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An oldie but a great item!

I bought this because I had always wanted an iPod Classic model, and now that I have one, I use it more than my fifth generation iPod Touch! I bought a leather case for it, and I love how easy it is to use! I even bought another charging cable for travel, and I am now searching for a 30-pin Bluetooth transmitter and receiver for it. I have a lot of audiobooks via Audible, but cannot play them because Audible no longer supports the .AAX file type. (That's okay, since I have my phone, laptop, and tablet for them.) Even seeing new albums and songs on the display is refreshing. This is one of the best investments I have ever made, and I hope this will serve me for years to come.Read full review...

by Top critical review

Make sure battery works for longer than an hour.

It works fine for what I need, it's just staying in my car hooked up via usb. However, the battery life lasts all of one hour before it shuts down, so I can't use it without it being plugged in. Not worth the $50.Read full review...

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in this review, i'll be comparing the ipod classic 5.5 generation & Sony walkman nwz s-series. THE iPod looks great, the design is also pretty astonishing, but its so heavy, u dont wanna carry it that much, the sony walkman s series is amazingly light & more hi-tech than the ipod, there is a drawback on the sony walkman & that is it has 8 or 16gb whereas ipod classic 5th gen has 30-80gb, which is gigantic. THE SOUND QUALITY, I'm so disappointed when i heard the sound from the ipod with the equalizer bass booster, if u use the sony walkman s series the experience is way much better the bass is DAMN GREAT!!! ON the sony u get so many features bluetooth, sensme channel, shuffle, voice recorder, karaoke, video, custom equalizer, speed control, IT HAS SPEAKERS, the alarm works unlike the ipod, podcasts, playlists, bookmark, second repeater, lyrics, ETC.Read full review...


Not the best ipod out there... BAD BATTERY!

First i want to start by saying i love ipods and will always own one! I just purchased the 5G video ipod and i like it cause of the 30G hard drive but the battery life is horriable, just listening to songs it will run out of battery after 4-5 hours! Im used to my nano that will last 24-32 hours and it plays videos!! Well my conclusion is that i like the 5G video ipod for its memory,color, and playback features. I would honestly recommend getting a different ipod with better battery and one that has the "cover-flow" option!Read full review...


I would recommend an iPod if it is in working condition, otherwise not.

I purchased the iPod because my wife is trying to study French. She wanted to download the entire Rosetta Stone CD set to a portable device she could use while she worked out. Additionally, I teach a spin class once a week and wanted to upgrade my current Mp3 player. This seemed like a great deal. Unfortunately, there were two problems with the iPod. 1) The battery needed replacing. I was told that the charger that was included with the iPod did not work, so I purchased a USB charger for an iPod. The iPod indicated fully charged, but would die after about 30 minutes of play even after charging for 24 hours straight. This would not work for my spin class which lasted an hour.
2) The earphone outlet had a short. If you held the plug just right, you could get both speakers to work. Otherwise, only one would work. This was not going to work for my wife who wanted to study French while working out.

So, it was a great price for what is a great product, it did not fit the description of "works great."
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I picked up on the ipod video knowingly it was run over buy something, probably the car. case front was undamaged other than the normal ipod scratches, replaced the bent back case. had crush marks where the stones from the pavement left their impression. installed new screen. strange how the screen was broke internally but not the outside front cover, even after being run over by a heavy object. put in a good used harddrive from another defunked unit,low and behold it booted and was recognized by the computer. uploaded from itunes the library of songs and videos. I think I will give it to my wife to use, see if she can break it. the key thing i saw in the auction was that they said it turned on even though it had no video that could be seen cause of the wrecked screen. took a chance on it even working but I was able to pull this one off. most dont repair this easy. love these ipod videos. they are rather simple to figure out, but guessing which parts are good or bad takes more of an expert. fortunately for me I can repair computer motherboards that are broke. Ipods are a snap.Read full review...


Great 30gig iPod.

