wolfson DAC. Basically meaning, it has the best processor to encode music. The sound quality this iPod provides is top notch with any nice set of speakers or headphones. If you just want a pure music player and don't mind the fact that there is no speaker and volume rockers. This is the iPod Touch for you. I'm an audiophile and this is my favorite iPod ever.Read full review...

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Works great!

I think that it works great! unfortunately it did not come with a charger & was full of scratches / dirty sticky stuff. It seemed like the owner did not care to clean it before shipping. But the ipod is great, just wanted something cheap!

Thank you!
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My favorite generation of iPod Touch -- for music

In 2016, the First Generation iPod Touch is good for only one thing: listening to music. The iOS is outdated -- 3.1.3, from the stone age of smart phones. Basically nothing but music works. You can play some simple games, and you might be able to (slowly) check your email. You can find alternative operating systems for first and second gen iTouches, but the one I tried didn't really do anything better, so I reverted to iOS. If you want to use it for something other than music, search online for 'findoldapps'. You're not going to find many that come anywhere close to modern-day functionality.

Why is the 1st Gen iTouch so good for music? One reason: it has the same dac chip as the 5th gen iPod classic (the Wolfson WM8758BG), which gives accurate but in my experience slightly 'smoother' audio than the Cirrus chips in later models. This matters to me a lot, since it makes strings and other acoustic instruments sound more realistic. If it matters to you, and you want a touch screen rather than the old-style scroll wheel, the First Gen iPod Touch is literally your only alternative. The alternatives, within Apple devices, are the 1st, 2nd or 3rd Gen iPod Nano, or the 4th or 5th iPod Classic -- all of which can be RockBoxed (flac! -- no flac capacity on the 1st Gen iTouch), but they don't have touch screens. As far as I call tell, these devices all sound the same. I like the 1st Gen iTouch for the touch screen.
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Very Disappointed

When I received them they were both locked I spent an hour trying to figure out how to get them unlocked. Once unlocked I linked it to the wireless internet and now it says we need an update in order to download anything to it. I tried to download the update to it and it says the device is up to date but still says it needs an update in order to download any games or music to it. I have never in my life bought something this terrible off of ebay.Read full review...

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Good music player, but no longer supported for app installation or download

First iPod touch. Great deal if the price is right. Has wifi connectivity and good built-in apps. Main problem is that it is no longer supported for app downloads. There is almost no way to get older compatible versions of apps you've purchased onto the this iPod. It is a good music player. Comes with an old version of Safari included to browse the internet. Get the weather and check your mail while connected to wifi. Wish I could download an older version of the Remote app to control music playback on my Airport network. You need 2nd generation or later to download the app. Make sure the battery is good. It is not trivial to replace. I have one with a weak battery that I leave connected to an older Logitech mm50 as a portable music player.Read full review...


It's an old model. It runs slow and can't upgrade it to alot of the new apps.

Not a good product the 4th generation is the best.

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: fleur61


Good but not perfect

Sometimes when plugged into my computer or radio the ipod isn't detected. I have to unplug and plug it back in a couple times to get it to connect, this happens about once a week.

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: 07mares_sevenseas


iPod touch 1 is great!

This iPod first generation has been working great for me ever since I got It! It is awesome for storing music and with a ipsw file you could get ios 3.1 on it too! It has no bluetooth which I didn't know (and was a bummer) but it is a great little thing to have. The nano 3rd gen is nice for other music and is just like an iPod classic.Read full review...

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More then I was expecting

bought this for my 9 year old as a trial Ipod before i buy her a expensive one. The Ipod was n great condition and now hubby wants one. Works and operates great thanks so much!

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Good honest person

Thank you so much for resolving my issue an your fast response I will recommend others to you god bless you an thank you for being nice an honest...

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