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awesome product very expensive for a phone,needs better cam, fix death grip

Great phone use on Verizon, seamless operating system no freezes or starts & stops like you might get on blackberry or android phones. lots of apps. Touch screen is the best I have found on the market. Reception is great and phone sound quality is great HOWEVER still has death grip issue occasionally if reception is low I dont want a bumper I keep it in my pocket bumpers suck. Emails & texts great, could have an alert light like blackberry to help you SEE if you have missed calls or messages this is important to people who use phones for work. Overall a great phone I would recommend But a new version may come out this summer I hear I would wait just to see if some of these small issues have been resolved. I would not want any other phone.Read full review...


Iphone 4

The reason why i like the iphone so much
it so unique, it like no other phone.
I was addicted to like 2 year ago when I first got mines and never put it down at times.

Unlocking and jailbroken it fun to do on it but since apple has it period and wont let anybody do that to their device it a pain in the ass just to wait and wait for the new jailbreak to come out. but other then that, it a awesome phone like no other.

Here are a few of my favorite apps.
Junos Pulse, RDP, RSA Secure ID, Flashlight, Sonar, RedLaser, Key Ring, MapQuest, EMD PTE, PTEExplorer

There are a few things I wish was different.

For the keyboard, I wish there was a way to lock it in the landscape orientation, since it's bigger. But I think I'm finally used to the small keyboard. I now know the point of my left index finger that protrudes the most with my eyes closed.

I considered that I made a good purchase decision on the iPhone, and would make the same choice again.
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Pretty Kool

Reading the description of the phone from apple's website is awe-inspiring, i fell in love with it befor i had it in my hands. It is a fabulous phone with amazing capabilities. There are a few kinks though.

I have an iPhone 4 16Gb Black and it's camera shutter refuses to open up. It may be either a software or hardware issue. I'm working on if that can be resolved without having to return it. Certain applications, when in use, take alot of power and so the battery, under moderate use, can run down in 1 day.

The phone has a lot of potential though. With the hundreds of thousands of apps that are created for it, the possibilities are endless!! To get the fullest use out of it, you should get a data plan. Otherwise you'd have to be constantly looking for wifi signal.

Monster of a phone.
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Apple’s latest is always the greatest – you have to give them that. Sometimes it seems they put less effort into making it than in letting people know they did. But with the Apple iPhone 4, they were obviously hard at work. The 4th generation iPhone has an all new look, new feel and plenty of new skill. We already caught a glimpse of the iOS4. But there’s much more: a 1GHz chip, two cameras, HD video and of course the Retina display – the highest-res screen we’ve seen so far on a GSM phone.Surely there are still enough blank spots on the feature list but that’s Apple and its iPhone. Compromises are being made in every phone out there anyway. But the simple fact is Number 4 is the best iPhone to-date. Let’s see how good that is.Read full review...


iPhone 4 16gb review

Best iPhone yet!

ALthough iOS4 is kinda feeling outdated. Unit weighs the same as the iPhone 3g/3gs but dimensions are smaller and narrower, making the unit feel heavier. The Retina display is super sharp and clear. Camera takes great pics and 720p video with tap to autofocus. FaceTime is great! Processing speed is fast. But the multitasking isn't perfect and not all apps support the feature yet.

With so many smartphones on the market nowadays, mobile operating system loyality is best. I started with the original iPhone and have tried WebOS and Android. Both great mobile OS but i didn't want the hassle of providing my info just to have an account with em, argh!

The next iPhone (iPhone 4g? And due to come out June 2011) is sure to have improvements and be a little better. But as for now, even with all its flaws, the iPhone 4 will be on top of everyone's choice as favorite smartphones... period.
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Good product, works fine

What I like about this product
First of all I like the amazing ammount of apps that are available for the phone. Also the speed of this device is incredible.

The only thing that's not as good as my previous phone is the reception. Even on the best carrier available (in Holland that's KPN), the phone still dropped a call. In Holland, with maximum coverage of network that should not be possible, but it happened.

I'm going to solve this issue with a bumper, but the previous owner of the phone already ran the bumpercase program and he didn't sent the bumper with the phone. So I have to buy one, which is quite impossible right now.(for a decent price)

One minor thing I was a bit suprised about, is that the phone was sold as 'never opened' but when it arrived it had some damage above the camera (not on the steel band, but on the edge of the plastic. And some minor damages along the edge of the glass back and front cover It's hard to see, and i'm used to it so I'll just take it as it is.

Overall, I do like the phone because of it's speed and precision/clarity on the screen. Can't wait to facetime with my brother, when the jailbreak for fw 4.1 comes available :D
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Living proof that marketing SELLS. ALOT.

This is the fourth iteration of what is perhaps the most popular phone in cell phone history. Now featuring a higher-resolution "RETINA" screen, 5MP auto-focus camera with LED flash, 720p HD video recording, FaceTime, and a slew of other features, this iPhone 4 has all other companies going back to the drawing board yet again.

