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very happy with this phone. very happy customer.

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: shhelectronics


Iphone 4 is value for money in terms of design speed and hard ware.

I will introduce iphone 4 to anyone asking me about iphone purchase.

First, look is different with the previous version. Well, you just know it and you can observe difference in shape between iphone 3gs and 4. I would say you feel psychologically satisfied holding latest iphone on hand. And 4 comes in white color as well, white is a new color other than black.

Second, front camera. Like the front camera so when you are self addicted, and you wanna take nice photo of yourself, it is just so easy to do! And it comes handy when taking group photos, just ask your tallest friend hold the iphone, turn the front camera on and put his hand furthest to you guys. Done! Group photo done, no need to ask waitress for help. U know waitress give you not so nice look when they are busy and u ask for photo taking.

Third, free operating system update. Get update to ios5 to access to imessage, it is awesome!!! Free text with people using ipod or iphone. I suppose there is not much difference with people using iphone cause they can always download whatsapp. But it is great to communicate with your ipod only friends, they cannot download whatsapp in anytime, so this is the real solution allowing iphone n ipod users to get connect for free!

Forth, turn camera on without unlock iphone. This is an amazing idea, you turn camera on within seconds. And you can view the photo back in unlock mode as well. And u are not able to look at other photos without locking in, thus your bitchy friend are not "unintentionally" browse the last few pics when flipping album. You know you do not want anyone to access to your photos right.
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NEVER AGAIN! micro sim hassle, glass breaks easy! limited things I can do

NEVER AGAIN! The phone was very nice! It was very simple to operate. Very easy to use as far as Im concerned. The camera was not bad. The phone look very profesional, thats what I liked! Battery life is REALLY good!

NOW that things that I really dislike!

1) First off, with just a NORMAL drop, not a hard drop by ANY means, the glass SHATTERS. So easy to break (I drop phones on s regular basis, we ALL do).
2) Very limited thing I can do with phone. For example, there is NO setting for video camera for size of video, whats up wit that! And other LIMITED things I can do on vs the other phones.
3) A SLAVE to Itunes, Hate it!
4) WROST OFFENDER: micro sim (have to cut normal sim) and the hassle to put in the sim card. WHAT IS UP WITH THAT.... GEE
5) CANT add memory cards.....
6) a finger print magnet

NEVER AGAIN! What gets me very upset is the GLASS screen breaking with a NORMAL drop!
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Great phone, with the best user experience. Perfect size and shape too!

I love the Apple iPhone 4. The user experience is amazing. The camera is so damn useful, I have no words to express how much I love the camera. The pictures I take using this Camera is so awesome, they are the best pictures I have in my family album! And the white color is adorable.Read full review...


Good, but have to understand about jailbreak.

Just... If its locked, have to jailbraek, and it will become soft lock. Of course, it's easy to find by internet. But this time was my first time buying apple products. so it was really hard. if user doesn't like complicated stuff, I don't recommend locked. have to buy unlocked(must buy factory unlocked, not gevey sim) battery time is three times longer than android phone maybe. Value also good for selling it. except locked, jailbreak, actually this phone is Good.Read full review...


It worth for!

I have seen this mobile since long time, and I really wanted it, watching it is great, but once you have it! Is wonderful! Indeed! Every day I say to myself That I do Love it! more and more! The color, features, camera (both) are amazing! And screen quality It's awesome! despite several good things, there is only one I still wonder to myself, hereby is why:
the Jailbreak, I guess, Makes that some apps fail, or make it do not work property, this problem is very seldom, don't know if it's mobile, or jailbreak, no idea.
Comparing this mobile to other, iPhone 4 (Apple stuff ) My personal opinion is Over everything that has been made in this World!
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iphone 4 16gb

At just 9.3mm, the iPhone 4 is thin as a rake but the front and back are 30 times stronger than the usual plastic. Reason - aluminosilicate glass, the stuff that windshields of military choppers are made of. The periphery is customized alloy, 5 times stronger than steel. Your accidental dropping won’t hurt your pocket-communicator. The Retina Display packs in 4 times the amount of pixels (326 per inch) of iPhone 3, and makes the text and images slicing sharp. Thanks to the added 960 x 640 pixel screen watching of HD movies on the iPhone 4 becomes a gasp. When you become a shutterbug behind the iPhone 4 camera, you shoot 5 megapixel images and high-definition videos at 720p resolution, with the LED flash and autofocus that make things easier. Opt for the iMovie video editing software, and you become a movie maker. If you happen to have Wi-Fi around, the FaceTime feature gets you into true worldwide video chat and ‘staying in touch’ becomes real personal. And all it takes to choose between the front and rear camera is a tap. The 3-axis gyro, when coupled with accelerometer, results in 6-axis motion sensing, and that’s as good as it can ever get for gaming on a cell phone. With 7 hours of talk time (3G)/10 hours of video/40 hours of audio, the iPhone 4 packs in enough power to let you do fast multitasking and then some more.Read full review...


Apple iPhone 4 - 16GB - White (Unlocked) Smartphone

We're not going to beat around the bush -- in our approximation, the iPhone 4 is the best smartphone on the market right now. The combination of gorgeous new hardware, that amazing display, upgraded cameras, and major improvements to the operating system make this an extremely formidable package. Yes, there are still pain points that we want to see Apple fix, and yes, there are some amazing alternatives to the iPhone 4 out there. But when it comes to the total package -- fit and finish in both software and hardware, performance, app selection, and all of the little details that make a device like this what it is -- we think it's the cream of the current crop. We won't argue that a lot of this is a matter of taste -- some people will just prefer the way Android or Symbian works to the iPhone, and others will be on the lookout for a hardware keyboard or a particular asset that the iPhone 4 lacks -- but in terms of the total picture, it's tough to deny that Apple has moved one step past the competition with this phone. Of course, in the hyper-accelerated smartphone market where the Next Big Thing seems to always be just around the corner, it's anyone's guess how long they keep that edge.Read full review...


Product is of great quality, user friendly, & compact for multi-tasking!

Sorry for the short review but I think things quick and concise (simplicity)! Hope this review helps and be sure to rate! Thanks!

Pros: The iPhone 4 offers enhanced performance, a lovely new display, and an improved design. It also adds a ton of sorely needed features, both by itself and through the iOS 4 update. The flat design feels comfortable in the hand and the operating system interface is user friendly. If you get lost just hit the home button.

Cons: Multitasking entails some trade-offs, and home screen folders are limited to 12 apps. AT&T reception continues to be spotty, and you'll need a case for the best calling reception. Also, we'd prefer a 64GB model. AT&T is horrible and if you jailbreak it for a different network you can no longer sync with iTunes.

Bottom Line: With the iPhone 4, Apple again shows that it is a powerful player in the smartphone wars. It won't be for everyone, the call quality and reception vary if you don't use a case, and AT&T's network remains a sticking point, but the handset's striking design, loaded feature set, and generally agreeable performance make it the best iPhone yet. It is a great phone to buy because it holds its value well.
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