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Love my Ipod Shuffle 2nd Generation with Bundle

Many years ago my boyfriend bought me this shuffle, and it was lost at the gym. I decided to get another and bought this bundle from Ebay. At first I didn't know what the large black thing was, but one of my co-workers explained it was a speaker, and could also be used for my Iphone6 which is great because I had my phone line from Comcast disconnected along with their internet and overpriced cable, and can also use this to replace my hands-free phone! So many gifts all in one, and holding 124 songs is more than I need for my workouts, so I'm a very happy customer! Btw, this was my first purchase from Ebay, and it couldn't have been easier. Thank you whoever sold it to me:)Read full review...

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: ibuyselltoo


Works good but the battery don't last 6 hours. I asked before I bought ipod if it had long battery life and was told yes. And it doesn't very unhappy

My girlfriend sits at a sewing machine all day and with this she enjoys music all day 9 to 10 hours a day, Thats why I bought Ipod. Very disappointed in life of battery

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: peab_us2014


Green iPod nano

I don't know how to write it, she didn't send the charger with it so I have no way to charge it to play it.

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: followtheday



I don't pay anything AMAZON that company is da SHITS!!!! I deliver as a USPS/CARRIER AMAZON along with god/awful netflix... both wlll fall and die..WHY? WHY WOULD....anyone buy thru the likes of AMAZON!! ANYTHING'!!! IT bothers me u pay both///// shipping and taxes//// if u live in their state as i do!!!! i but exclusively thru the net preferably ebay ALWAYS ...both tax/ship/free goods never retail.. however...alot of my goods are shipped to me F'IN amazon/netflix... but i don't care i did not pay for it nor EVER WILL F/EM BOTH...

F-AMAZON!!!! and all it's worth the only wy to buy goods is ebay tax/ship/no membership-fees ... always!!!
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Good Product

Great sound and easy to use, although surface damages easily. One of Apple's best products hardware, and software-wise.

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: tbone6131


I pod Nano

I like my little nano have three of them. Lets me take my music with me when I travel, work in yard or just hanging around the house.

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: yang.jianhui



Bought because my old nano went bad. Easy to use and a great price.

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: carlowcardsncol...


Works Great

This is exactly what I was looking for and it works great. I wish it still had the USB cap but that isn't that big a deal.

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: fittererj


Great deal!

Even better than described. Works wonderfully. Even better than the newer models.

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: statesco


Best MP3 available as far as quality/price

Still works great, has everything you need when it comes to listening to music and podcasts. Though there is not a camera nor a large memory, it is great for a basic mp3 player. Easy to use and very small. When it comes to just music and convenience this ipod is still relevant among today's more technologically advanced generations. If you're looking to get a used mp3 and dont want to spend anymore than $30, i definitely recommend this.Read full review...

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