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iPod Mini

Great little product, easy to use. All parts ,cords etc were included. Great sound!

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: joebavosa172


More "Bang for Your Buck" / Buying Quality Products at Rock Bottom Prices

This is a Great "Bang for your Buck". You can find these easily in the $20-$30 range and they are very nice and functional. And with a 8 hour battery life you can jam to your music for hours in between charges. A+ and I highly recommend it. They are great for children too. It is easier for me to swallow losing $20 bucks than $250 + for brand new top of the line MP3 player. IPod are top of the line products anyways, just buying an older generation makes good sense when I am purchasing several for each of my kids. Thank You for reading my Review.Read full review...


simple and to the point

This is perfect for people who live in residential care facilities that cant have devices with internet and photo camera etc. due to that being contraband..

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: cullen747


Used iPod

Haven't used much but so far everything is very easy to use, love Apple products!

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: lizardleds


Great value at an excellent price.

I have ordered 4 ipod minis and have only had a problem with one of them. The ipod that had the problem was not ordered through ebay. I have found that the mini has quite a few good features and it is pretty easy to add songs to them. My only issue is that the battery life could be longer. Battery life is pretty good but if you like to listen for long amounts of time you will need to charge the ipod daily (probably a good idea anyways).All in all, a great deal for the price.Read full review...


iPod mini

I bought this product because i wanted to experience an iPod. I have an inexpensive mp3 player but I needed to know. Well, for the money difference I say the inexpensive mp3 player gets my vote. It sounds as good as the iPOd, but does not get quite as loud. (something that should not be that important.) The iPod is a little easier to navigate but the inexpensive player has just as many features. I paid $17.00 for the Mp3 player at JC Penny. The iPod I bought is a used one that was $28.00 from Nextworth on Ebay. I can't believe the resale on the iPods, but they are so very accepted and sought after. You're not in unless it's aniPOd and that is a shame. I so have to say I am very happy with the iPod and the price I paid.Read full review...


IPod mini

Works great

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: promas


wonderful service, quick shipping.

I love my iPod mini, it is easy to use and works well with my older computer.
Good sound, lasts two or three days of my compute. Small and fits easily into my compute bag. Easy to work on the go.


Ok. Not as mini as I was thinking and a little to basic

I bought this for my niece because I thought i would be real small and easy to use. Its it easy to use, almost to easy. It is really basic. Also the size of it is not what I was expecting (I was thinking mini.) Its not really mini. It plays music great and has four games, over all its a nice iPod just not a lot to it.Read full review...


Still better then Nano

This iPod is much more durable then the new Nano. If you a user like me and want to be on the go with your player, be able to put it in the center console of your car or truck and not worry about easily damaging your iPod, this is for you.

Because it uses non-hard drive memory, it is much less sensitive to shock or rough use, giving it a huge advantage over the new Nano.

4/5 because the 1st generation Mini has a very unreliable battery. Most of them go bad within first year of use. The good thing is, you can still purchase a brand new battery for it right here on eBay for less then $10 shipping included and it takes less then 5 minutes to replace the battery with minimal or none electronic repair experience.

Hope this helps you in your buying process.
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