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Great product

I bought it because it is easy to use.. I like all the features it has.. I like this phone better than any other, because of it's features and how easy it is to use.. I would recommend this product..


Great experience love my new iphone hands down best phone i ever had!!!

While previous revisions of the iPhone have essentially been small updates to the existing design, the iPhone 4 feels like a new phone. It's the thinnest iPhone yet at just over 9mm, being a little narrower than the old models, too.

The front and rear are made of aluminosilicate glass, which is said to be 30 times stronger than plastic as well as highly scratch resistant. It's the same stuff that helicopter windscreens are made of, and it also has an oleophobic coating which is incredibly easy to clean.

The stainless steel strip around the edge has several functions. First, it provides structural rigidity and second, it acts as the antennae for the phone, WiFi and Bluetooth. Build quality really is first class, and the iPhone 4 feels better built than any other current smartphone.

One of the main new features is a front-facing camera which enables you to make video calls. Apple calls this FaceTime, and it's currently only available via WiFi. To use it, you call another iPhone 4 owner and then invite them to establish a video call. Once this is running, the voice call is ended. We were surprised about the decent quality and frame rate, as well as how quickly you can switch between the front and rear cameras - useful for showing your surroundings as well as yourself. We found that FaceTime sometimes didn't work at all, and it also needed a strong WiFi signal.

Apple says that, in future, developers will be able to make applications that work with FaceTime and should allow you to make video calls with devices other than iPhone 4s. However, we'd also like to see the ability to use FaceTime over 3G, but that's an issue for mobile operators to sort out.

The rear camera has been upgraded to a five-megapixel, back-illuminated sensor, and can now shoot 720p HD video. Rather than keep the same sensor dimensions as the 3GS's camera, the new camera has the same size pixels and a larger sensor. This leads to far better quality images and video in dim conditions. Although our test photos were a little noisy, it was luminance noise rather than chroma (colour), so it wasn't too distracting. The only real issue was poor white balance when using the built-in LED flash. However, in good light, the camera was quick to focus and there was very little shutter lag.

When taking video, there's no warning if you shoot in portrait mode, but the quality of the footage was again very good in bright light. Our test clips rivalled the Flip Ultra HD, as long as you keep the phone still, and audio wasn't bad either. The LED can be used to illuminate your subject at night, but it's only good for very close objects. Essentially, video and still photo quality is a major leap from the 3GS.

It's a little tight of Apple to charge £2.99 for iMovie, but it's money well spent. With it, you can quickly cut together clips you've taken, add a theme and music, then upload your creation to YouTube. The iPhone 4's built-in GPS receiver means that all videos are geotagged (as are photos), and the Travel theme uses information this to automatically create a map with a dot showing the location and a thumbnail of the video. You can easily change the default dissolve transition between clips, as well as trimming clips to use only the portions you want. To achieve all this on a 3.5in screen is little short of a miracle.

Of course, the new 'Retina' display is another of the iPhone 4's biggest draws. The resolution of 640x960 is incredible - it's very difficult to see the individual p
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Quality phone

Amazing display. iOS simplicity. Sleek, solid design and construction. Cannot go wrong with iPhones with pre-iOS7 firmware. If you are looking for a reasonably priced iPhone that still packs a lot of features, the iPhone 4 is the phone to get.Read full review...



The iPhone 4 runs Apple's iOS operating system, the same operating system as used on prior iPhones, the iPad, and the iPod Touch. It is mainly controlled by a user's fingertips on the multi-touch display, which is sensitive to fingertip contact. When released the iPhone 4 used iOS 4.[citation needed] The latest version available is iOS 6 (September 2012).
The most noticeable difference between the iPhone 4 and its predecessors is the new design
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Я крайне доволен ! I am extremely pleased!

This is a great phone-PC! Since the purchase of the first iPhone - I fell in love with him. During use, I was not disappointed in him. I do not like: block device to the operator and a bit of a closed operating system. We would like the price was lower. Otherwise I am completely satisfied with your purchase. As of today I have the whole family and friends enjoy the iPhone 4. I think in the future also does not change the APPLE.

Это прекрасный телефон-компьютер ! С момента покупки первого
iPhone - я влюбился в него.
За время пользования я не разочаровался в нём.
Мне не нравится : блокировка аппарата на оператора и немножко закрытая операционная система.
Хотелось бы, чтобы цена была ниже.
В остальном я полностью доволен покупкой. На сегодня у меня вся семья и знакомые пользуются iPhone 4. Думаю в дальнейшем так же не изменим APPLE.
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Great product, description actually worse than condition of phone!

Great phone! Although, did still had old owners information on it(photos, notes, emails, ect.) I did a wipe of the phone before I used it. Excellent condition, though! A+


the best smartphone

This phone, what can I say? It's amazing, beautiful, simple stunning, I could say so many things but only one word completely defines this phone and that's perfect. For the past few years, I've own all three iPhones, and each of them were really good but they always had that missing featureRead full review...


Amazing Product!

Awesome I had an android phone but I am glad I made the switch back to the iphone nothing like true ease of use, better than any other phone out there. Truly recommend only the iPhone to people looking to buy a new phone. This is my fifth iphone I have had all the iphones really are the best. Love how they work perfect with my macbook!Read full review...


Nice looking phone

It's really great phone. Was bought for wife, and it makes her life easier - she can store notes, remotly control her computer, check latest news on web, etc. Of course, you should have programmes for these features, but it worth it. Without extended software it's almost just a cellphone.
She'll change it only for a new Iphone 5 :)
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I love my iPhone 4!!! Nothing compares to an Apple :)

Phone companies try to say they have comparable phones, but it's not as classy or easy to use as an iPhone4. I have helped friends with their droids, but it's much more complicated. I would not make the switch.Read full review...

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