Item shows normal wear, otherwise it works as described. Classic iPod Gen 5.5. Works perfect. Good shape overall. Very little minor wear on the front, but a bit more wear on the back.
Product Features and Technical Details
Color: Black
Product Features
iPod holds 7500 songs, many hours of video, thousands of photos, and more on 30 GB of storage
Download songs, podcasts, videos, games, and more from the iTunes Store
Large, 2.5-inch, 320x240-pixel, color display screen is 60-percent brighter
Search function lets you type out the name of a song with the Click Wheel for instant results
Measures 2.4 x 4.1 x 0.43 inches (WxHxD) and weighs 4.8 ounces
Technical Details
Brand Name: Apple
Model: MA446LL/A
Digital Storage Capacity: 30 GB
Supported Standards: Audible, AAC, Other Audio Formats, MP3, WAV
Hardware Platform: Mac, PC
Tuner Technology: None
Radio Bands Supported: None
Component Type: MP3 Player, Equalizer
Color Name: Black
Flash Memory Installed Size: 30 MB
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Ipod 5 Gen Excellent Workmanship!

The ipod was refurbished with excellent workmanship! The Ipod 5 Gen performs and looks like it is new! I am very impressed in how it was put together and how it feels like I just purchased it from the store, brand new! I have bought another refurbished ipod 5 gen from ebay before but I had to send it back. There were dead pixels on the screen, the battery would die quickly (and it was supposed to have been new) and when i would use the ipod it felt as if it was never actually refurbished. Keep up the good work and I will definitely recommend you to my friends. Thank you.Read full review...

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: 580michaelh


Best MP3 Music Player period.

The ipod 30 gb is in my opinion the best sounding portable music player to date. Utilizing the Wolfson DAC, the sound is amazing. Lifelike !! I did a comparison between an iPhone 4s, 5, 6, 7 , ipod touch, ipod shuffle and found that this mp3 player has superior 3D sound. I listen to my music in ALAC lossless format. A typical mp3 song is about 30 megabytes, versus the typical 5 megabytes for a song encoded at 320 bit rate. You can listen for hours without fatigue. I love my ipod classic !!!Read full review...

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: princesslisa78


Know This Before Purchasing a 5th Gen 30g iPod Video!

There is a manufacturing defect in almost all of the 5th Generation 30gb Video iPods. It has also occured in many of the 5th Generation 60gb and 80gb Video iPods, but nothing compared to the number of 30gb iPods that are affected. If you get a 30gb 5th Gen iPod Video and the sound suddenly goes mute, BUT WILL BRIEFLY RETURN BY PRESSING ON THE BOTTOM RIGHT CORNER (that is the key.) So before you junk it, KNOW THIS...APPLE HAS ACKNOWLEDGED THE DEFECT AND WILL REPLACE YOUR IPOD FOR FREE REGARDLESS OF EXPIRED WARRANTY. EITHER FOLLOW THE FORUM POST BELOW, OR GO TO


1. Call the Customer Support for iPod number: 1-800-275-2273. I just kept hitting 0 so I didn't have to listen to the automated iPod diagnosing junk.
From start to finish the whole thing took about 18 minutes. I was on hold waiting for a support person to become available for about 5 minutes, then I talked to a friendly guy by the name of John. After explaining the situation to him he said unfortunately the best he could do for me is possibly reduce the cost to repair the iPod and suggested me buying a new/refurb iPod....
After POLITELY acknowledging what he said and thanking him for his help, I asked if it would be possible for me to speak to a product specialist. He put me on hold for 3-4 minutes, and when he returned he introduced me to Nick the product specialist. Nick didn't beat around the bush. He said Apple has acknowledged this is a manufacturer flaw (MAKE SURE YOU MENTION THE PART ABOUT PRESSURE ON THE CORNER) and informed me they would replace the iPod for me free of charge and proceeded to get my mailing info. I should have a new iPod within a week!

Things to remember-

-Be polite.
-Mention the pressure on corner thing.
-Talk to a product specialist
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Great item at a reasonable cost

I never leave my house without my Ipod Classic.
The good: supreme audio quality
The Bad: a bit slower response time then what we're use to along with a short battery life.
Bottom line: The battery in this item usually needs replacing since we are dealing with a decade old product, It is fairly easy to do, the replacement battery can be ordered from different merchants via eBay. also there are many guides on youtube on how to do so and stay alive :)
Don't hold back, unleash yourself with a brand new second hand iPod Classic !
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Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: techwaerd

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