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Thick case and Wolfson D to A converter.

This unit has a thick case which accommodated the 80 Gb HD back in the day. Now it affords the opportunity to place a high capacity battery and a solid state drive for lots of songs, recorded books or files. You can convert this iPod to a 1 TB portable hard drive with a solid state drive and 4 micro SD cards using an iFlash card. Can also be converted to an mSATA portable drive with an mSATA drive and an adapter from iFlash. With the large capacity, you can save lots of WAV files instead of MP3.

This generation iPod has the best D to A converter (Wolfson).
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Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: supersavers_wa

by Top critical review

No more Refurbished Ipods for me. Ever

The sound quality to my ears, is rather lo fidelity . I doubt this has the Wolfson Audio Chip in it:
Also, for having a 900mah new battery, this battery drains really fast, unlike the Original battery . I mostly got this for the High Fidelity Audio Chip, So Im Very dissapointed in this buy.
And the Very Poor Battery life. But it works, unlike the last 2 I bought on Ebay that was refurbished.
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Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: tooltronix


Not cutting edge but good enough ...

I bought a clean used 80g model on E-Bay for $160. I could have gone to B&H or J&R Music and purchased a new 120G model for around $250. If I was buying for first time, I would spend extra to get a new one. I didn't want to spend the extra money as this 80G model serves my needs just fine (mostly listening to music and be able to carry my entire music collection of 15,000 songs). I do like the newer 6th generation models in that they are slightly slimmer and can hold even more songs/videos. This 80G model will play upwards of 12-15 hrs. of music as long as you do not keep dialing on the jog wheel. It's slightly bulkier than the 5th gen. 30G model which can be had for around $100 in E-Bay but the battery life of 80G is somewhat better than the 30G model. All 5th gen. models play video which is a plus although the display is really too small for extended viewing. All in all, if you can score a nice used one for around $150, then you done ok.

Pro: well-designed and well-built, large song capacity, long bettery life, well-designed iTune interface, fairly durable, easy to use.

Con: bulky (compared to 6th gen. model), relatively heavy, one has to be careful of any MP3 player using hard drive mechanism, chrome back is finger print magnet (this problem is addressed in 6th gen. models with textured covering). Buying used is always riskier prposition than than buying new. Newer models might offer more bang for slightly more bucks.

Either way, new or used, you can't go wrong with Apple iPods. Even after having 6-7 years to catch up, no other manufacturer captures the essence of portable music device better than Apple.
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Ipod video, not to mention audio, great entertaiment

Once you get to know all the software for copying your audio and video onto this tiny entertainment machine it will become a necessity. I'm a huge music fan and have about 12,000 songs on this machine, but further to that i have many hours of video. Of course, the battery runs down much quicker with video (still get about 4 - 6 hours of video use!) it's excellent for travel. For international charging i purchased a charger/player, so i can listen via speakers while the ipod is charging.
My only problem with this machine is that it occasionally seizes and needs one of those two button resets (i can never remember which two buttons and just try them til i get it right) but it's always back to normal after that.
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Nice Ipod

It's a great little sound machine. My only low point is that for a new unit the battery is not as strong as it should be. I had the same ipod for over 10 years and that battery was as strong after 10 years as this brand new ipod.Read full review...

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: new | Sold by: 0cji992


iPod - kids love 'em - but there are better options!

If you are going to purchase an iPod, think about WHY - because you can't add storage space (or memory) AND the battery is not easily replaceable, AND if you aren't careful you can 'accidentally delete' everything on it when plugging it into a computer!

When they work good, they are great, once setup - and once you get everything you want on it... so long as the battery remains in good shape.

Personally, I think the RCA Lyra and Audiovox Video are better units - but bigger (and more flexible).

If you have more than one to manage - turn them to 'hard drive' mode, and all 'auto-sync'ing' off... it took me a while to figure that one out. Unfortunately, with 8 kids wanting and using "what's normal" in school, Apples marketing has done better than technical sense and logic. If the battery was more easily changeable, and one computer could more readily handle multiple units out of the gate (upon initial plug in - verses having to change the settings for that) then there would be no need for any other type of MP3 (or MP4) player.

Think about how you are planning to use it - how often & for how long - and what you'll do if you can't get to a plug in or USB port (like international travel, camping trips, etc.).

There are some awesome add-on's for the iPods... and personally, I wouldn't mess with anything less than a 30gig unit... 60, 80, and 160's offer even more backup and storage ability, so long as that battery continues working well.

Hope this helps.


Terry Mercer (aka foghornleg90)
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Refurbished Apple iPod Classic Generation 80 GB

I am very pleased with this iPod. It came quickly, looking good. It was reset back to factory. Thanks! Once music was put on it, the sound quality is excellent. I gave this to my son to use for his overflow of music since it has 80 GB. It was a nice surprise for him and he love it. If it had static or bad sound quality, he would have said send it back like a previous one I purchased from ebay that was a 7th generation classic. I now know who to purchase refurbished electronics from. I also purchased a 2 year warranty. This one also has the search for music. If I could more than 5 stars I would.Read full review...

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: richmondtech_nyc


Greatly Exceeded Expectations

This is ostensibly a reconditioned product, but it looks virtually brand new. I bought it to replace a bit later-model iPod that got stolen, but the performance of this one is identical to my "old" one. The price was extremely reasonable, better than I expected. Seeing as how Apple chose to stop manufacturing this eminently useful device 4 years ago, I expected the market for reconditioned devices to be able to offer only devices of diminished quality. In my case, however, my expectations were greatly exceeded.Read full review...

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: michel99seguin


Good product for price and age

Sometimes the sound quality sounds like it's underwater. Also, if you have any problems with it, apple customer service can't do much because they don't sell these anymore. I knew the risks of buying this and am overall happy with the product. There is lots of space and I can listen to my music which is what is important to me.Read full review...

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: deal-peach


Better than I expected.

The Ipod came about a week and a half after the order was placed and was sealed well. I had to restore the ipod to get both headphones to operate in the headphone jack but that's the only real functional problem I encountered. The headphones that were included werent great but were functional, and the charger does exactly what its supposed to do. The best aspect of this Ipod is the battery, although it doesnt last a full 24, it doubles my phone battery at about 14 hours after a 30 min to an hour charge. Overall the purchase was worth it.Read full review...

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: leopardtronics


Excellent iPod!

I love this iPod. It has one of my favorite versions of the iPod user interface. My only complaint is that you cannot put a song into your On-the-Go playlist very easily like with the other UIs. Otherwise, I love this product!! It holds a ton of data, the battery life is super long, and it is so easy to use. I don't go anywhere without my iPod.Read full review...

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