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Good sound quality100% agree

Easy to use100% agree

Long battery life83% agree

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Lightweight with great features

Just what I wanted.

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: new | Sold by: gogo-gadgets



glass is a bit too fragile

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: decaro101



Wonderful product in excellent condition.

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: swappbuddy


ipod nano 6th Gen

I believe this unit is in good working order..I bought it has a gift for someone, and if its anything like the one i own I'm pretty sure that person is enjoying it.

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: new | Sold by: coop921


Great IPOD. Thank you!

It's a great ipod. I'm enjoying it so much. Thank you.

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: marie_01-81


Average product

I prefer highly compact music cum radio players as I use this primarily during exercising. I have been using a Sony music player with radio for the past 7 years which had lately been giving me lower performance during the recent past due to my own fault by way of my mis-using same. Though it is still functioning ok I have not been able to load new music due my misuse of the product and battery performance is also reduced. Hence I decided to replace same and the only replacement with the specs I required in a product was the Ipod Nano 6G.
I like the Ipod for its size, which is comparative to the sony I used, but there are many issues I dislike such as:
1. Battery performance (24 hours of continuous performance) is not as promised.
2. I use the radio a lot. Radio volume is not the same as the music player volume. Radio volume is higher. Hence each time I flip from music player to radio I also need to adjust volume control. This is not so in the sony.
3. Battery drain out warning is very narrow - stops a few minutes after the first warning. This is a real issue for me as when I am in the middle of my exercise regime when the battery runs out it leaves without usage of the instument. In the Sony after the low battery warning it runs for at least 1/2 hour which gives me adequate time to finish my exercises. This on an instrument that I have used everyday for at least 7 years.
4. Further the button controls on the Sony are very quick in response while the touch responses on the ipod are slower. Further I need to look at the Ipod screen to change radio stations which is not necessary to do in the Sony due its button system which can be changed just by feel.
5. Sony music quality is better.
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Amazingly large performance from such a small package!

I purchased this to replace an older, much larger 16gb player. The features and performance are amazing. I primarily use it when exercising and its small size and clip work very well. I don't really like ear buds so I am using the Nano with over the ear headphones. The sound is crisp and clear and the display is easy to read and navigate. All in all a great purchase! Thanks to ebay I was able to get 16gb for the price of 8gb!Read full review...


Good Product as usual but what happened to our SPACE?

Is it just me or are songs getting bigger?? I remember the old 4 GB held 2000 songs, no questions asked... Now the newer Ipods are indeed 16GB but only have 14.8 of available space because of software? Why aren't they marketing them at 15 GB then because that is the amount of AVAILABLE space. I have 3300 songs and they leave only 1 GB of space on a 16 GB Ipod? Perhaps I am too old-school with my space expectations... Otherwise I love the compact design of the nano, should be an excellent running companion!Read full review...


Great new iPod design, finally with physical buttons for volume!

Very, very small and light and at last with physical buttons for volume up/down and sleep/wake (and also now off/on with firmware version 1.1). Touch screen. Integrated clip so you can easily carry/clip it on.

However, because it is so small, it doesn't play video or take photos (as the previous Nano 5th generation did), but that's not really important for a music player.
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great product great price

I bought the nano 6gen for watch function only. the nano plays music and will hold lots of pictures. It also has the perimeter features to monitor my morning walks.

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