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More than 10 years after release, it's STILL the "iconic" iPod.

This is a "review" for an iPod model released more than a decade ago. As a digital audio player, it's still a great product in 2015. Amazing... All it does is play audio (no photos, videos, ebooks, games, apps, etc.), but it does that one thing exceptionally well with excellent sound quality. Plus, even the low-end 20GB model has more storage capacity than the current $150 iPod nano and $200 iPod touch. Its "click wheel" is a superior interface (compared to touchscreen) for simply selecting items from lists on a small screen, combined with music playback controls that can be used "by feel." Its size, heft, and shape are comfortable and pleasing in use. Fully supported by the latest version of iTunes.

I've upgraded mine, purchased used and broken for less than $10 on eBay. For most old iPods that are "not working," it's because the fragile mini hard drive has become faulty. I replaced the 1.8-inch Toshiba IDE hard drive with a common 64GB compact flash card (solid state - no moving parts) on an adapter, and also gave it a new battery. It's now better than brand new, in many ways. If you want to try it, here are some points from my experience...

Compact flash card - I used one called "Kingston Digital 64GB Ultimate CompactFlash 266x." Other ones should work, including cheaper 32GB cards. It does not need to be fast, since it's replacing a very slow hard drive. In fact, slower ones (less expensive) may use less power.

Adapter - The best one is "CF to 50 Pin 1.8 IDE Adapter with Case" by Micro SATA Cables. I've also used a less expensive adapter purchased on eBay. Search on something like "1.8 IDE CF adapter" (it's NOT the one described as "ZIF").

Battery - I found a great one while shopping for a 3rd gen iPod replacement battery. Oddly, it does not fit properly in my 3rd gen iPod (slightly too large), although it's described on eBay (by a few sellers) as a 3rd gen iPod battery. But I tried it in my 4th gen iPod (same connector); it fits and works great. Inexpensive, with VERY strong charge. It's black with gray label that says "FOR 616-0159 3.7V 1300 mAh." And there are other batteries that are actually described as being for 4th gen iPod.

Because the replacement parts may use less space inside iPod, you may need to use something like the foam sheets used as packing material for shipping, cut to the right size, to take up that excess space and ensure the drive connector stays in place. After doing a Restore with iTunes, the iPod shows about 58-59GB being available (depending on whether it gets formatted for Mac or Windows), when using a 64GB compact flash card.
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Great , I use it n my Lincoln hooked up to a pioneer Digital deck

It sits in glove box , and has all albums ready to listen to

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: pointman_jim


iPod 4th Gen

This device might've been over shadowed by several years as well as iPod iterations, but it stands the test of time. Decent storage capacity, excellent condition, crisp old school black and green screen.Read full review...

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: theeditor_kiv


A Lot of Problems

I've been trying to get it to work correctly since I got. Now it won't charge at all.

I got it to work but after a couple of days it malfunctioned and won't connect to iTunes.

Verified purchase: Yes | Sold by: mtmonks


7/8 m8

Pretty good

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: drk_night



Got it guick.just as descibed!

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: veni_vidi_vici_...


Great iPod for people who have small music collections, but BUYER BEWARE!

I brought the iPod 4th Gen Photo 20GB to replace my dying iPod Mini. I previously had purchased a new 7th Gen 160GB iPod but did not like it because of its inferior clickwheel and soundchip. I settled on the 20GB model because I don't have a lot of songs (only 900 or so), but the 20 Gigs of hard drive space will allow me to grow significantly before needing a larger iPod size.

Things I liked:
- Small design, but thick and sturdy enough that it feels good in your hand. Easily fits in my pockets when I am out walking around.
- Great sound quality. As stated above, I tried the current 7th Gen iPods and the sound quality is definitely subpar to these older models. Both the 6th and the 7th Gen classic models have a Cirrus Logic chip while the older iPods up to the 5.5 Gen (2006) models have the Wolfson chip. I can definitely hear a difference with better clarity in my songs on the Wolfson chip.
- Hard drive size. I know this is subjective to everyone based on how much music they have (and I know many people have a lot more music than I do), but for me the hard drive size is perfect and brought down the overall price of the iPod for me, which is always a plus.
- Battery life. The battery on mine was brand new and lasted for several days with me switching between songs constantly. If I didn't switch between songs, I'm sure it could last almost a week!

Things I didn't like:
- The screen resolution. Maybe it was just me, but my screen was very pixelated and always looked dirty for some reason. Also when charging the iPod it is very difficult to see the charger status in low light (Apple fixed this in later iPods, but not this one)
- The hard drive itself. BE CAREFUL WHEN BUYING ONE OF THESE USED WITHOUT BEING REFURBISHED!!! I honestly would only buy one of these refurbished simply for knowing that the hard drive was replaced. When I bought mine it worked great the first week, but then the hard drive started clicking and would display the sad face icon instructing me to call Apple support. When I googled this error, I found out that defective hard drives are very common among the 4th Gen iPods, so please heed my warnings and get one with a new hard drive! I would also get one with a new battery too since I am sure the batteries from 2005 barely hold a charge anymore (My Mini was from 2005).


This was a great iPod to purchase and use for myself. The hard drive space is large enough for those of us who only add songs we truly know and not whole albums. The battery life was also nice and lasted a long time for me. I would recommend getting this iPod to someone who only adds single songs to their iPod and doesn't care for video capabilities, which the 4th Gen models do not have. My only warning is to get an iPod with a new hard drive and battery otherwise you may have to pay extra to replace one or the other!
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Poor Audio quality, I do recommend the older 4th B&W screen which is go

I love the design of the 4th generation iPod but the iPod Photo is inferior in Audio quality to previous 4th B&W iPod which from my perspective is the best. I have had 2th, 4th B&W, 4th Photo and 5th generation and 4th B&W screen is the best in audio quality, The Audio in this one is flat and with some minor distortions. it is a pity because is beautiful, but if you take the audio from the connection dock the audio is OK, I guess is the audio output jack the problem.Read full review...


music for rich people

i bought an ipod cheap on ebay, and found out it is a contract between me and apple computers to buy copies of songs from them to play on my computer or the portable music player, the actual ipod. i can't get music for it from anywhere else, as far as i know. if you pass it on to someone else, they have to erase
your music to listen to what they buy on their computer.
also, it works on either macs, or windows pcs, but have to be re-programmed
at each switch. the cables are different for older models.
your best luck, ebayer, is to get one that already has your type of music on it, and skip synching with itunes (apple's store).
an older model will probably need a battery. best buy's cables will cost you as much as the ipod you buy on ebay.
in summary,cool but costly.
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4th generation iPod ,battery.

I bought this, as my touch iPod was stolen.I wanted a low cost replacement.I bought a Coby mp3[25.00] on sale.Not impressed,but works well I guess.I had to get another Apple iPod,that was clear.I bought one on ebay,not working but pretty sure the battery was bad.Gambling I bought it for around 18.00 dollars shipped.Spent 8 dollars on a battery off ebay.It is working great.I have a dollar more in a mp3 player that is 100 times better then the generic new one I bought.I don't have a photo model,after having photo iPods,I miss the feature ,but not that much as I usually just listen to music.Play lists,EQ,click wheel operation and ease of iTunes makes Apple iPods my first choice in mp3.Repairing these is close to what I do for a living,and buying broken iPods might not be wise for everyone.I would recommend buying a used iPod before buying a new low grade mp3.Buy one working with a good history,and ask if it has had battery changed,or other service.Keep in mind batteries go bad and aren't easy to. change.Read full review...

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