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On time delivery item as described

good price speedy delivery product as described works great I keep it plunged in bike 12 v system

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: francymorales19...


great mp3 player

I like this ipod because it is tiny, I had a shuffle before buying the nano. I don't like that the itunes page is different then the shuffle when loading songs. I got so used to the way to load songs on my shuffle it was hard to figure out the nano. Also there is no on/off switch like the shuffle and its hard to tell when the battery is full. It plays great also, but I don't like the center button of the nano either. I have to move my finger around on it several times before it will actually go where I want it to go on the display. The backlight stays on a good amount of time and the text size on the display is easy to see. I use it at work to pass the time so it is good for an occasional mp3 player. I will probably go back to my shuffle soonRead full review...


I shoot myself in the foot, but I recommend buying every one you can.

The simple fact is that these 1st Gen iPods are worth so much more than you may realize. It's not even a secret, but there's something you can do with them that is entirely legal, encouraged by Apple even, and it just about doubles the value of this iPod.

But I'm not going to give away that information here on eBay for free. I would rather direct others to see my own site. Unfortunately, that is of course against site policy I'm sure.

So all I can say is that if you went so far as to read the reviews on this the first iPod, then just know that its value is absolutely equal to the value of the very most recent iPod Nano - the ones the size of an old shuffle but so much higher in functionality and technology.

Why? Well, message me if you want details. What do I want in return? Don't worry; I have ethics and won't ask you to buy anything. It's just one little detail anyway, but knowing it makes these $50-60 devices worth $110-130+. Personally, I buy them every time I can get a good used one, as long as it has functionality, especially since I know how and what to do that makes these beautiful little iPod 1st Gen so lucrative.

-Kindest regards,

Robert Hughey
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Perfect for what it is

The 1GB nano will hold about 240 songs (including album cover art). It also has the capacity to hold photos - however, this will compromise the available memory space for music.

The first thing you will notice is that this is a well designed, solid, and sleek little machine. It is incredibly easy to operate. For those that don't know, it will automatically sort and store your songs alphabetically by artist for easy navigation. You also have the ability to create your own playlists or sort your songs to your individual preference.

Ease of use and downloading songs: We use a mac computer and iTunes is built-in. therefore, for us the Interface and compatibility is obviously seamless. It takes about 1 second (literally) to download a song to the ipod. I cannot speak to PC users, however, I believe use is equally as easy once iTunes is downloaded.

Areas for Improvement for this device: As a general complaint about these machines (All iPods) is that the primary charging mechanism is through a USB port on your PC or Mac. They make wall adpters, however, they are somewhat expensive (like $25 for a no-name brand). Other periphials are unusually expensive as well - such as protective coverings or cases. However, you should really consider buying a case of some type as the machine is quite small and, like any small electronic machine, is not necessarily built for rugged conditions or use.

I would recommend you charge your iPod at least weekly, even if your use has been limited. My son may go a week without heavy use and, therefore, may not think to charge it. Regardless, the battery continues to drain. When the battery gets extremely low you will get a very strange looking on screen display. Once you go to charge it and it will take about four hours to fully re-charge. Also, I have had the experience once or twice of having to complete a full re-boot on the iPod. In this case, we have lost all our songs, however, they can be reloaded from your iTunes library.

The recent Price Drop makes this a very reasonable machine for the cost. It does not have video capabilities, but if all you want is a good, dependable way to listen to songs (and 240 is a significant number of them) this machine is for you. I would not recommend the extended warranty, as the price has droped on the device to the extent that it likely worth the cost of the plan - especially if you are even half-way conscientious and practical in your use of it.

So, "Yeah", there are more powerful models from Apple, and "yes" there are cheaper mp3s, but this model has performed well for us and has a decent song capacity. If that's your interest, this device is for you.
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Worth Upgrading to the 4 or 8GB Model

About a year ago I became interested in purchasing an MP3 Player. I shopped around trying out all the available brands at the time. My conclusion then and to this day is that Apple makes an MP3 Player that beats the rest in every aspect.

Why is it so good?

Ease of use. The learning curve on my Nano was 5 minutes. It is so easy to operate it's amazing. I've played with others that were just overly complex, yet did the same things as the Ipod.

Quality. From my year of ownership I'd have to say that the Nano is a very well built piece of electronics. I've had no problems to date despite heavy use and the occasional accident. The battery still holds a good charge after hundreds of recharges.

Accessaries! All you have to do is type "Ipod" in the ebay search engine and you will see that there are TONS of stuff you can buy to complement your Ipod. I've seen that it can be a real hassle to find aftermarket stuff for other brands. This allows you to really personalize your Ipod and make it fit any application you need it for. Example, I just purchased a 2007 Honda Fit. For a little extra the dealer installed the Honda Music Link. This allows me to plug my Ipod into the car's sterio and search through my song using voice prompts!

