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Mic don't work wasted a lot of money

I bought the thing lied in description saying AT&T /T-Mobile like ok I have T-Mobile and I wanted the phone just because and when receiving it the the phone wasn't unlocked to use T-Mobile so I had to pay to get unlocked was not happy about it and when call someone mic doesn't work like work like wow I paid good reasonable price mic don't work like seriously text network works all but can't talk to anyone wtf so I had go switch back to my old phone what freaking waste I'm pissed oh well what's done is doneRead full review...

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: onemorelifeelec...


iPhone 4 - Solid performer, solid construction

The iPhone 4 was a great Apple iPhone redesign, with a thinner yet strong form-factor than the original. One of my favorites for use as an actual phone, it provided a great display with decent application performance. In contrast, later designs seemed to focus more on the camera (see what I did there?), and new form-factors. The result of the later models, initially, was bending phones when you accidentally sat on them. The iPhone 5 and SE use a similar form-factor to the iPhone 4, and are less prone to bending. They started to figure it out with the iPhone 7 (slightly stronger build/materials), but again, focus had been less on the phone itself, and more on how it does everything else.
If you can find an iPhone 4 on eBay at a reasonable price, it is a great phone. You will most likely have to change the battery (not as hard or as expensive as you might think), and the (30-pin) charging cable is now considered out-dated, but there are plenty of those cables available wherever the newer (lightning) cables are sold.
Best use for this phone is as an emergency phone for the kids, or a nifty gadget gift for the grandparents, although it'll get the job done while you're waiting for the iPhone 8 or 9.
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Verified purchase: No


love it

My 12 year old blind son bought this with his own money and he loves it. He uses it right along side his iphone 6

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: cellularheroes


Still strong and durable

I got this item because I do a side business and need a WiFi phone for secondary maps this phone (went I had mine few years ago) was the best built iPhone to date! Now I’m buying it again for use in business! I don’t care about the latest iPhones, these are proven!Read full review...

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: blangley19


Good iPhone

All the weller claims were right. Good purchase.

Verified purchase: Yes | Sold by: aasieltd


Nice item

Product was as described and in good shape.

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: cellularheroes


this is a good review

the ipod works perfectly and the iphone had the parts i needed

Verified purchase: Yes | Sold by: infinityfix


great feature

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: sincro


Great phone, but priced a little high for the quality.

This is a wonderful phone. Very easy to use and fun. I love the responsive touch screen. Seeing and using other phones and tablets on both apple and other sides. I prefer apple products in terms of their usability. They have a very smooth OS, it makes using their devices very enjoyable. The iPhone is a great example of integration and smoothness. Personally I think the price is a little much for the quality. The phone is not nearly as fast as a Samsung phone when comparing it to a Samsung galaxy version which came out the same year as this phone. Also the Samsung has better battery life, but not by a large amount. Still a great phone though.Read full review...


Best deal from a top-rated seller BRAND NEW Apple iPhone 4 16GB (AT&T

Product Information
At just 9.3mm, the iPhone 4 is thin as a rake but the front and back are 30 times stronger than the usual plastic. Reason - aluminosilicate glass, the stuff that windshields of military choppers are made of. The periphery is customized alloy, 5 times stronger than steel. Your accidental dropping won’t hurt the world’s thinnest smartphone. The Retina Display packs in 4 times the amount of pixels (326 per inch) of iPhone 3, and makes the text and images slicing sharp. Thanks to the added 960 x 640 pixel screen watching of HD movies on the iPhone 4 becomes a gasp. When you become a shutterbug behind the iPhone 4 camera, you shoot 5 megapixel images and high-definition videos at 720p resolution, with the LED flash and autofocus that make things easier things easier. Opt for the iMovie video editing software, and you become a movie maker. If you happen to have Wi-Fi around, the FaceTime feature gets you into true worldwide video chat and ‘staying in touch’ becomes real personal. And all it takes to choose between the front and rear camera is a tap. The 3-axis gyro, when coupled with accelerometer, results in 6-axis motion sensing, and that’s as good as it can ever get for gaming on a cell phone. With 7 hours of talk time (3G)/10 hours of video/40 hours of video, the iPhone 4 packs in enough power to let you do fast multitasking and then some more – there are over a 100 new features thrown in.

Product Features
People have been dreaming about video calling for decades. iPhone 4 makes it a reality. With just a tap, you can wave hello to your kids, share a smile from across the globe, or watch your best friend laugh at your stories - iPhone 4 to iPhone 4 over Wi-Fi. And it works right out of the box. No other phone makes staying in touch this much fun.
Two cameras, two views
iPhone 4 has two cameras: One on the front, which focuses on you. And one on the back, which focuses on everything else. FaceTime lets you switch back and forth between them at any time during a video call. All you have to do is tap a button.
Retina display
The retina display on iPhone 4 is the sharpest, most vibrant, highest-resolution phone screen ever, with four times the pixel count of previous iPhone models. In fact, the pixel density is so high that the human eye is unable to distinguish individual pixels.
iPhone 4 introduces a whole new way of multitasking. Now you can run your favorite third-party apps - and switch between them instantly - without slowing down the performance of the foreground app or draining the battery unnecessarily.
HD video recording and editing
Shoot your own movies in high definition. Capture impressive video even in low-light settings, thanks to the advanced backside illumination sensor and built-in LED light. Then edit and create your own mini-masterpiece right on iPhone 4 using the iMovie app - with Apple-designed themes, titles, and transitions.
5-megapixel camera with LED flash
Take beautiful, detailed photos with the 5-megapixel camera with built-in LED flash. The advanced backside illumination sensor captures great pictures even in low light. And the front-facing camera makes it easy to take self-portraits.

Product Identifiers
Brand Apple
Carrier AT&T
Family Line Apple iPhone
Model 4
UPC 885909343874
Type Smartphone

Key Features
Capacity 16GB
Color Black
Network Technology GSM / WCDMA (UMTS)
Band GSM/EDGE 850/900/1800/1900 UMTS/HSDPA/HSUPA 850/900/1900/2100
Camera 5.0 MP
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