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price good


Verified purchase: Yes | Sold by: dwrinc


MP3 simplicity in a timeless package of awesome

I'm quite a retro guy, and with older products comes size and weight...and usually simplicity. And that's exactly what this guy brings. Apple's 2nd release of its initial iPod design blew users away with a simple, easy to use interface that got music flowing fast. While by today's standards its almost primitive with a single game, no photo/video capability, and its Firewire interface, its good at what it does, and that is play music. The audio quality is amazingly good, and with 10GB, you should have no problem loading up a couple 320K MP3 albums. The battery life is amazing when new, or when replaced, but as mine was used, it only lasts a few hours, but that's with constant track switching and randomizing, so actually, its quite enough. Features are, again, in comparison, lacking. It plays music, and that's about it. But it does it so well. The design is classic, and while its not the almighty click wheel, it has the iBook White styling with a shiny scratch magnet of a metal back. It feels good to hold in your hand and go all silent rave, or to slip in your pocket and rock while walking, fits well in cupholders for use with car stereos, or if you can find the belt clip, protected at your side as you stroll. These things can go for really low prices with great additions nowadays, so the value for a cheap music player that is a classic icon of the 2000s is pretty darn good. The only thing to note is Firewire, but if you came looking for something this old, you most likely know what to do with that ;D

So! I heartily recommend it for those who know how to integrate it into their lifestyles! Its a great little music box with amazing quality: nothing beats it, in my opinion!
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great ipod for the money, also a piece of history. :)

i love this iPod, though the battery is old; it surprisingly lasts quite a while for its age, even with the back-light on. it doesn't have many features but i never expected it to considering its soul purpose is to play music, and it does this just as well as today's iPods. the design is a brick. but to me its a beautiful brick. value is great, i got 10 gigabytes for 40$. i bought this iPod because i appreciate retro technology and like to stand out. what i dislike is just that syncing the iPod is not so easy, you may have to restore or restart the iPod a few times to get it to sync but this isn't a major flaw, its just due to its age. this iPod is still better, more durable, has more features than most other mp3 players on the market currently.Read full review...


Make sure you get a charger

I think I would like it if I could find a charger for it ..Haven't been able to use it ever sence i got it...bought a few chargers but can't find the right one..I wish eBay had a place you could post things your looking for...I know someone out there has one. It could be a looking to buy page..EBay could make there money..Hey maybe I should start one!!Read full review...



If you love apple and enjoy your current iPod..wether its thte new "Classics" or nano's you just cant beat the original Classic that started it all!

this iPod is THICK! and its quite frankly my favorite iPod.basically because the feel of it is powerful.! its Firewire and songs transfer at a blazing speed! it took inutes to pass 1,000 songs! like 3 minutes or less! quite frankly thats like 10 sec per album.. !

Its great to hold a piece of history and pop culture like this! i got mine here on ebay .and was searching for this particular model the 10GB one for some time.. i found it at 3am. and paid only $65 including s&h !

its an amazing iPod and the initial reaction is " HOLY SHI**!! thats huge! .. but when they use it and look at it... theyre hooked and cant really keep their hands off it!

its a blast from the past! and its a reminder of how far technology has taken us..and how Apple has and will always be .. AHEAD OF THE CURVE!

you wont be dissapointed! its a wonderul ipod!

-Ian Michael.

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Very good the product

Verified purchase: No


apple ipod (10 gb)

I like this apple ipod (10 gb) because it is affordable and easy to use.
I can store lots of songs for less than buying the new model ipods. The
only thing I don't like is that it is too thick and it uses the firwall cable.
This makes it hard for me to find the accessory for this item.
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An apple a day keeps your music on play.

I'm sorry for that cheesy title...lol Seriously now people, if you are contimplating buying an Apple iPod, just stop it. You must own this product. There is a reason why millions and millions of people have purchased one already, including moi. Out of all the MP3 players out there on the market today it is the most compact and easiest to use. To use an old saying, it is user friendly. A big misconception is that you must own a Mac desk top or laptop in order to upload your music to the iPod. That is untrue, it can be used on any platform. Some more good new is that you can find them for super low prices here on eBay. So what are you waiting for? Auctions are ending as you read this! Good luck.Read full review...


Old but cool

As far as i can tell these don't have support for ACC (the type of music that was sold on itunes for a long time) so you might want to think about that before buying.

But I use mine for podcasts and sermons that are on my old Powermac G4 (in MP3 format) and I love it, it now needs a battery but what can you say, its 8yrs old!Read full review...


I-Pod best by far

I have been looking for an Ipod for some time just couldnt get what I liked for the price I wanted to spend.
I love the Ipod because of how much you can store in it and using it was a snap just a few minutes to get used to it, now I can't put it down.
There isn't anything that I dont like about it it's gread and If you are into music you a lot you need to get one because you can carry your whole collection in one cigarette size pack device.
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