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It's dead

I know I got it with a bad battery but now I even plugged it in and it will not respond or come on

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great buy

great buy, the ipod is in perfect working condition, aesthetically good condition, and I would recommend to a friend and the color is nice as well. The features are more than I bargained for and at the price I paid it was well worth it! I had two older generation ipods, one of them is small but doesn't have the same functionality, the other was bigger and bulkier and had more storage, but that was about it. This 4th generation ipod nano is perfect for me as far as running, or using during my warmups for soccer games and practices.Read full review...


4th gen is the best generation of ipod nano ever.

i have owned the 6th gen nano, and the 4th gen twice. the 6th gen was fantastic as a simple, clip on and forget mp3 player. quality of sound was fantastic, battery life was great, and over all i was very happy with the 6th gen. however, the touch screen was iffy sometimes, which was very annoying, and the 3 buttons on the top of the unit broke...TWICE! i had to get a refurbished 6th gen twice in a year.

so i recently went back to the 4th gen, which is by far the most reliable nano ever. its simple, its easy to use, great storage, normal battery life, screen is incredibly clean and crisp. the added features of games and video are generally not used by me, but it is nice to have the option.

over all, if you want a reliable mp3 player that will never break or faulter, get the 4th gen. i have had 2 different generations of the nano, and the 4th gen is the most reliable and visually appealing looking one of them all.
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Ipod nano 4tj generation 16 GB chromatic blue

I had one just like it except mine was pink. I love everything about it. It is an awesome music holder and player. Love that it had to make playlist and the sleek look and feel to it. Its not bulky and fits almost anywhere. The size is perfect for carrying anywhere for instance like in your pocket and the battery has a pretty good lifespan. Mostly depends on how long you use it. I would recommend this to anyone who loves to hear music and wants something nice, neat and easy to carry:]Read full review...


Review for Ipod Nano purchase

I was attracted to purchasing the Nano because of it's uniquemess. It's extremely small, very powerful and full of interesting features. I paricularly like the video recording capabililty.

Owning it now however, I have found that the screen size is really too small to be practical in the video function. Nonetheless, it is a techies dream. I'm still learning the capabilities it has.

My future plan is to get another Ipod... one of the bigger ones... with a bigger screen. I'll wait until the functionality is increased in the still photo and video recording areas partcularly.
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Love this iPod!

In my - OK, not so humble opinion - the 4th Generation (16 GB) iPod is the best of all of them (and I have quite the collection) for my use - music, audiobooks, games and to a lesser extent pics. I still have my original one from when it first came out, 2 spares (one of which I am sending to my sister, which probably means that I'll bid on another one on ebay). 5th Gen nano is basically the same as the 4th Gen, but with a crappy camera, 6th Gen is OK for music, but loses my place in audiobooks all the time. I only tried a friend's touch iPod and was not impressed. I'll stick with the 4th Gen nano as long as I can.Read full review...


Perfect classic ipod.

Can hold a lot of songs. Lasts a long time--especially if the volume isn't up particularly loudly. Must be listened with headphones and doesn't get too loud, which kind of stinks. That's the one thing that's better about 5th gen. Mine randomly pauses, which isn't appreciated, but my old one didn't. So I don't know what's wrong.Read full review...


Nice nice

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Ipod Nano 4th Generation 16gb

Great product, easy to use, attractive appearance, and amazing functionality. Pick one of these up and you will not be disappointed. Very light, versitile, and surprisingly rugged.


nice piece

my go to music

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