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Very good Thx

all good

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: sellingtech13


Excellent IPHONE !!

Apple has released another new iPhone - the 3GS - to stave off the competition from the Palm Pre and the HTC Magic. But is it worth the super-high upgrade charges, given the iPhone 3G with the new 3.0 software is very similar?

The iPhone 3GS was delivered by Phil Schiller rather than Lord Jobs on high, and a packed crowd hung on his every word, lapping up every new feature Apple had deigned to bestow upon us. The thing is it didn't take long, as essentially Apple has released a new phone that bears a very significant resemblance to the original version.

In fact, the only palpable difference in the chassis is the iPhone lettering is now mirrored in the same way as the Apple logo was on the last iteration.

Of course, with the new iPhone 3GS (the 'S' apparently standing for speed) we're getting a whole host of new features, essentially an improved processor (up to an apparent 600MHz according to a recent T-Mobile leak), a better 3MP camera with video recording and an upgrade to 32GB of memory.

The curious thing about the new iPhone release is not only that it doesn't bring a whole lot of new hardware in the latest upgrade (we're not talking the essential jump from 2G to 3G here) but it's also been released to coincide with the launch of the iPhone 3.0 firmware update.

That in itself brings a whole host of new extras to the iPhone game. Check out our in depth review of the new software to find out what snazzy extras Apple has brought to the party.
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Not perfect- but ALMOST perfect! :)

The iPhone 3GS is a major step forward from the iPhone 3G, because of the much faster processor, improved camera with (smooth, not choppy) video capability, and a better GPS performance with added compass and other features. Apart of that, the iPhone 3GS is pretty much the same as 3G. The biggest weakness of any iPhone so far has been the short battery life. Apple has built a great smartphone with a large bright and high-quality LCD screen that is capable of playing video and music, and performing all sorts of energy-consuming tasks... and the battery remains the same as the very first version if iPhone 1st Generation. On a bad day (when I use my phone more) I'm lucky if my battery lasts for more than 3-4 hours. I implore Apple to fix this issue with the next iPhone coming up in June 2010! Another issue that bothers me a lot is the lack of Adobe Flash technology, which makes a large percentage of popular websites unavailable for viewing on the iPhone. This is probably due to some financial politics between Apple and Adobe, two of the world's most amazing companies- but unfortunately in this case the ones that suffer are the users. Although I really love my iPhone 3GS and want to give it 5 stars, because of the battery life and the limited web browsing, I am unable to give it more than 4 stars. Which is still a lot higher than most other phones for sale on the North American market today.Read full review...


The iPhone Decision - 3GS or iPhone 4?

I am going to take some time here to explain the differences between the iPhone 3GS that we all know and love and the glamorous new iPhone 4. In my opinion, it is quite clear that the 3GS and the 4 are solid products. The few faults in the news regarding the iPhone 4 are truly unimportant and in most cases, the problems that users come up with have nothing to do with what we now call "antenna-gate" or the grip of death that causes signal trouble. With regards to the signal trouble, you will not experience the issue at all in high or strong signal areas. Also, you need to be holding the iPhone in one specific way (usually in your left hand) in order to experience the issue.

I do not feel that these issues are relevant enough to sway anyone's decision on whether or not to buy the iPhone 4. Both the 3GS and the 4 are unlockable as long as you make sure not to update your software version via iTunes before the community figures out how to unlock the current version. You must wait to upgrade, but this very rarely means anything and a new unlock solution has always surfaced. So we say, for all iPhones, be patient with upgrades or you will lose your unlock.

All this being said, I am just going to throw it out there...I choose the 3GS!!

The iPhone 4 has FaceTime, a fabulous retina display, and a new faster processor.

Yep, that's about all it has over the 3GS.

The iPhone 3GS lacks FaceTime and sports a bit of a less remarkable screen, plus a moderately slower processor, is that really it? Yep! That's about it!

Not only this, the feel of the rounded 3GS in your hand is much much more comfortable than the squared corner feel of the iPhone 4. I think this is a KEY difference. It feels awkward to hold the new 4 in your hand for a phone call. The 3GS definitely feels more natural and is easier on the hand. You may not believe me, but THIS is the biggest difference in my mind. Aside from that, the screen and processor are differences to be noted, but the 4 is no Secretariat, if you know what I mean.

I tell everyone to wait on buying the iPhone 4. If all things were normal, I would suggest the upgrade, but with the tremendous premium you must pay to get one right now is not warranted unless you want a conversation starter for a phone.

If I weren't running the Android, much better than the iPhone iOS in most areas, then I would be using a 3GS. Again, just my opinion, hope it helps!!

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Classic iPhone 3GS

much faster than iPhone 3G!

Verified purchase: Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: backagain007


attractive, efficient, creative, fun and demanding

I bought 4 of these, 3 for birthday gifts, and one for me. The birthday gifts were appropriated immediately by the recipients' 9 yr-olds and provided endless hours of travel play. Of course, they depleted the batteries and the parents did not have their cells, but everyone was happy. The presents were a huge success for everyone. I, however, have a longer learning curve than they do, and I find several usage problems. I'm struggling with understanding why the wi-fi internet worked so well before I initiated the 3G service and after, nothing. Itunes still tells me I don't have service. Apparently I must go through some complicated pc reconfiguring to get the 3G to work. Eventually I'm sure to resolve the problems, but it's irritating to not be able to use all the features immediately. Pros, the color touch screen, the apps I've seen on the gifts, and the Mophi Air I added when I saw how fast the battery was depleted are all impressive. About all I'm really familiar with on the phone is the directory which I spent many hours cleaning up after a "friend" synced with my business Outlook and left me a mess. Why can't I alphabetitze the "favorites" lising? I have a long list of things to still learn, but I like the phone almost as well as I did my last cell. Cons, the sound is hard to hear even with the volume on high in certain high noise situations.Read full review...


One of iphone's best versions, Great, would recommend!

It's a great phone. The battery life is good, better than the later models but could always do better with talk time. I love the fact that I can buy an older model and secure service without a dreadful contract.Read full review...


very easy to operate and the multi touch screen is absolutely works good

the Apple iPhone 3G - 16GB one of the great phone very easy to operate and the multi touch screen is absolutely works good and very easy to operate.

I owned first iphone I had about 3 years ago since that time if Iwant give a nice gift to someone i care about it will be a iphone
Apple did a great job and they allways improves the system to be b...Read full reviewetter then the old one, they didn't just make the phone and that's it, they are allways improving the system.
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Apple iPhone 3GS - 16GB - White (AT&T) Smartphone


At first it was just good enough that the Jesus phone was finally being released, and last year Apps took it to a new level. This time around Apple is counting on under the hood improvements to continue driving iPhone sales. The Apple iPhone 3GS is the latest and greatest, bringing a faster processor, faster internet, increased graphics and an increase in storage. Memory has also been doubled; it’s now available in 16 and 32GB versions, though the 8GB 3G will remain on sale with a new, lower $99 price tag. Last year we liked the 3G, but felt Apple missed the mark by simply improving on the product rather than pushing innovation. The App Store has proven to be a huge success, but this is on the software side and 2G owners have benefited just as much. The 3GS threatens to be the same, and with minimal software improvement from 2.0 to 3.0 we have to wonder just how much of an upgrade that little S really brings.Read full review...


Very bad

The phone was coming apart from the top and doesn't turn on at all.

Verified purchase: Yes | Sold by: eubanks718

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