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Apple Ipod Nano 6th Gen

Works great. Second one I have owned. Really like the small size for the gym.

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: bitreplay


Apple iPod nano 6th Generation

Love my new nano. Will use mostly to listen to music. Love the compact size. Easy to use.

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: new | Sold by: gogo_gadgets123


So easy to use!

Works like a charm! Easy to load all my music onto even though I'm technologically impaired! The watch band makes it easier to keep track of, as it is very small. I would recommend it to anyone!

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: jrlelectronicshub



good quality and e-bayer very nice and prompt.


ipod Nano 6th Gen a super little music box

Most of the used 'working' units being sold on ebay are because the new phones have the same music capabilities and owners are selling the nanos. The non working cite the problem is the on/off and volume no longer function or they were ran through the washer. A very skilled techy can fix them (not me). Personally, I wasn't too happy to see them discontinue manufacturing, but Apple has the demand #'s, I don't. It would be great to have them available New and carry a $59 price tag. So, buy one or two if you're a fan of these great little machines while you still can.Read full review...


Apple iPod

I love this little iPod it was a gift for my little boy! He lost the one before this one and he was devastated! So , I am so happy to received this in time for christmas! The joy it gave me when he opened his gift was just priceless!Read full review...

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: tarakonas


Great as a workout buddy. Not much else.

I primarily use my iPod Nano 6th Generation for working out. I also own a iPhone4 which I use for all other purposes (even listening to music). I just wanted this particular apple product because of its size for use during my workouts.

As a workout tool the iPod nano works great! It's light, small, and easy to attach to any article of clothing. I personally use an armband to hold the nano since I usually run, but clipping it to your shirt or pant pocket would also be no problem for this little guy. Personally I think it's the best MP3 player for runners. It is very comfortable, and I hardly notice it during my workouts. It is much better than attaching my large, fairly heavy iPhone4 to my arm.

Although the nano is easy to use, I don't like the small screen with the "fancy" interface. I think straightforward lists like the old iPods used to have would have worked better than the App like home screen it has now. Especially since there really isn't much you can do with such a small screen. I often have a hard time getting the touch screen to work, and sometimes it won't do what I want it to. Although, even with its problems I admit the screen is still a nice feature to have. I just wish Apple would have gone more "simple" because of the screen size.

The battery life is great if you don't play around on it too much. If you are scrolling around, causing the screen to stay on, the battery will drain quickly and you may only get a few hours. But, if you just let it play the radio or your music library without disturbing it much it can easily last numerous hours. I haven't had any issues with the battery life.

The one major thing everyone should know about this iPod is that although the size is excellent, it is also VERY easy to damage. The screen and corners are especially exposed. It is not hard to dent, scratch, or crack the screen/corners and much precaution has to be taken. And although there are many cases for the iPod they don't provide much protection. They only cover the sides, and not the screen or the entire back side (the clip). So I highly suggest getting a screen protector to protect the screen and a skin to protect the back, clip, and sides. And if you wish a simple casing still won't hurt. Just know if you are like me and want your electronics to stay as like-new as possible this item will give you a lot of grief. It is extremely vulnerable to injury.

Overall, as a workout buddy I love this iPod nano. However, I have also owned many of the older generations of the iPod nano, and I do not think this is the best one if your are just going to use it for casual purposes. I thought the iPod Nano 5th Generation was better. It provided more games, more memory space, a scroll pad, better battery life, and a bigger screen. It is larger, but just as thin and light. Or, if you are willing to spend the extra money the iPod touch is even better. I believe this nano is best used for active people who are always on the go, people who only want a music player (without the apps, games, and internet), or for people who need a workout pal.
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Really amazing and usefull purchase, good features, amazing sound quality.

The experience was the best, even better than i tought.
I had 2 ipod before, a old 30GB U2 and a 5th gen iPod Classic 160gb wich the HDD died last april.
I was using my celphone to listen to music, but it was really disapointing so i decided to buy another ipod... after some searching i discovered this new tiny little precious.
Sound perfect, size perfect, good features (thought i REALLY miss the video capability, notes, and really got disapointed that it is not possible to put a custom background on it).
With the bundle package i bought (nike pedometer and iWatchz) it got even better and more usefull.
My ipod nano is now my wrist watch AND mp3 player. Thats simply amazing, everyone get REALLY surprised when see it first time.
The only thing i really hated was the battery life usinf the ipod pedometer, it only runs for about 6 hours, so be advised about it.
With regular music use, the battery runs fine for a whole day or even more.
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Some of the best gifts come in small packages!!

Iv'e never given a review before but,I think the Nano deserves one.I bought it so I could easily transport all my music to my job.This has made that goal easy with lots of room for songs & photo's to boot! I like the feature with the pedometer,esp. since trying to get in better shape.The one option that I haven't been able to figure out & therefore don't the Music Video catagory! Why is it available if you can't play the purchased Video on your Ipod just in your own Library??!!Over-all I would say it is a worth-while purchase. I would recommend this item.Read full review...


Love everything but the touch screen

I love the new features of the 6th generation nano (such as radio, pedometer, quick scrolling on the touch screen), but in general I find the touch screen a little inconvenient. The screen automatically locks after the iPod is idle for a short time, so if I want to skip a song, I have to push a button on the top to "wake" it up, then tap the screen so the controls appear, then tap the "next" button (difficult if I'm driving or working out). I miss the operate-by-feel functionality of the old nano. Plus, the screen is a little too small to be a touch screen (in my opinion). Often I accidentally skip a song when I intend to pause it, or hit the "info" button when I'm trying to skip, etc.

I decided to buy it because I needed more memory and wanted to upgrade from my 8GB 4th generation. I liked the size of the 6th generation, the added features, and the built-in clip. I do like some things about the touch screen (scrolling through my song list is much easier because I can tap the scroll bar and skip ahead in the alphabet, and the scroll-and-stop feature is really nice), but overall I think I miss the old-fashioned click wheel.
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