Conclusion: The only downside I see is in the difference in price. It is possible to purchase most other brands at a lower price. But you are definitely getting more for your money when you buy the Ipod for 50 bucks or so more.
Hope this helps!

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Best iPod Review

The good: The enhanced iPod has the same sleek design with improved video battery life and brighter screen; it brings gapless playback to the masses; up to 80GB; new features such as instant search and enhanced games; movies now available in iTunes 7; excellent overall value.

The bad: The Apple iPod has added no major functions such as FM radio, wireless, recording; small screen not conducive to movie viewing; proprietary USB cable; narrow native video-format compatibility; body is still scratch prone.

The bottom line: The amazingly low priced updated Apple iPod gets many under-the-hood improvements, but it's still not a true video player.
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Ipod nano is the best thing to happen to happen to digital music since the iPod itself. I bought this in hopes to have the next cool thing out there, ( i had a mini before and sold it to buy a nano because i didn't have 1000 songs and i wanted to have pictures)

When i first got it it was GREAT, i plugged it in and all the sudden within about ten minutes it was updated with the latest software and it had all my music and pictures on it. Then things went bad.

I was going on a trip that day and when i was back i noticed my iPod nano was scratched. it had not been abused, or even near something that could have scratched it. Go to any store with one on display and you'll see that pretty much whenever you touch it it scratches. YOU MUST BUY A SKIN AND SCREEN PROTECTORS OR IT WILL BE SCRATCHED UP LIKE AN OLD RECORD!

Because the screen is just under the plastic that covers the front of the nano the whole screen is very vulnerable to scartches and smudges which are very hard to get off on this certain plastic.


small and sleek

holds all the music most people need

is great if you want pictures but not video

in my opinion sound quality is pretty good.


More Fragile Than a glass ornament

screen is too small for pictures

apple's customer support is really bad

no wall charger, a big problem for those of us that can't get to our usb ports easily on our cpu.

if you are looking for a great toy buy a psp. if you are looking for a mp3 player, try something else. if you must have this, get a knight's armour!
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1 GB Ipod Nano

This is our second ipod and very easy to use. It is just the right size to put in a pants pocket or shirt pocket. It weighs very little so it doens't put a lot strain on your shirt pocket or feel like you have a lead weight in your pants pocket. It can be worn on your arm with a band and not feel uncomfortable due to weight or size. The music quality is excellent and the ear buds are very powerful and comfortable to wear to me, but my wife says otherwise to comfort. The capacity of the 1GB is perfect for us and I would bet most users. How many songs do really like or are interested in listening too? 250 songs or less is plenty for us that's why we like this size Ipod.Read full review...



The ipod nano is a truly amazing product. It works great and is so simple to setup and tranfer your songs to. People say the 1 gb is not big enough, but i think it is. All you have to do is remove your old songs and put your new ones on there, its not to difficult. I will list some pro's and con's about this item, i highly recommending getting a ipod, i listen to it while i work out and before football games, it helps me get pumped up, and when i am in a long car ride it is extremely usful because i dont have to listen to the radio, i can choose whatever songs i like. I highly recommend this product!

The ipod is very small and easy to carry around
Simple to setup
Easy to use interface
Easilly repairable by yourself if every broken
Lasts for a long time
Holds a lot of songs
Entertainment on the go
Also, this product stores pictures, share them with your friends easily!
Battery lasts a long time !!! Very long time!

The product scratches easily
After long use periods, it may freeze up, but is easily fixable by reseting it
Battery takes a long time to charge
Batterys go bad after about a year, but are easily replacable for around $10

Overall i give this item a 5/5. It is excellently build and simple to use, also it gets all your music needs fullfilled!
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iPod Nano, its Nan to great.

I must admit, the first impression I recieved when I recieved this ipod was, Awesome! but to be honest, my tune has been changing since I got it a week ago. the thing scratches like crazy, and it looks like it has taken years of wear, and yet its a little over 7 days old and I keep it in its leather case to. another thing is it is very conceited in its ability to download music. you can't use Window Media Player or any other program, you need iTunes to place music on it, and I personally don't like the program at all. another thing is, you would think it could hold a lot of music, I mean 1 Gig right! wrong. you can only fit twenty normal CD's on it, which may sound like a lot, but it's not. I would suggest going for the 4 gig, or just getting the Creative 40 gig player that sells for $100+, and is bigger, but hey! its still portable, and you get 40 times the space! I hope this helps you, Chris Suard.Read full review...

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