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Good sound quality100% agree

Easy to use100% agree

Long battery life0% agree

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Very pleased!

Excellent Item.

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: rkstarwars


Prior experience with this toy makes the most of enjoyment Save big on Ebay

Purchased as a gift for my 13yr old granddaughter... she loves it
presented to her as a christmas gift and for days after she was literally glued to the earbuds listening to music and podcasts downloaded via the internet and itunes. BTW you dont have to buy things directly from Apples Itunes Store. Any cd can be uploaded to your PC and downloaded to the ipod. Plus there are thousands of websites that offer FREE DOWNLOADS of podcast programming. Just google free podcasts and be amazed.
As Always...do your homework and know what you're bidding on to make your Ebay experience a happy one.
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Apple iPod nano 5th Generation Yellow

The iPod Nano is perfect for carrying in my pocket or traveling with. I love that it is yellow and small, plus it's the 16GB so it holds enough songs for me. The battery life lasts forever if you just let it play, but if you continuously change songs the battery dies sort of fast. I decided to buy this item because I needed an upgrade and something more compact.Read full review...


Horrible battery life.

Past experience with the 5G was wonderful, unfortunately the battery life of this unit is terrible. Everything else is fine.


The real deal

This trans action was a pleasure. I'm surprised it was the real deal. Electronics are hard to read between the lines as to what people are really selling.Its a leap of faith buying electronics.

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