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Classic ipod for an old guy

After using a second-hand ipod mini for a week during workouts, I'd filled the 4Gb capacity with a variety of music to focus my training. As my workouts were longer, I felt a need to increase the cache of songs I enjoyed. This 20Gb ipod classic was just the ticket! Priced right and larger than the mini, it was easier to navigate, and now held a broader selection of music to appease me. I love it!Read full review...

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Dead battery

I was SO excited for this ipod. I teach yoga and i need to be able to have a large source of music on a device that won't get any notification updates and has no backlight. This was the perfect answer. FOR THREE WEEKS.

After that, it stopped holding a charge. And I don't mean it had an annoyingly short battery life, I mean that it couldn't hold enough to juice to turn on while the plug was in (after a couple of hours on the charger). It's now actually impossible to turn on under any circumstances.

Most expensive brick I own. The description said the ipod came with a new battery. The seller clearly has NO IDEA what he is doing when it comes to replacing batteries.
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Time Machine

This product brings back all the joy and nostalgia that existed when iPods were the coolest thing on the market. it's easy to use, has a beautiful design, and even after all these years has amazing sound quality.Read full review...

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Really Pleased

I honesty didn't recall how hefty the older iPod generations were! I got this for my wife so she can leave the iPhone behind and still listen to music during her triathlon training, and we're both really pleased. I love technology, and she tolerates it, so I picked the model. 20gb is definitely enough for her, and she isn't very picky about dings or scratches, so used was the way to go. The only thing I do wish was that the screen was in color and not black and white, but really, that's just a quirk of mine and not a slight against the product. We're both very pleased, it works very well, and the price was great. Whenever this croaks, we'll probably end up buying the same thing.Read full review...

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Recommended eBayer

I use it in my car to play music, limited radio choices in my area. Looks great, plays great. There is a learning curve but I found everything I needed to know online.

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Good for recording voice & xmitting to fm set (w/ griffin i-talk & i-trip)

This is my favorite ipod ...much better than the newer stuff.
I use it to record information in real time and save the files
on my computer (no need to have some expensive rain cloud).
also use it to transmit to fm radio with music or instructions
on reassembly of other equipment.
It syncs with my computer only whem I want it to and
it only updates software when I want it to.
Have played thousands of hours of music to fm radios.
only bad feature is the click wheel buttons fail if unit gets too much sun inside car, because
the battery swells and holds them on. This is not really bad because it indicates a new battery is needed (prevents fires).
Leon Stevens
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Works as expected

When I received the Ipod it was working well. A couple of days later when I attempted to plug it into the computer to load music, I kept getting the sad apple face. When I problem solved the issue I realized the needle was stuck and tapped the player to get it unstuck. This has happened once since. I am sure it is just because of its age. Otherwise the player works as expected.Read full review...

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Hardware malfunction

Worked for about a week, with constant errors every time I tried to sync, however I managed to get about 10gigs of music on there and It gave me an error I had not seen and iTunes froze and after unplugging the device I now have a "bricked" iPod. iTunes freezes every time I connect the device so I cannot restore and resetting the device makes it go into constant loop on the Apple logo startup screen. I came to the conclusion from looking up the errors that it was most likely a failing hard drive.Read full review...

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A classic and a joy to use

I think the click wheel is the best! I've been fed up with touch screens and devices that don't hold a charge, esp for air travel. So great to have an "old" iPod to just listen on.

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This very kind and accommodating gentleman Went out of his way to accept my request And throw free charger !!!

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: hiepdungnamson2012

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