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Good sound quality100% agree

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Beautiful vintage ipod

The condition is incredible, original owner took care and it looks fantastic. I had it plugged in, able to update however the device read as fully charged but I only got about 15 minutes play out of it. Will try again once new charger arrives. Either way, I'm SUPER happyRead full review...

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: rossrybar


Review of IPOD

This was for my 13 year old grandson. He loves it. He said it was in great condition.

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: btgroucho


The first and undoubtedly the best!

It is 10 years old and still works like it was built just yesterday. The intuitive interface hasn't changed, it may look prettier now and might have more spit and polish but you would expect that after so many years. This is a great piece of gadgetry, works perfectly after all this time. It feels solid and well built, the size is a bit plumper than the newer models but it makes up for it by feeling like it would take a lot to take it down. I love the scroll wheel, that was the whole reason for a 1st gen over any other. I know the touches have the giant screen and even the classics have the touch sensitive scroll wheel, but at the end of the day, I can wear whatever gloves I want when it's cold, I can put it in any pocket and know that it didn't go anywhere, and I know when I pushed a button by the satisfying click of a button. The real testament to it's staying power is how recognizable it is even today, more than can be said of many other players on the market and even some of the other iPod variants (nano, shuffle).Read full review...


best ipod ever!!!

only an improved design of the original brilliant ipod with it's thick frame and light weight it is a full functioning music player with nearly ten hours of battery life not to mention is also the fastest downloading ipod ever made with it's firewire connection allowing it to transfer songs at half a second per song rather than the five seconds or more a song on new ipods. i just can't get over the design it's so balanced all over and draws a lot of attention, (try not to reveal it too much in public) that would be my only concern apart from dropping the thing. button layout is one of a kind since they had yet to incorporate the button into the touch wheel, somewhat like the shuffle's control pad. anywho, if your a collector or not of ipods or just want one to set your heart on, look into this one, it's guaranteed not one you will fall out of love with and for most users, never did except that the battery will eventually run dry as with all ipods, however this one has gone on well over the average use of five years, at about eight years the majority of these ipods on ebay still hold a basic charge of about six hours. i like it so much i'm buying a second one just for insurance.

if your looking for an mp3 that will satisfy your music desires, buy the second generation ipod. or whatever you want but this is my opinion.

actually don't buy this!!! the bidding for these items are pretty cheap averaging about 50.00 US. yes, don't!!! thank you
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Seller listed a 1st Gen iPod when it was really a 2nd Gen.

The iPod itself is in decent condition, however, this is NOT a 1st Generation iPod. This is a 2nd Generation. The difference between the two is that 1st Gen's scroll wheel actually moves, whereas the 2nd Gen's is a capacitive touch. This is a bit disappointing, but still a cool device. I was really searching to purchase the 1st Gen.Read full review...


Original 1st generation Ipod 10GB

I love the original Ipod for its solid construction, simplicity, excellent quality and it's a classic collectable product for all time. I'm a very lucky and proud owner of one!



SUPERIOR sound quality to any subsequent generations... okay maybe it can't hold that much music compared to the latest and greatest... but you'll enjoy listening to music on this thing MORE than any other version. PROMISE.Read full review...


Venditore onesto e rispettose.

non è l'ipod 1 ma il 2. la batteria dura pochino ma tutto sommato funziona .


10 GB iPOD

Awesome! This iPOD works great, looks cool, and who wants to blow $300 on a video iPOD that you'll never watch videos on? It has games, audio books, and of course music capabilities. The iPOD served me loyally, never having any problems with it, and it seems as if it will last forever.Read full review...


Great Ipod

Totally great ipod......it is so convient and sleek. You can't beat this price, compared to $300-$400 for an ipod. Excellent Buy!

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