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Good value89% agree

Long battery life83% agree

Small form factor77% agree

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Great price for an iPhone 4

It's true that the speaker is quiet, thank you for the disclaimer. This phone is fine for talking on the phone and it's fine with the headset; I don't need a speaker very often. The battery life is terrific compared to the iPhone 5s!

What is a small form factor? I said "no" but I looked up the term and it doesn't seem to apply.
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by Top critical review

Can't download apps

Ios 7 can't download snap chat Facebook pr any main apps it's to old I didint know this bought for snap chat for my girl you need the ios 9 waste of time and money if I wanted a phone for just calls and text I would of got a flip phoneRead full review...


Too small and limited

Everyone who uses this phone grumbles about it.. Ok for a 6 yr old but anyone who has own a smart phone might throw it. Camera was a disappointment and limited on what can be downloaded or upgraded as far as Apps..Read full review...


Good value.

I tried this same phone from another vendor and that particular phone had a problem with the front speaker and so I sent it back.
The phone I received from this vendor works well.
I put this phone together with BYO Wireless which uses the Verizon network and I am a happy camper as my monthly billing is about $10 per month (250 minutes).
I like the phone size. It fits my pocket nicely. The Apple OS is very nice but limiting in some areas. It will not upgrade past OS 7 so no Siri or other things connected to OS 8.
But my purpose was just to get good reception and have email and this small phone works just fine.
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The battery doesn't last long

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Well designed

Excellent phone despite its age. Performs all of the basic needs consistently. Great phone, especially if you don't need all of the bells and whistles offered by the newer $700-$800 models. An oldie, but a goody for sure. The most bang for your buck these days.Read full review...

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Delivered as Advertized

Got the Iphone, put it on the Verizon network and haven't had any trouble. Works like a champ.


Great backup phone for my kid.

Solid quality, very dependable phone.


iPhone 4

Got this so I could have Straight Talk, was easy set up through the service.
Great price...

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Great Deal!

This was a replacement phone for my wife and she really loves it, especially the quality of the phone body itself. This was a very good deal.

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