One of the more annoying features for users of an unlocked iPhone 4 on other GSM networks than AT&T is the micro-SIM. Many will have to end up cutting their SIMs to fit into the iPhone 4 slot. Other than that, this is actually the FIRST *REAL* upgrade to the iPhone series since the iPhone 2G in 2007. I've opted out of upgrading until this was released and I am proud to say that this is well worth the wait.
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great, with exeception of antenna

I had opportunities to play with many iPhones. This has to be the best. I've personally just seen it on display and played with it. It was an awesome phone, but too bad I'm with Verizon.

This phone is all glass though, so one akward drop and your phone is jacked up. So invest in a case and your phone is awesomely amazing and INTACT. lol

The phone has a facechat application. It has a camera on the front I believe and of course the one on the back. It is available in Black or white, and with the 4.0 update on your 3g 2g 3gs makes them an IP4 but not really. I'd still consider this.

Pros: Honestly everything. I'm glad there is solutions to the antennae problems as well . It's good that iPhone users have figured it out to use their phones to the full extent. Although I may not have an Iphone at the moment, I have the iPod Touch 16GB and thats basically the same thing without a phone or camera. I've had that since launch date, its been through all upgrades. then again this is the IP4 review.

The phone has a really good look to it. Sorta like WHOA!! I'm a professional kind of look. I like the way the screen is flat down instead of curved and u could see the glass on some other iphones. I believe this may lead to chipping? But I may be wrong. This phone should be bought, But keep in mind if your phone is dropped a lot, you may want full protection with a screen protector on front and back and a bumper.

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Fastest iPhone till date!

With a 1Ghz CPU, and 16GB of flash memory, this thing is a portable office/entertainment center par excellence. The display is nice and sharp, the apps load very fast, and I now have over 130 apps to perform just about every duty you could possibly think of with absolutely no impact on performance. BTW, the display is the equivalent of a 960x640 on your desktop (double the 3G model) so what you see is essentially a high res yield and page loads are superfast. And resident memory, after a full days use I just checked and still had 120Mb of Ram available. On the 3G model that number was usually down around 4Mb by the end of the work day and had to be refreshed.

Even the battery life is 3x better than the previous model, and that’s a good thing cause its integrated but a full charge should yield an entire days work of calls, emails, surfing the web, SMS messaging, and play. I no longer need my laptop because there's nothing I cant do with the iPhone, and that includes sending faxes, editing Excel or Word documents, and even printing. A flash for the 5MP camera, an HD video camera, and even real time video conferencing over a wireless network, and Bluetooth that unlike the 3G model is actually compatible with everything you throw at it, including Garmin GPS....just amazing. This thing even has 2 mics with noise suppression so calls are clearer on the other end.

BTW, with all the apps, music, and videos I've got loaded on this thing I've still got 10GB of flash memory remaining. I cant imagine why anybody would need more storage, and the 32GB model isn't any faster and doesn't have any more features. You'll need iTunes on your desktop to get the most out of this phone and iTunes can be a little intimidating at first but its worth the trouble, and all the instruction you need can be found on the web or Youtube for transferring photos, videos, music, apps, etc.
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Much better from 3GS but certainly an Apple 'trap'.

iPhone 4 is thinner, shorter and ever so slightly heavier than iPhone 3GS. Gone is the curved plastic back plate, replaced by a flat glass panel and a shiny metal band that wraps around the perimeter of the device. This is the first major redesign since the original iPhone debuted three years ago. The basic design - touchscreen and single front-panel button - is the same as it's always been, but the styling cues, accents, and overall hand feel are markedly changed.Most striking is the screen, which has a new sharpness from its special 3.5-inch Retina display that gives a 960×640 resolution – the highest of any smartphone. The camera, featuring 720p HD video recording, appeared to be much better quality – it has a five-megapixels sensor, compared to three on the 3GS, and features an LED flash that also doubles as a video light when recording.
Running the new 4.0 software and with an A4 Apple processor inside, response times seemed markedly faster than its predecessor.
If you’re a gamer, you will appreciate the addition of a gyroscope to the iPhone’s motion-sensing capabilities, and if you are just a general user, improved battery life that allows up to 10 hours of internet browsing on Wi-Fi means the iPhone will still be lit up and functioning long after the Evo, with its weak battery life, will have shut down.
On the bright side, FaceTime video calls are fantastic, likely because there's no cellular signal involved (you're limited to WiFi calling). Video and audio are great, it's easy to switch between front/rear cameras and landscape/portrait orientation in the middle of a call, and the narcissist in me loves flicking the preview window from corner to corner instead of paying attention to the person I'm FaceTiming with. Apple was incredibly smart to make video calling "just another button" in the standard phone interface, making it much easier to place a video call on an iPhone than a comparable Android device. The limitation with FaceTime, of course, is that for now you can only make video calls between two iPhone 4s. But that's kind of the point, from Apple's perspective.
Usually I wrap up phone reviews by saying - or at least thinking - that a week or two with a new smartphone is hardly enough time to get to know it, let alone be able to tell how it'll hold up over the long haul. In this case I've got the opposite feeling. By now all iPhone owners are familiar enough with the operating system, the iTunes/App Store ecosystem, and the way an iPhone works that a few weeks with iPhone 4 is plenty of time to get to know the thing. The question that remains isn't how well Apple's new phone will hold up over the long haul so much as whether or not Apple will be able to fix the issues that are plaguing the device right out of the gate, or if they'll wind up as part of the cost of being an iPhone user.
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