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Perfect, unobtrusive way to enjoy favorite tunes!

This is my second iPod Nano, (first one went through the wash too many times!), and it looks and works really well. The form factor is so tiny that it easily clips onto clothing, disappearing and not obstructing bodily movements. Recharging indicator works well and a single charge typically lasts about 5 hours. Really appreciate the 2GB capacity, which is perfect for storing about 300 songs at 6.5MB each. "Shuffle" feature always keeps me guessing, and with in-the-ear plugs, the world melts away when I run and bike. Simple to upload using my MacBook, highly recommend!Read full review...

by Top critical review

It doesn't work

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Great! Thank you 😊

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: spacej14


Third generation iPod Shuffle model

Purchased the iPod shuffle to record only music that is upbeat and suitable while I am at the gym to work out - in fact this is my first iPod. So please note that if you are accustomed to the features of it's "bigger" and typically more costly counterparts, you might be disappointed by the simplicity of this version. This model iPod is tiny (in fact my kids commented they had never even seen one as small, though that may be unique to the 3rd generation version - not completely sure about that though)and clips on very unobtrusively so is perfect for the environment I use it it. It is not intended to build your music library. You only have the option of playing your entire library either in sequence or by shuffling by virtue of the "on botton" that has 2 different settings for that purpose and there is no display screen. You can skip songs, pause, and volume control etc only if you have headphones specifically designed for iPod shuffle. I accidentally cut one of the wires on the ones that came with the iPod and with the replacement earbuds I got, I could no longer even control the volume. I was specifically looking for something simple and inexpensive and this definitely fits the bill, though I was a little disappointed when the replacement headphones could no longer control the minimal features it does have especially the volume, but I guess I could get some especially designated for the iPod shuffle. The only thing I find really annoying is that because it has no display screen, there is also no way of knowing your battery status, so unless you keep close track of usage time, it can run out of juice on you quite unexpectedly. And conversely there is no way to tell as it is charging how much progress has been made not even when you use your USB connection to the computer vs for example the wall or car charger. But overall, it is a useful little gadget at a much more reasonable price than its "bigger siblings".Read full review...


Broken Ipod

This product is broken and will not play. Frustrating!

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apple ipod shuffle 3rd gen not too bad.

I've wanted an apple since i saw the 2nd generation and finally i got the 3rd generation. Its small and clips right to your pants pocket or wherever. great for working out because of its mobility and small size. The only thing that gets me with it its using itunes. itunes is a pain in the @$$ as far as moving music on to the ipod with out doing an autofill.Read full review...


Saved tons of $ and got what I wanted and more !

I wanted to try an Ipod to see if it is something that I would use but I didn't want to spend $100 or more and have a gadget that sits in a drawer. I was shocked at how SMALL the ipod is and how many songs it will hold ... haven't filled it yet. The free computer software makes it SO easy to put the music you want on it - haven't bought a song yet ! Just used the music I already have on CD and pick what I want. I LOVE IT !Read full review...


Compact, attractive and just what I need!

I like these shuffles from Apple because they are just about the music...no bells and whistles that you don't need to have or pay for.

Cute and compact. The controls take a little getting used to (not quite there yet myself), but they are not bad.

Only negative would be that you can't use other buds or plug it into a speaker system.
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Wonderful !!! Works great!!!

It's an ipod...what's not to love? I got it for my 8 year old daughter and it's pink...it's super easy to load songs onto it and if she destroys it (because kids do that from time to time),I didn't have to spend that much money on it. I bought it because she got straight A's for first quarter of school, made student council publicist, and I wanted to reward her for her efforts and behavior.Read full review...


Ipod shuffle

easy to use , compact. A great friend to the aspiring runner!
Just clips onto your clothes and off you go. ery glad to have this item on long runs.


ipod shuffle

It does what I need it to do. Its light weight and perfect for using at the gym. No need to have video or thousands of songs... i wont be at the gym that long. Very easy to use.

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